'Unforgettable' Un-Cancelled

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June 29th, 2012

The CBS Twitter feed tweeted the news late Friday that Unforgettable will officially return for a second season as a summer series next summer (2013).  It will have a 13 episodes.

  • andy

    … so random

  • James S

    So they bring out a season 2 in order to cancel it again. My guess is the network lost out on whatever it was they wanted to get to replace it.

  • Greg

    Ladies and gentlemen, 2013’s Breaking In!

  • hardline_pro

    LOL @ the headline. BUT how does Unforgettable, a show with only 1 season, get a proper finale while CSI: Miami of 10 seasons doesn’t? BULLCRAP, CBS, BULLCRAP.

  • GARY

    yay im so glad
    totally in

  • Ben Thompson


  • John A

    Yeah i mean who really cares about this show? Like for what reason would CBS want to bring it back?

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    My guess is a good deal from Sony Pictures Television.

  • John A

    Yeah but the show will do awful. Been so long of the air. Like it be lucky to get a 1.0. Sony must be giving it for free and why would sony do that?

  • Tommy

    Nice. I will definitely be watching when it returns. Thank you, CBS!

  • rob60990

    I cant believe it.

  • John A

    I can see it being dumped to friday too. Its a ridiculous renewel.

  • ERICinHB

    Now NBC can bring Back CHUCK for next year :)

  • kate

    Can CBS un-cancel CSI:Miami?

  • SVU: Playboy Club

    Maybe it’ll be prepped for the Spring but ultimately won’t show up until Summer and CBS is keeping this plan under wraps.

  • SJ


  • Jon

    I’m guessing Sony cut them a good deal although I thought CBS is also co-producer. Sony does do these deals for bubble shows in order to secure syndication as they don’t own their own channels in the US.

  • John A

    @SVU:Playboy Club That makes more sense.

  • RMH

    @ Kate-I couldn’t agree more. How can they bring back this crap, and not Miami.

  • Brandon


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