'Unforgettable' Un-Cancelled

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June 29th, 2012

The CBS Twitter feed tweeted the news late Friday that Unforgettable will officially return for a second season as a summer series next summer (2013).  It will have a 13 episodes.

  • Kim

    Definitely random, but happy for Poppy Montgomery.

  • Sam

    I much prefer Psych than this show.

  • Lord Seth

    @ hardline_pro

    LOL @ the headline. BUT how does Unforgettable, a show with only 1 season, get a proper finale while CSI: Miami of 10 seasons doesn’t? BULLCRAP, CBS, BULLCRAP.

    It might get a finale of sorts in a regular CSI episode. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did that, it’d probably get ratings.

  • KS

    First time in the history of Television?

  • Mon


  • scifi

    Well, the thing is Unforgettable never was officially canceled. The schedule was without it, but it was NOT canceled.

  • WorkingMan

    now i have to find episodes online to finish watching it… since i stopped at 16.

  • Kata

    This makes me happy! I liked the show. Good actors. :-)

  • Memento

    great. Why is this happening to one of the most forgettable and exchangeble procedural shows and not one that actualy has some real fan love behind it? This just crys out loud: Yes, it is THAT cheap!

  • Ralph Hahn

    @Haters: I TOLD you that CBS made a big mistake in canceling “Unforgettable.” Some of you are STILL putting the show down as if you were actual TV critics instead of wannabe TV programmers, which nearly all of you think you are.

    Ratings may be the main reason for a show’s success or failure, but it ain’t everything!

  • Ralph Hahn

    I also enjoyed “CSI: Miami” until it got REALLY bloody & gory, but I believe that this show was screwed, too. I watch very little television. I know to some of you I just blasphemed. But, I had NO idea that the CSI Miami series finale would be re-broadcast six nights later. It SHOULD have had a proper burial, CBS.

  • Ralph Hahn

    @RMH: (Hey, those are MY initials as well): >>> @ Kate-I couldn’t agree more. How can they bring back this crap, and not Miami. <<>> Yeah i mean who really cares about this show? Like for what reason would CBS want to bring it back? <<< I guess you only read your own posts. You skip over posts from people like me who really liked this show.

    You haters won the battle in May, but we U/F fans won the war. So, accept defeat gracefully. I'm sure for most of you haters, you would commit homicide or suicide if CBS made another mistake and canceled "Big Bang Theory." There's enough geeks in the U.S. to have made this show a big hit.

  • Justin121


    A historic event

    CBS un-cancels a series

    CBS runs original series in Summer

    Times ARE changing

    Further supports my view that CBS is too strong to have “only” 22 hours of programming

    Next stop: The Good Wife, possibly Rules of Engagment, too

    The rest of the Big 4 will follow, and what was considered low-rated-cancelled will be well-rated-for-Summer

  • John

    Wouldn’t it suck if it was uncancelled just to end up cancelled again? It didn’t have great ratings (though not the worst), a whole year hiatus isn’t going to do the show any favors, especially if it’s going to be a summer show and may shows now that have higer ratings or are better in general are considered being on the chopping block. Congrats to the fans of this show but I don’t see it going to season 3.

  • Oliver

    I suspect this has more to do with SPT than CBS.

    SPT own a series satellite channels all around the world (AXN/SET) and they are very aggressive at international sales. This gives them a lot of flexibility in cutting the license fee.

  • KS

    Its just nothing but one more proof that ratings doesn’t matter much.

  • The End


    Of course ratings matter. Look at Harry’s Law, had it skewed a little younger it would of been renewed. 8 million is fantastic as far as numbers go but the age of the viewers not so much.

    It made the difference between a smash hit and a complete dud.

    Had it been that show recieving low to mid 2s with the viewers it was getting. NBC would be over the moon.

  • The End

    And for the record, as I won’t be around until much later on today. That was just my ultimate example of ratings mattering. For anyone asking why I’m using that show.

  • Silvio

    Ratings matter everything. Most of CBS dramas are either hitting 3s (high 2s at least), either are syndication cows … and many are both. With comedies scoring even better, Unforgettable’s 2.3 average goes to category underwhelming-if-not-bad.

    With those ratings Unforgettable perhaps still was breaking even (and with repeat airings probably was in black for few bucks), but with 90% CBS shows making more money – it was matter of opportunity cost – it was only logical to cancel it. For this un-cancellation to happen Sony surely had to cut price in half, at least. If cost is $3 million per episode and CBS paid $2 mil. for it in first season – then for cheap summer 2013 fill-in CBS will pay $1 million per episode. Top 1 million, maybe even less.

    What makes this news shocking to me is: why waste such a TV star as Poppy Montgomery is (and to a lesser degree Dylan Walsh) on a marginal summer show? Why not simply put them in a new pilot? Well, if Kiefer can be on Friday show, then it seems everything is possible nowadays. Sad fact is: Poppy’s career just made a step in the wrong direction.

  • Monkey Man

    How about Harry’s law 13 episodes Summer? Doesn’t even have to be on NBC
    It could be on ABC Following Rookie Blue on Thursdays at ten.
    Or CBS After unforgettable

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