'Eastbound & Down' Renewed for a Fourth Season by HBO

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July 2nd, 2012

Variety reports that HBO has renewed comedy series Eastbound & Down for a fourth season of eight episodes.  The third season (also eight episodes) bowed on February 19 with 1.268 million viewers and a 0.9 adults 1-49 rating and closed out its season on April 15 with 1.144 million viewers and a 0.6 adults 18-49 rating.

  • Pat

    i thought this was supposed to only be a 3 season show

  • lethargic

    Seriously? How in the world does this show come back after that final episode? It wrapped everything. What story is left?

  • John A

    Why hasnt HBO said something about Curb? Its been almost a year since season 8 finished.

  • Greg

    This is ridiculous. I watched the show and that was clearly meant to be the end of the whole story. Instead, they should have renewed Bored to Death or How to Make it in America or Hung for a final season.

  • Rex

    @John, HBO does not have any idea whether or not Curb is coming back. It is entirely up to Larry David. If he wants a ninth season, they’ll give it to him, and I have heard he is working on another season.

    And I remember reading that the third season “would be its last.” Maybe Danny McBride realized the movie roles are limited for someone who looks like him and he might as well take Kenny Powers as far as he can?

  • iggy.

    Life’s Too Short didn’t do so well.

  • Chixy

    I’m shocked that more than half of the total premeire viewers were 18-49

  • Daw Johnson

    The talk about this being the last season pretty much vanished by the time the most recent season finale came. It was very clear–especially with that open-ended ending (I have no idea why someone says it “wraps” everything up, as it was clearly designed to keep the show running)–that the sides were looking at another season.

  • Adam

    I got mixed feelings about this. I love Eastbound & Down and I’m excited I get to see more episodes, but the last season was supposed to be the final one.

  • Davis

    H*ll Yeah B*tches… Would be cool if Aaron from Mexico turns up in 4th to wreak havoc

  • William

    awesome news

  • CCV

    Liked the show a lot, but this is surprising, and I’m not sure I’m totally on board with this…feels like beating a dead horse.

    Yeah, Larry David is the one who decides whether he does another season or not, and apparently he hasn’t decided yet. Considering the length of time, it’s a real possibility it won’t come back. The show has always seemed like more of a hobby for David, something to do that he doesn’t have to really go too far out of the way to write (mostly ad libbed), film, and send off. If it really is done, it was a hell of an eight season ride.

  • JeffFL

    Agree. I thought E&D was finished but I like the show. That said, I could’ve used another season of Hung.

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