G4 Takes Viewers Back to the Island to Relive the Phenomenon From the Beginning with the Return of 'Lost'

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July 2nd, 2012

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G4 to Air Entire Series in Four Episode Installments Beginning Monday July 16 at 8pm ET/PT

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – July 2, 2012 – Modern television was changed forever with the series premiere of “LOST” on September 22, 2004. From the mind of celebrated television producer J.J. Abrams, “LOST” follows a group of plane crash survivors as they struggle to persevere on a supernatural, mysterious island in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. An instant hit and cult favorite through its original run on ABC, “LOST” was the recipient of numerous awards, including an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series in 2005. Whether viewers missed any of the action the first time, or just want to re-experience the pop culture phenomenon, G4 will air the entire series in four episode installments every Monday, beginning Monday, July 16 at 8pm ET/PT.

“There is no denying the impact that ‘LOST’ had on its worldwide audience,” said Adam Stotsky, General Manager of G4. “For six seasons, the lives of Kate, Sawyer, Jack, Locke and Sayid were analyzed for hours over the watercooler and discussed at length on blogs. Now, over two years after the series ended its initial run, avid fans and newcomers alike will be able to revisit the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 from the very beginning and catch their favorite moments from this epic adventure.”

The survivors featured on “LOST” include a diverse group of people from different walks of life – a doctor, an escaped fugitive, a con man, an Iraqi interrogator, a married Korean couple and a man formerly confined to a wheelchair who is inexplicably healed. As the castaways attempt to get home, flashbacks (and forwards) illuminate their troubled lives before and after the crash, as the island they find themselves stranded on begins to slowly reveal its mysterious nature. The island holds many secrets, including a mysterious smoke monster, polar bears, hatches with electricity and hot & cold running water, a group of island residents known as "The Others," and a mysterious man named Jacob. Faith, reason, destiny and free will all clash as the island offers opportunities for both corruption and redemption ... but as to its true purpose? That's the greatest mystery of all.

Return to the island as G4 airs “LOST” every Monday, beginning Monday, July 16 at 8pm ET.

  • danny94

    Will any show ever be better than lost agian ? Answer:No!

  • Justin J. Poppiti, Esq.


  • larry donny

    i agree with you danny 94

  • Steel

    I remember that G4 used to air reruns a couple years ago before letting Syfy air them.

    G4 should pick up I Just Want My Pants Back. It’s produced by NBCUniversal Cable Productions and it fits their demo.

  • tv#1

    I love Lost. It was/is one of my all time favorite shows. I have already seen all the episodes a few times, but I will still tune in.

  • justin

    What a waste of airtime. My bet is that the ratings will be so low, that G4 will pull the episodes beore the end of the series run. A&E tried this years ago with 24, it did not work. Networks need to realize that some shows just are not ment for syndication, and Lost is one of them. You know what, I just thought of a way it could work. G4 should only show episodes from seasons 1 & 2, you know, before the show became convoluted & unwatchable.

  • Grumpster

    Nice, but it’s already on Netflix to watch at your own pace.

  • johnB

    I will never get tired of watching the 2 hour Pilot of LOST

    “Guys, where are we?”

  • ProViewershipNumbers


    I agree with your post. Lost was only watchable during season 1 and 2. I really do think Lost caused major damage to serialized TV – especially on broadcast nets – since it’s decline which was during its third season. When I think of Lost, I think of Hurley and the actor who played him and that is not a good thing. He is one of the major reasons why I stopped watching Lost at the beginning of season 3 and –never– returned.

    Season 1 = B plus
    Season 2 = B plus
    Season 3 (the few eps I watched) = C minus

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