'Unforgettable' Un-Cancelled

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June 29th, 2012

The CBS Twitter feed tweeted the news late Friday that Unforgettable will officially return for a second season as a summer series next summer (2013).  It will have a 13 episodes.

  • Riff Rafferty

    How embarrassing for you.

    I’m just happy the talented cast get to have a steady paycheck this year, since CBS didn’t allow them to do pilots. (I’d like to think that would tip anyone off with a smidge of common sense that the show was, at the least, on the bubble… but I guess not.) I certainly don’t have any expectations of it being a long-running show since CBS already canned it once. Chances are, it’s only coming back from the dead because “Vegas” is tracking badly. But, never say never. It could be the next “Cagney & Lacey.”

  • a p garcia

    Now can CBS uncancel Star Trek!

  • One



  • psychic

    Hopefully it can keep itself up this time… I’d hate for it to be cancelled again.

  • Dean_W

    I’m sure ‘CSI: Miami’ won’t get an 11th Season for three main reasons:

    1) The Contracts of the Actors are over and if the Show is Renewed they’ll ask for extra-money.
    2) The Show is already very expensive.
    3) The ratings were very low during the past two Seasons and in summer it could be worst.

  • Chixy

    Can ABC Do this with GCB? Can NBC Do this with Harry’s law? Can Fox Do this with I hate my teenage daughter or The Finder? Can CW Do this with The Secret Circle?

  • Dan S

    Not that I watched Unforgettable but I’m happy for its fans. I’d be thrilled if Harry’s Law got uncancelled for a 3rd season. If shows like Mad Men can be on hiatus for up to 18 months & return with strong ratings I think Unforgettable will be just fine. The early casualty that I could see it replacing is Made In Jersey if they have no other backups ready to go.

  • Dean_W

    I’m sure CBS will use the 2nd Season of ‘Unforgettable’ on Friday at 9:00PM because i feel ‘Made in Jersey’ will be a flop !

  • iggy.

    Good for CBS for keeping the lights on during the Summer.

    Maybe it’s tired of losing to Univision?

  • Maurice 33


    Good decision CBS, that’s why that network is still #1 because they make smart decisions.

  • The End

    @a p garcia

    As much as I love Star Trek. No more Enterprise esq prequals please. Simply start where DS9/Voyager left off and make a show either around that timeline or in the future.

  • bluone

    Why ????? This show is a waste of a timeslot !!

  • Ultima

    First time in the history of Television?

    Seriously? It’s not even the first time in the past year…

    Its just nothing but one more proof that ratings doesn’t matter much.

    You’re completely delusional. You don’t even understand what things mean, yet eagerly jump to conclusions.

  • Ultima

    proper finale


    It’s not being brought back for a “final” 13-episode summer season, it’s just being brought back as a summer series. In other words, it may end on a cliffhanger or on a nothing if they’re expecting a season 3 and don’t get it…

  • lauren

    thanks i really liked this show and can`t wait for it to come back.

  • Dan

    If only The CW uncanceled Ringer and if ABC uncanceled GCB, I would be a happy person!

  • Debsafan

    it’s a hell of a lot better than some of the shows that’s been renewed. So I’ll watch it and smile.

  • Phil

    I want Breaking In to return to the old style season 1 for a season 3!!!

  • sebacon

    incredibly unfair … … cbs cancel csi miami and now bring back unforgettable … go to hell cbs

  • Gary

    Some of you geeks need to leave the house, turn off the tv and go on a date. All these theories on why something was uncancelled. You dudes need lots of help and for just once touch a woman

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