Thursday Final Ratings: 'Wipeout' Adjusted Up; 'Breaking Pointe' Adjusted Down Plus U.S. Olympics Trials Ratings

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June 29th, 2012


Wipeout was adjusted up a tenth while Breaking Pointe was adjusted down a tenth versus. the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings. The final ratings for the U.S. Olympic Trials matched the preliminary numbers.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Thursday, June 28, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS The Big Bang Theory - R 2.0/7 7.70
NBC U.S. Olympic Trials (Live) 1.7/6 6.20
ABC Duets 1.0/3 4.30
FOX Take Me Out (8:00-8:58PM) 1.0/3 2.32
CW Breaking Pointe 0.2/1 0.62
8:30 CBS 2 Broke Girls - R 1.6/5 6.04
9:00 ABC Wipeout 2.0/6 6.16
FOX The Choice 1.2/3 2.88
CBS Person of Interest - R 1.1/3 6.53
NBC Saving Hope 0.7/2 3.19
CW The Vampire Diaries - R 0.2/1 0.46
10:00 CBS The Mentalist - R 1.1/3 6.27
ABC Rookie Blue 1.1/3 4.71
NBC Rock Center With Brian Williams 0.8/2 3.61

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  • Kyle


  • robin

    I don’t know why the CW won’t put TVD back in its regular timeslot already. it can easily get a higher rating than breaking pointe if it was on at its regular time

  • John A

    Rookie Blue got a 1.1 with a 2.0 lead in. Thats really bad.

  • Nick

    Rookie Blue has been off for a while. A .3 drop isn’t too bad.

  • cc

    Why does The Choice get 2 extra minutes?

  • AniMatsuri

    Take Me Out and The Choice might do well as late night cable shows, but they are doing terrible as replacements for SYTYCD’s usual 2nd episode of the week.

  • Jason

    Take Me Out and The Choice should have gone to MTV instead. If Singled Out did great on that network, these would be a shoo-in. Why would FOX even bother with these?

  • The End

    Hoping Saving Hope does well, mostly because Michael Shanks is in it, since Stargate SG1 he hasn’t exactly been a regular feature on TV, nice to see him every episode in something again.

    Sure seeing him in a few episodes of something here and there is good in all but he’s a good actor and deserves roles like these.

    It’s doing well in Canada anyway so will likely be renewed by NBC.

  • Norman Charles

    Even “Duets” had more viewers than the pathetic “Rock Center”. Next week on “Rock Center”: Matt Lauer and Ann Curry will sing a duet of “I Got You Babe.”

  • SinkingHope

    @The End Why would NBC renew it if it’s doing well in Canada? CTV will most likely renew it, but not NBC. The ratings don’t warrant it to be renewed.

  • DanRobbins

    What–Anger Management’s existence wasn’t even acknowledged? Good reason for that–it bombed. High hopes for Sheen, but this little stinker deserves to be dropped as fast as whatever station it was on can say, “Bye!”

  • nola

    Saving Hope is boring and bad. Daniel Gilles is not a good actor, better Machael, Erica Durance is too forced. DELETE Saving H. please!

  • MIKE.D

    Anger management with Charlie Sheen beat all the network shows. Infact it was the number 1 show on t.v. Thursday night. This was done on the cable network fx. Winning!!!! The new two and a hafl men sucks. Everyone knows it. Losing!!

  • MIKE.D

    Dan look at the ratings. Anger management had a 2.3. Beating all shows cable and network. Look it up. If being the number 1 show on t.v. That’s bombing?! Funny

  • MIKE.D

    The show wasn’t acknowledged on this site because this site only shows network shows genious. Lol

  • The End


    Sorry, got abit muddled there.

    Meant to say NBC will likely pick the show up again if its renewed which it will be no doubt as the Canadian ratings are actually quite good.

    And personally I think the ratings do warrant being picked up for a second season. Certainly they’re not groundbreaking but if you need a cheap show to fill the gaps in your schedule which NBC no doubt does. Saving Hope is it.

    Surprised the show doesn’t have more Nielsen viewers, thought people might watch because it had Michael Shanks in it, certainly it did with Amanda Tapping and Sanctuary, most viewers for that were Stargate fans.

  • Kaylie

    TVD repeat could lead into a new Breaking Pointe. Ive never seen rerun #’s like that for TVD before.

  • Ultima

    What–Anger Management’s existence wasn’t even acknowledged? Good reason for that–it bombed.

    No, because these are broadcast ratings, and Anger Management is on FX, a cable network.

    It was also the highest rated show overall for the night…

    Here’s Thursday’s cable ratings…


    Maybe next time you should just read and keep your uninformed opinions to yourself.

  • sarah

    Saving hope does not deserve a second season , honestly is ugly!cancel….

  • MJDB

    Thursday Final Averages

    Million Viewers = 4.35 Million Viewers
    18-49 Demo Average = 1.1 Average

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