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June 29th, 2012

The CBS Twitter feed tweeted the news late Friday that Unforgettable will officially return for a second season as a summer series next summer (2013).  It will have a 13 episodes.

  • Holly

    OK, really late to this discussion, but…

    If they’re going to the trouble of bringing back a cancelled show just for a summer season, it must only be costing them pennies.

    Sony has to be cutting them one heck of a deal on this. And it has to be uniquely advantageous to CBS since no one else wanted the show.

    If memory serves me (and it often doesn’t, so if anyone has real numbers, chime in) Flashpoint was getting in the 1.2 range when it got booted. Since that was cheap enough for ION to pick up, it couldn’t have been costing CBS much. Unforgettable was hovering around 2.0 in the spring with regular promotion and a significant lead-in. With a 12-13 month break, summer viewing and no lead-in, they really can’t expect it to get more than low-to-mid 1s.

    So either it is cheaper than Flashpoint or they have to be getting something else out of the deal.

  • loretta

    I watched last man standing once and it was terrible, although it rates welli might give it another chance.

  • loretta

    days of our lives in the worst show on the tv. One person in the show shot another person and did not even go to jail, one character was locked in a coffin for weeks. I never saw the person eating or go to the toilet. Now they have a character names roborafe who is the double of rafe, so unbeleivable.

  • Gindugirl

    I tried to explain this during the season, but this arrogant website doesn’t like to listen. They never wanted to cancel Unforgettable in the first place. It was never “dead,” like you guys reported. CBS wasn’t happy with the numbers, but they also love the show. Like I said, it depended on the new pilots. They couldn’t fit it into the current schedule because the pilots that came in looked too good to Nina and Les. However, they were trying to figure out a way to keep it going and get better numbers. So they are totally retooling it. The precinct is moving and only Dylan and Poppy are staying on show. The old writers are gone and the supporting cast is gone. The summer start date gives them time to re-cast and come up with the new conceived show. It had nothing to do with Sony’s deal. Please try to get better inside industry information before reporting untruths about shows.

  • Gindugirl

    @Holly I know you think you know everything about this business and ratings. But trust me, this had nothing to do with the deal Sony is cutting. Les wanted this show to work- badly. He loves Poppy and Dylan- especially Poppy. They knew there were problems and were trying to come to an agreement with them contractually. CBS worked it out with them to come back in the summer, without the supporting cast or the old writers. They worked out some new ideas for the show that CBS is hoping will bring the numbers up. That’s what happened.

  • Holly


    Regardless of how much Les may or may not love Poppy, renewing the show still has to make financial/business sense, which is why it was canceled in the first place. Something in the deal had to change between May and now to make it financially feasible.

  • Donna

    Finally a show that develops characters and tells a story. So tired of the reality tv crazies.

  • Gindugirl

    @Holly- I’m not saying that $ is not a factor in the renewing process. But in this case it wasn’t a financial issue for CBS or the deal they had with Sony. True they cancelled in the beginning because of the ratings not being high enough; but my argument is that it wasn’t a dead series with no hope- ever. The issue was Les loved this show personally and he believes in it. Even when they cancelled it they did so with reservations. Sony may have made it an easier decision for CBS to bring it back by sweetening the deal a bit, but I do know that they were already talking about how it could be retooled and saved. And p.s sorry for my snarky comment to you.

  • Holly

    As a bit of an aside, has the “major retooling to save a show” plan worked since JAG? I know Body of Proof and apparently Unforgettable are trying it, but I can’t remember it working in recent memory.

  • Suzy

    Um, well, they brought it back because some of us like it?

  • Sandra

    I know I will be watching it, no matter how it was “uncancelled.” Loved the show and its star, and the concept reminds me of science fiction, but its not! The storyline is believable, as are the characters, and it will be very easy to slip back into the storyline, and remember the relationships and personal back story of each character, unlike so many shows that get confusing, even if the succeeding season follows right behind. Well done, for whatever reason, CBS! I’ll definitely be watching, every week.

  • olivia

    i can not believe they would cancel unforgettable!it was my favourite show and i loved every episode that came on. i think that cbs made the biggest mistake by cancelling unforgettable. it was the only show i would look forward to every Tuesday. the actors in unforgettable were amazing and they can actually act unlike a lot of other actors that are on other shows that are kept on cbs. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lesley

    Its about time the network got it’s head out of it’s posterior! This show is wonderful and it’s not another CSI or NCI or something of that kind! It has a female lead who is strong and appealing but also can be tender and giving! There is a different storyline everyweek but one in the background always being worked on which we appreciate. Do not let this show go again! It is better than all the reality shows and current crime shows on tv!

  • Lesley

    Thanks CBS I will definitely be watching it and would love to see GCB as well! See if you can get that!

  • Keri

    I’d much rather it came back in the fall, and had a real shot to succeed, but I am glad that it isn’t cancelled! I really like this show!! As for CSI Miami, I really tried to like it, but IMO it jumped the shark a long time ago, and every time I tried to watch it again, I couldn’t…the acting just wasn’t there…I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did!

  • Keri

    Hold on…they’re getting rid of the writers, and the supporting cast?? What was wrong with either of those?? I enjoyed the writing, and the WHOLE CAST! What’s going to happen to my show??

  • Darrick

    This is AMAZING news! I will definitely be watching. I wonder what they are gonna do without the supporting cast… I guess have it set in Syracuse.

  • Heather

    For whatever reason that CBS, Sony or whoever owns the rights to this great premise and well acted show got their head out of their butt and kept this show my son and I are both glad. I for one am sick of CBS canceling long running shows that don’t start with the word CSI something and I watch the original. This is one of only two shows besides sports that my son and I, he just turned 14 can watch together. With all the violence and sex on tv these days Unforgettable has a nice, actually true story line going on. The actress Marilu Henner, who played Poppy Montgomery’s Aunt in a couple episodes actually has the real HSAM, which is what Poppy’s character has. I also love that this show has a strong female character but she is nice, beautiful, caring and yet fights to get the bad guys, a great role model. Her and Dylan are such a great team. However. I hope the above poster, Gindugirl is incorrect about bringing back a different team for Poppy and Dylan. I felt like we were just starting to get to know the characters in the department. They were just starting to develop. If you bring in new ones you confuse the viewers you had and the ones who didn’t watch it they don’t matter much because they won’t know the difference. I did not think anything was wrong with the show. Put it on either before or after Person of Interest, the other show my son and I watch together and you have two shows that we’ll keep on producing for a long time!



  • Annoymous

    I hope they will stick to the detective work instead of personal plots this time – no go back to childhood stuff and of personal serial killers that is after Poppy for 3-4 episodes. That was a turn off to me and to alot of follower of the show!

  • Mary Em Gerow

    Who cares about “Unforgettable”? I CARE!!! YIPPEE!!

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