‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ Beats ‘The Kudlow Report’ For Fourth Time in Demo in Three Months

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Last week marks the 4th time in the past 3 months that Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox Business Network beat The Kudlow Report on CNBC  at 7 PM for a whole week in the key 25-54 demo for an entire week. In the 7pm hour last week (6/25/12), Dobbs topped Kudlow by 12%

P 2+ P 25-54
Network Programs Time Days (000s) (000s)
FBN LOU DOBBS TONIGHT 07:00P -08:00P MTWTF__ 144 37
CNBC KUDLOW REPORT 07:00P -08:00P MTWTF__ 167 33
% Dobbs advantage: 12%


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