'Unforgettable' Un-Cancelled

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June 29th, 2012

The CBS Twitter feed tweeted the news late Friday that Unforgettable will officially return for a second season as a summer series next summer (2013).  It will have a 13 episodes.

  • Linda

    Thank you,I am soooooooo happy. Love the show………

  • Jenna

    I’m pretty sure they brought it back JUST so bloggers could use titles like Unforgettable Un-Cancelled or Unforgettable Unforgotten or Unforgettable, not so easy to forget… K, I’m done. ;)

  • IRA SY Valfer

    Maybe there will be a BIG FLOP in November, and it’ll come back in January not June.

  • Ben

    I wonder if CBS will be rethinking their decision not to air anymore Jessie Stone made for TV movies? The last one had good ratings in total viewers, although the 18-49 age group ratings were not that great.
    Rob had good ratings, when it was cancelled and I also wonder if it might get a second chance. Look at Rules of Engagement which CBS airs when they have a half hour they need to fill.
    For the record, Jericho was cancelled by CBS, and then brought back by the network.
    Of course Futurama was cancelled by Fox, and brought back by Comedy Central, while Cougar Town was cancelled by ABC and will be brought by Turner Television.

  • kari

    Good for you CBS! Loved the show and was unhappy about it being cancelled. Thanks for the good news!

  • Labrey

    Thank you CBS!

    I’m glad there will be another procedural running original episodes to watch next summer with Rookie Blue on the broadcasters.

  • Labrey

    @ Ben

    I hope they do as that was a horrible decision to stop running the Jesse Stone movies. If they don’t run them hopefully Hallmark Channel keeps them going if Tom Selleck still wants to do them.

  • J Brown

    I am so glad Unforgettable has been uncancelled. Now if NBC will Uncancel Harrys Law it will be great. It seems that all they want to broadcast is reality shows.

  • chrisss

    @ J Brown

    All “they” want to do is broadcast shows that make them money. Or at least don’t lose them money.

  • Andy Gray

    Most of the cast has been let go.

  • mike

    hell with unforgetable bring back csi miami

  • mike

    bring back csi miami

  • Janie #2

    I would LOVE to know what changes the show has made. Is that possible? THIS IS GOOD!

  • TheOneAndOnly


  • Joseph

    The reason to bring back Poppy Montgomery & Dylan Walsh is pretty simple. They already have an audience and the show was successful or at least it would have been on any other network.
    At least with Unforgettable you know there is an audience and that most of the series formula was working, HOPEFULLY , they will tweak the format of the show and as a 13 episode story arc each summer it lets the actors writers focus on a more aggressive plot line each year , and the actors get the bonus that they can have this and also work on some other projects.
    I would really like to see CBS with 2 hrs a night of summer 13 episode shows with the 3rd hr being filled by a repeat.

  • jessica

    Anyone remember that CBS used to show Flashpoint in the summer and maybe thought their current summer schedule was a bit lacking.

    Though made and set in the US it is from Sony and Sony is a Japanese company with its own global television network, that is collectively much larger than the US, so by moving it to summer on CBS Unforgettable has more in common with Rookie Blue than Harry`s Law. But the only numbers most people here look at are the 18-49 demographic ratings. That works for shows in the US made by US companies but there is a whole big world outside the US that some times can greatly influence.

    The producers of shows set in the US tend to prefer having a US broadcaster rather than not, no matter how much they have already made by selling said show to other markets. That is why NBC got The Firm for pocket change. It is why The Kennedys was sold dirt cheap to Reelz and also why Shaw quashed its own world premiere of The Kennedys that was scheduled about for a month before Reelz’ premiere actually happened. Prodigy Pictures sold XIII to Reelz (it premiered yesterday in the US) well after broadcast in France and Canada but before season 2 is broadcast so that Reelz will be able to catch up. — feel free to laugh with me at Reelz claiming everywhere that XIII is an original series of theirs when it was on Canal+ in France and Showcase in Canada over a year ago — The idea that Sony could sell a second season (and possibly more) of Unforgettable to CBS at rate not too unlike the cost of Rookie Blue for ABC is not really that unbelievable.

    CSI Miami was in-house and wasn’t worth it for CBS. Its not like CBS can offer itself a great deal on additional seasons of CSI.

  • richierich

    @ a p garcia
    Star Trek was on NBC.
    If CBS always cancels their lowest rated dram ala The Defenders, then how can you say this does have to do with ratings. I’m not being a jerk, just a serious question. So, no degrading, or rude answer is necessary.

  • David

    I wish NBC would uncancel Prime Suspect. I disagree that shows today have to have a big initial audience because they won’t catch on otherwise. There was so much positive buzz about this show I believe it would have gotten more and more viewers over time. Especially if they introduced a good looking male character. Ug that male cast (except for Aiden Quinn) was nothing to look at and this is TV afterall. Can’t NBC figure anything out?

  • CarShark

    “CBS piloted two British game show formats (“The Cube” and “Secret Fortune”), complete with big-name hosts (NPH did the “Cube” pilot!), in the last couple of years and turned them down.”

    That’s because CBS can’t run them through the syndication machine to churn out 100+ episodes that they can sell to a cable network for $2 million an episode. That’s all they want to do anymore. They don’t do serialized shows. They don’t really try with unscripted outside of Survivor and Amazing Race. It’s just multi-cam sitcoms and procedurals. I’m not faulting them for going with what seems to be working. That’s smart. It’s just it makes it hard as a game show fan to really put my full-throated support into a pilot I know damn well doesn’t have a hope in hell of making it. And on the slim chance they do commission it, they’ll stick it during the holiday season when no one’s watching.

  • Mumbo

    If they’re going to the trouble of bringing back a cancelled show just for a summer season, it must only be costing them pennies.

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