Friday Final TV Ratings: Olympic Gymnastics Trials, '20/20' Adjusted Up

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July 2nd, 2012

Both the US Olympic Gymnastics Trials as well as the first hour of  20/20 were adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 versus Friday's preliminary ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Friday, June 29, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM NBC US Olympic Trials: Swimming 1.5 6 6.010
ABC Shark Tank -R 1.1 5 4.170
CBS Undercover Boss -R 1.0 4 4.800
FOX House -R 0.5 4 1.810
CW Nikita -R 0.2 1 0.780
9:00PM NBC US Olympic Trials: Gymnastics 9-11:01 2.4 9 7.790
ABC 20/20 1.1 4 4.330
CBS CSI: NY -R 0.8 3 4.690
FOX Bones -R 0.5 2 2.060
CW Supernatural -R 0.2 1 0.710
10:00PM ABC 20/20 1.1 4 4.580
CBS Blue Bloods -R 0.7 2 5.290


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  • Sid

    LMAO @ FOX! :D

  • disney rocks

    Friday cable?

  • Joe Daniels

    Not many people talking on here anymore. Is it not that popular during the summer break? Happy Summer (Glau) Everybody!!

  • rob60990

    And Nikita adjusted down as usual. :D

  • Person of Interest

    i love nikita more people should watch it it is more mature than most of the cw shows and it has alot of action and its great for guys who love action and gun fights, people should give it a chance the first season is not that great but if u watch the second season you will be amazed as its one of the best action shows out there and i give you my word that youll like it in season 2 if u didnt in season 1.

  • Modep

    People just simply aren’t gonna tune in for Nikita, a CW show on a Friday no less. When it gets into daily syndication on a cable channel I imagine more people will get into it. Seems like something TNT would pick up.

  • thesnowleopard

    Oh, look. Nikita and SPN ended with exactly the same demo. And so far, we’ve got dead silence from the usual suspects about it.

    @Person of Interest
    How do “action and gun fights” translate into a show being “more mature”? I love watching Burn Notice, but that doesn’t mean I think having something blow up in every episode makes it more mature than other shows on its network.

  • iggy.

    Maybe ABC can be inspired and put on a reality show based on gymnastics.

  • TheExtinctLeopard

    Oh, look. Nikita and SPN ended with exactly the same demo. And so far, we’ve got dead silence from the usual suspects about it.


    But wait, Nikita beat Supernatural by 70,000 total viewers! Happy? ;)

  • TheExtinctLeopard

    Forgot to add that it’s not important because they’re just repeats and Supernatural is moving to Wednesdays and Nikita will continue to stay on the Friday night death slot.

    Did I get everything snowleopard?

  • davie

    the way I look at it, it Doesn’t really matter with Nikita or SPN. Looking at all the clues and from a business point of view, Mark Pedowitz has been quoted as saying that he’s not looking at Season 8 of Supernatural as it’s final year in “any way shape or form” and with Nikita receiving a 3rd Season renewal which would put it at 67 episodes, I could only assume that Warner Bros. would most definitely want a 4th season of at least 18 episodes to get it to exactly 88 eps.

  • TheExtinctLeopard

    @Person of Interest

    I’m glad you like Nikita but you should’ve been more descriptive in your response. Besides the hardcore action, explosions, amazing effcts and great writing; Nikita is also full of humor, heart, romance, drama as well as intrigue and suspense. There’s something for everyone. The characters are also well developed and the storylines are always captivating and you leave every episode with satisfaction as well as wanting more.

    As far as it being mature, I totally agree. Nikita is on the wrong network. Looking at the network promos for Summer/Fall and when I see Nikita next to the rest of the lineup, Nikita seems out of place and like it doesn’t belong.

    I mean you have the typical CW teen Dramas:
    9O21O, Gossip Girl, The Carrie Diaries

    Shows that appeal to an older audience but CW ruined/will ruin with their typical cliches:
    Hart of Dixie, Emily Owens(High School in a hospital; really?) & possibly Beauty and the Beast

    Thrillers which seems to be their only genre success:
    The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.

    Then you have Nikita which doesn’t fit in with any of these sections. It’s all by itself and it’s surrounded by shows that are mediocre at best when it comes stroylines, suspense and intrigue.

    My only hopes I have for The CW is CULT because it seems like something they would never do(kind of like Nikita back in 2010).

    I don’t even have hopes for Arrow because looking at the promos alone has already turned me away. It looks like another cliche(Rich spoiled brat who realized he’s a better man after being shipwrecked for a while-BORING!) Superhero show with an attractive lead that will for sure attract young females.

  • Sid

    Interesting read about a supposed “brand refresh” for The CW if anyone is interested:


  • KS


    TV.com is a good website. I posted a few comments on a board there recently.

  • KS: Brotherly Love is the Centre Of Supernatural Universe and No Galileo can Proove it Wrong

    But sad about Supernatural 0.2, though. :(

  • thesnowleopard


    1. Audience numbers are pointless. The networks only care about the demo. If audience numbers did matter, Harry’s Law would be getting a third season.

    2. 8pm shows are supposed to get higher ratings than 9pm shows, since they have an extra hour of same-night DVR time. So, the fact that Nikita can sometimes muster, at best, a few tens of thousands more viewers and no higher demo than the show that follows it is still pretty pathetic. Nor does having a higher audience and lower demo look good at all. As this site has said many times, network ratings are not a popularity contest, so those extra few hundred thousand that don’t boost Nikita’s demo above the likes of 90210 might as well not exist.

    I can’t decide if you troll because you’re really that big of a whackjob fan or if you’re the kind of hater whackjob who likes to stir people up against a show by overly praising it. I don’t suppose it matters, since your trolling has no more effect on Nikita’s ultimate fate than 70 thousand more viewers it had than SPN this week.

    If enough new CW shows take off and Nikita’s ratings continue to tank the way they did last season, don’t bet on it. Netflix isn’t paying *that* much for it.

  • Sid

    Looks like everyone(thankfully now blog sites) seem to agree that Dawn Ostroff has crippled The CW.

  • John A

    Surely Fox have something that could do better? The cartoons on Sunday might repeat better.

  • Dean_W

    ‘CSI: NY’ had a 0.8 in Demo and ‘Blue Bloods’ only a 0.7 ! Go ‘CSI: NY’ !

  • TheExtinctLeopard

    1. Lmao, Harry’s Law? A show that averaged a 0.8 whiles almost the rest of NBC’s lineup doubled that. Don’t make excuses. The only show on The CW that’s noteworthy of a success is The Vampire Diaries. Everything else is too close together. And don’t compare a CW show to another network show because there’s no comparison. oh and one could argue that realistically The Secret Circle did better than Nikita pretty much all season long demo wise yet Nikita was saved. :D

    2. That’s the most dense excuse I’ve ever heard. Just because a show airs at 8pm doesn’t mean that it’s supposed to get higher ratings than a 9pm show. I’ve seen countless shows used by their respective networks(especially veteran drams) to anchor the 9pm slot, especially because networks know that they’re self-starters. Move on with crap! ;)

    3. Calling me a whackjob is probably part of your therapeutic treatment so I won’t hurt your feelings. After all I do have respect for the mentally-challenged.

    4. Nikita will have 4th Season as much as you despise. After a 4th I doubt it will go on but with it already being stuck on the death slot, it will live on to see a 4th and will almost most certainly end after that.

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