'CBS This Morning' Posts Year-to-Year Ratings Gains Across The Board for Week Ending June 29

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July 6th, 2012

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CBS THIS MORNING posted year-to-year ratings gains across the board for the week ending June 29, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings.



Week Ending June 29, 2012              Week Ending July 1, 2011                 % Change


1.7/07                                                  1.6/06                                                  +6%



2.25m                                                  2.10m                                                  +7%


Adults 25-54

0.7/06                                                  0.6/05                                                  +17%


Women 25-54

0.8/06                                                  0.7/05                                                  +14%


Women 18-49

0.6/05                                                  0.5/04                                                  +20%


“Boomers” (Adults 35-54)

0.9/06                                                  0.8/06                                                  +13%


Chris Licht is the Vice President, Programming, CBS News, and Executive Producer of CBS THIS MORNING.

  • Tim G

    Love the format, but man did you pick an awful lineup. Erica Hill is (barely) watchable, but the other two make me cringe. Gayle King cannot get through a promo without stumbling, and Charlie Rose sounds like he shows up drunk every morning. Big time fail.

  • ohiogirl

    After my long-time morning show, Today, threw Ann Curry under the bus, i decided i didn’t need to give NBC my loyalty any longer. While on vacation i was pleasantly surprised to find that a morning show I had been watching was, in fact, CBS Morning. I enjoyed the serious first 30 minutes, and the round table format of the rest of the program. Charlie Rose is authoritative, but warm. Erica Hill is informative without the ‘giggly’ personna of NBC’s new co-host. Gayle King let’s us have the opportunity to feel as though we are saring a cup of coffee and discussing the days newsworthy events, both serious and humerous. I liked it, and am now watching at home. My DVR is now set to CBS…(GMA is just too silly and busy to be taken seriously).

  • john conners

    while splitting time with GMA and CBS This Morning I will say this to Chris Licht,,, it’s about programming. No Dugger Family, Octo Mom or Donny Douche types or I go to CNN. And please…NO JUSTIN BEBER ! I don’t know how long I can swallow Oprah’s best friend either. She isn’t even a reporter. Ann Curry was a good news person…Gail King just hung with Oprah.

  • Chris

    The line up for the morning show stinks! Erica has no personality, Gayle needs a muzzle and Charlie looks like he just rolled out of bed and could use an IV. Surely you can find a better trio for this show. I used to watch the Today show because I liked Ann Curry, now that she got so rudely pushed off the show I am done with them. I can’t stomach Savannah and Matt is full of himself. GMA here I come.

  • Sheri

    I use to watch this show before the change. I have tried to watch since and just can’t stand the new personalities or format. They are boring boring boring. The only thing I do like is the longer segments they don’t feel rushed. Unfortunately the segments are about stuff that is not interesting so they are boring. I have been enjoying GMA still not as good as Maggie, Dave and Harry but 10 times better than what they have now.

  • Ava

    I watched Erica Hill for years on Anderson Cooper 360 and followed her immediately to her new show. We have always loved Charlie Rose’s show and I only knew Gayle King as being O’s best friend. But I LOVE this show–so informative but not boring. I agree–no idiots on couches spouting about their reality shows that I really don’t care about. Just news that I DO care about. The guy who said it was “Unwatchable” must be Savannah Guthrie’s boyfriend or an intern at NBC.

  • jean

    I have also jumped ship from Today Show. I love the programing and the new set. Chris Licht has done a good job. GMA is too much like Today. I agree, enough of Justin Beiber! They need to get Ann Curry on the show.

  • Rich

    All three of these tired old network morning shows have little to offer except for those willing to listen to mindless talk. My choice is Fox & Friends in the morning. They talk about the serious stuff that matters, but still have fun without being giddy.

  • Sharon

    I have watched the Today Show for years. During the Ann Curry debacle I decided to give CBS a try as I LOVE Gayle and Charlie. The first week or so I found that I was switching back and forth. I found that Savannah didn’t really hold my interest and switched over to CBS one week when Norah was on. She’s great and I’ve been a fan of hers forever. It was a fun and informative morning.

    On another note, I must disagree with the comment that Gayle doesn’t have any chops. She had a great career in CT for many, many years.

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