'Longmire' Renewed for Season Two by A&E

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June 29th, 2012

A&E has renewed its drama Longmire for a second season. The series has averaged 3.9 million total viewers over its first four episodes. More details can be found on Deadline.


  • tv#1

    I like the show so far. The only thing is the case-of-the-week thing will get old quick. At least for me it will. I hope they will start developing some story arcs to make the show more interesting.

  • cimmer

    Hurray! I like the show and I think it’s a good pairing with The Glades which I also enjoy. It would be nice to have some overall story arcs (more like FX’s Justified) but I’m okay with it the way it is too.

  • lll

    Even though she is a supporting character, I’m glad Cassidy Freeman will be able to play her character for another season.

  • DeeAgeaux

    Serialized shows get canned at a much higher rate than procedual shows.

    It is the nature of modern American television.

    Given that, I like Longmire.

  • The End

    I like this show too, how many episodes will Season 2 be? Anyone know?

    I have a feeling I’ve missed something brutally obvious like with the Dallas renewal thing but I would like to know regardless. Thanks.

  • spudda

    hell yes. Lou Diamond Phillips for the win :)

    Love this show and its cast

  • Darryl

    Boring and the stories are slowing moving. What about season 4 for the Glades

  • rehabber

    Great, I am liking Longmire much more than The Glades this season. Not a fan of the romance thing this year.

  • Melanie

    Yaaay!!! Good news — I’m really enjoying this show so far!!

  • Michael H.

    Thanks A&E now can we get last Sunday’s (it’s Saturday now) delivered to iTunes so I can see it.

  • PennyBeach

    I really like Longmire. I found it channel surfing. I’m all caught up & happy to read it will be returning.

  • Blake Williams

    congrats Longmire…….here’s hoping The Glades will be renewed as well…..

  • Montecore

    I was beginning to really like Longmire until they came up with the crazy idea that the Dog Soldiers were spirits that could change their shapes to that of a dog! The Dog Soldiers do exist and do work with the Tribal Government to help the Native American Indians but they are not able to change into anything! What were the writers smoking when they wrote that episode?

  • dee digrazia

    longmire is ok but we like the glades and wish they would have the reruns doing the day season 1 and 2 wuld be nice thanks

  • ninjago

    Best new Show this year!

  • Katie

    Yeah! Great hit! A & E did great by having Longmire and The Glades! Both homeruns!!!!!!!

  • Denise

    THANK GOD! FINALLY…a well-scripted television series with experienced, well seasoned actors and actresses! Tight scripting keeps you wondering what happened to the characters in the past…and what might happen to them in the future. I am especially pleased that the program is “set” in the much underated state of Wyoming, and the tense relationship between the members of the Cheyenne nation and the “English” keeps you on the edge of your seat. I am VERY pleased to hear that the show will be renewed, and now have something to look forward to on Sundays!

  • Jim Longworth, ftw

    I hope the Glades gets renewed for Season 4! I will admit that with the whole romance, I got a little bit annoyed but with that season finale…they CAN’T leave viewers hanging like that! Here’s to hoping there is a renewal for their fourth season!

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