Savannah Guthrie Named 'Today' Co-Anchor

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June 29th, 2012

via press release:


NEW YORK - June 29, 2012 - Savannah Guthrie has been named co-anchor of NBC News' "Today." The announcement was made today by NBC News President Steve Capus and is effective immediately. The new "Today" anchor team of Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker and Natalie Morales officially debuts Monday, July 9.


Statement from Steve Capus, NBC News President: "In just a few short years Savannah, has become a standout member of the news division as well as the ultimate team player. She's anchored for Brian on "NBC Nightly News," moderated for David on "Meet the Press," co-hosted the 9 a.m. hour of "Today," reported for "Rock Center" and "Dateline," and provided legal insights in our Supreme Court Special Reports - and that was all within the last week! She's got an undeniable range, and she's earned the trust of the news community, her colleagues and our viewers alike. I couldn't be happier for Savannah and the entire 'Today' team."


Statement from Jim Bell, "Today" Executive Producer: "As soon as Savannah joined NBC News she was a standout, reporting for every franchise in the news division and rising through the ranks. She has a one-of-a-kind combination of sharp wit and approachability, and our viewers value her journalistic skills and legal background just as much as her humor and charm. She can effortlessly go from interviewing the Secretary of State to jumping Olympic-sized hurdles on the Plaza. I'm thrilled to welcome Savannah as our newest co-anchor, and along with Matt, Al and Natalie, we've got the best morning team in the business."


Savannah Guthrie will continue her role as NBC News Chief Legal Correspondent.


Guthrie joined "Today" in June 2011 as co-host of the third hour and chief legal correspondent. Prior to joining "Today," Guthrie served as NBC News White House Correspondent from December 2008 to June 2011 where she contributed to all NBC News properties, including "NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams," "Today" and msnbc. Guthrie also served as co-host of msnbc's "The Daily Rundown" from January 2010 to June 2011.


Since joining "Today," Guthrie has conducted several news-making interviews for the program. In October 2011, Guthrie spent a day in the life with Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. In the exclusive interview, Clinton opened up to Guthrie about life in the spotlight over the last twenty years. In April 2011, Guthrie sat down with Donald Trump in a timely interview in which the billionaire discussed his comments regarding President Obama's birth certificate, raising the debt ceiling, and his shot at the presidential race. In November 2011, Guthrie interviewed Dr. Conrad Murray who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death trial of Michael Jackson. The interview, conducted before the verdict was rendered, made headlines and revealed many unknown details of the night Jackson died. Guthrie has also conducted multiple celebrity interviews while at "Today" including an exclusive sit down with Academy Award winner Meryl Streep.


As NBC News White House Correspondent, Guthrie covered the 2008 presidential elections and travelled with Sarah Palin's campaign. In May 2011, during one of the biggest news stories in recent times, Guthrie reported exclusive details of the events surrounding details of Osama Bin Laden's death.


Prior to joining NBC News in September 2007, Guthrie serves as legal affairs correspondent and national trial correspondent for "Court TV." While there, she covered Congress, the Supreme Court, and high-profile court proceedings including the Zacarias Moussaoui trial, the Scooter Libby case, the Samuel Alito confirmation hearings, the Michael Jackson child molestation case. Guthrie joined "Court TV" from the law firm of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer and Feld where she practiced law, with an emphasis in white-collar litigation, from 2002-2003.


Guthrie anchored, reported and produced at local affiliates across the country including WRC in Washington, D.C., KVOA in Tucson, Ariz., and KMIZ in Columbia, Mo. She has been honored with two Emmys and a Gracie Allen Award.


In 2002, Guthrie received her Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center, where she graduated magna cum laude. She was a member of Order of the Coif and received the International Academy of Trial Lawyers' Student Advocacy Award for her work with victims of domestic violence. She graduated cum laude from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism in 1993. She received the top score on the Arizona Bar Exam in 2002.



  • Joseph

    I am still convinced that Ann Curry was a “Plan B” after Meredith Vieira left.

    I say that because former “Today” co-hostess Katie Couric left CBS around that time (2011), and I think NBC’s “Plan A” after Vieira left was to try to get Couric back.

    When that failed, they went to Ann Curry.

  • james

    @Karen aren’t you a ray of sunshine? go to hell you troll.

  • Fabian

    For me Savannah Guthrie is the right person for the job. She is funny ,charismatic ,and a legit journalist. I love Curry because she is very legit,but sometimes I felt that she was dull. THe Today will not tumbe it will continue being the number one moring show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lennie

    I will not be watching Today since Ann Curry is gone. She was the true journalist & such a classy, beautiful lady. If she reported it, I felt it was reliable. Matt is a BIG BABY, no personality, thinks too much of himself & should be ashamed to have made it so hard for Ann to do her job & I feel sure he was jealous of Ann’s experience & rapport with the viewers & as the rumor mill has it, maybe he was more attracted to younger women (his wife apparently thinks so). SHAME ON NBC!!!!!!!

  • Karen C

    This will be a disaster and further erode Todays ratings. Savannah just doesn’t have it. Factor in the backlash over Ann’s ouster and GMA is loving this! I completely switched over to GMA a few months ago and that show has great momentum and a great team.

  • andrew

    I wonder how soon MSNBC will ax Mika from Morning Joe, I dont really get why shes even on that show. True enough, loud mouth Joe needs something/someone to counter balance his political views but on the few times she tries to make a point, he shuts her down and she lays flat with no comeback. She is completely drowned out by him. Perhaps replace her with someone equally as loud as Joe is but on the opposite side of the political spectrum

  • andrew

    I agree with Karen C above about Good Morning America, the show is improving greatly ,like the new format and the kind of news they cover, hard news mixed with tabloid news. They also brought back Lara Spencer, love her energy. Its ashame Diane Sawyer couldnt over the Today Show, her and Charlie Gibson I think were the best team. Although Diane is good, World News Tonight hasnt been the same since Peter Jennings, and even without Peter the extreme cuts Disney put on the ABC News division is showing up in the quality of the broadcast. All of the ace reporters abc news had to let go in the staff cuts are now ending up over at NBC mostly, GMA may overtake today eventually but i dont see world news beating nightly news, NBC has a better business model, more reporters, and the quality is a bit better than that of abc lately. I hope disney reverses course so abc can rise again to the excellent groundbreaking news division it once was.

  • PMR

    I can’t stand Savannah Guthrie. Hated her on MSNBC and they screwed Ann royally. The TODAY show is awful and they blamed 15 year vet Ann Curry. If they had to replace her Amy Robach would have been a better choice. But I have to say I like the new CBS morning format. GMA is like watching 2 hours of Access Hollywood

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Seen one perky news babe, you’ve seen them all… None of them are even remotely “journalists” and most of them can barely even do the “talking head” bit…

    I remember back in the day when NBC debuted TWO good-looking news readers for their morning show (one of them was Deborah Norville IIRC who was never anything more than a “dumb blonde”.) That was so obviously sexist they stopped it after a few months…

    Today, no one cares. All news shows are a joke, morning, noon, nights and weekends, national and local.

  • bumfuzzled

    Really? Savannah for Ann???? There is no warmth from this woman. She is frigid! No facial expressions and boring. Wow. What a dumb move.

    Poor Ann. She should have stayed at the news desk.

    Why not move Lester Holt or Natalie to co-anchor?????

    Give this 3 months at most until GMA dominates and you’ll see yet another change.

    NBC- Nothing But Clueless!

  • Babygate

    It’s funny how they have problems with the co-host. Have they ever considered that maybe people are just sick of Matt Lauer? I know I won’t watch him. Just seeing him on my screen is enough to make me roll my eyes…

  • iggy.

    Same old NBC.

  • shar

    Norville all over again. Except Norville wasn’t an amazon burdened by the worst cankles ever seen on the air, not to mention horrible fitting clothing. The boys won’t like-or watch-her. Sexist, but c’est vrai.

  • AppleStinx

    From what I recall, it was Jane Pauley who decided to leave, and the entire saga became one of poor Pauley being pushed away by the younger Norville. When Pauley handed her alarm clock to Norville, people fully expected for Norville to beg Pauley to stay. Like most people, I sided with poor poor Pauley. Now I’m glad that Norville survived the ordeal professionally.

  • Rob

    Watch the ratings drop now. CBS This Morning and Morning Joe for me. They had Mika, even Lynn Berry and Tamara Hall and Michelle Kosinski or anyone from outside the newtwork. Yet they come up with Savannah? Hard to understand and now will accelerate their problem.

  • lynn ross

    Ann; You and Al were the main reason I watched the Today Show. You are such a warm person I am truly going to miss you. I wish you all the luck already knowing you will end up on top. Shame on you Matt that you aloud your ego to get in the way. I am one of the many that has switched over to GMA and I am really enjoying the show!

  • Voltron

    Hey Guthrie if you value your job pretend you have all this bunched up sexual desire for Matt Lauer, and you’re set for life. Sorry Ann, I guess you didn’t hear my advice …

  • Kake

    It is Matt Lauer they should have let go…. Today no where to be seen Matt or Savannah. Are they on vacation after their one day together on air…or is backlash from the firing & promoting Savannah? When Meredith left that was it for me…GMA all the way.

  • Tom

    If you care what I’d need to come back to Today it is really very simple.
    1. Loose Lauer
    2. Dump ‘Chuckles’ the weatherman
    3. Bring back Ann Curry

  • Amy

    I stopped watching the show not because of Ann. She was one of the good things that this show brought to the table and Al. I stopped watching the show because of content. weak stories about with little news relevance. I am now watching CBS in the am and absolutely love it. I have been a fan of the today show for over 10 years but what they did to Ann is an outrage.

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