Will 'Anger Management' Be 'Winning' for FX?

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June 28th, 2012

Update: the people voting in the poll got this one right, as Anger Management set records for FX.

Anger Management, starring Charlie Sheen, premieres on FX Thursday night. This time last year, Sheen was front page news, thanks to his firing from Two and a Half Men, bizarre interviews and subsequent public downward spiral culminating in an embarrassing national tour. A year later, Sheen is on his best behavior and the public seems a lot less interested in him. So, will people still tune in to watch his new show? On one hand, he is still one of America's most popular TV stars. On the other hand, it's a sit-com based on a nine year-old Adam Sandler movie. Will the premiere of Anger Management be a hit or a flop? Make your predictions in our poll.


  • Akinn

    I secretly hope it will fail but I know it won’t. At least the first episode will have more than 2.

  • J.G.

    My guess:

    2.2/5+ million viewers

  • rob60990

    This is going to be huge for FX. I’ll be shocked if it isn’t over a 2.0.

  • Kelly

    just like when everyone tuned in for the premiere last year of Two and a Half Men to see how Charlie died they will tune in to see how he does but will sink after week 2!

  • alejo

    Almost definitely will get over a 2….sheen is a force on TV

  • Brendon


  • panda22

    EPIC FAIL!!!!!

  • Nick

    Charlie’s fanbase has only grown over the last year. Even with his downward spiral he is a huge star and highly liked by a lot of people. This show is going to be a huge hit. I can’t believe one of the broadcast nets didn’t pick this up. Would have been perfect on FOX.

  • were123

    I call it a hit, but probably in the 1.5-2.0 range

  • luisl

    I’ve read the series has nothing to do with the Adam Sandler movie.

  • David Howell

    Could wind up anywhere, but I’ll guess high 1s.

    With Wipeout and The Choice the only real broadcast competition, it definitely has a shot at 2s. I just think it won’t for some reason.

  • Al

    I’m calling a 3.0-3.5. Gonna be a huge it!!!!!!!

  • Jason P.


    Definitely agree with you. It’ll be above a 3.0 for sure.

  • Howa

    I can’t wait to see Anger Management but it sucks that I got to make a decision between Sheen, NBA Draft, and Impact tonight.

  • Dave

    Yes…but the best show FX has is still ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.’

  • Lee

    It will premiere big and then start to drop like a rock.

  • Jared

    I won’t be watching..but im sure it will be a huge hit for FX none the less.

  • Chris

    Why didn’t you put higher than 3.0 as an option? People are definitely going to check this show out for at least the first week to see Charlie Sheen attempt a comeback. If anything, the premiere of Anger Management could set an FX ratings record. Does anyone know what the highest-rated program in FX history is? I’m going to guess a NASCAR race (FX aired NASCAR races from 2001-06).

  • Ram510

    Uuuuummmmm I havent heard many people tlking bout it or even seen any previews, so I’m going to guess some where between a .9-1.4. It won’t do much better than Always Sunny which typically premieres between a 1.1-1.6

  • James

    I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and say this goes big. I’m using a wide margin here but I honestly don’t see it premiering below 2.5 anywhere between. 2.5 and 3.5 is my guess. I never watched 2.5 men but I’ll probably tune into this.

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