Lovers Rejoice, Haters Despair: the Sky Is Not Falling in on TNT’s ‘Falling Skies’

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July 7th, 2012

Scientists at CERN’s LHC (Large Hadron Collider) found a boson. It may even be the Higgs boson, so they may have proved the theory of how things in our universe were bestowed with mass. But they didn’t find any kind of boson that bestows the kind of craziness on cable network executives that makes them cancel their network’s highest-rated scripted drama with adults 18-49 just because some people don’t like the show.

I’ve written this before, and I’ll do it again with bolding and underlining:  at its current ratings levels, Falling Skies is an absolute lock for renewal. It’s TNT’s highest-rated scripted drama with adults 18-49.  Note: for purposes of advertising sales, TNT actually focuses more on adults 25-54. It's TNT's #2 scripted show in that demo, so any way you look at it, it's safe at the current levels.

Anything’s possible. Anything, that is, except TNT cancelling its highest-rated scripted drama with adults 18-49. With good reason I don’t usually predict renewals for cable shows, but the ratings would have to drop more than 20% from where they are now for me to even think of it as a bubble show.

Earlier I’d thought that Falling Skies was solely a Dreamworks production and that TNT was just a distributor. But our friends at TNT inform me I thought wrong and that it is a co-production with TNT. I’m not sure of the specifics of the deal, but what that means is that TNT gets a piece of international licensing, DVDs and any syndication.

I don’t have a problem with anyone hating the show. But if you think it ought to be canceled just because you don’t like it, that’s wacky and you’re going to be disappointed when it’s renewed.  If you’re a fan of the show, there’s no need for you to worry about it being canceled yet.

  • Herb

    Me again. Wilson has more talent in his little finger then the whole cast of Jersey Shore and Glee etc. combined.

  • Robert Seidman

    @The End, because of this website after Jericho, I feel somewhat obligated to watch any post-apocalyptic show. I watch FS and don’t love it or hate it (I definitely like Fringe more). I do love Moon Bloodgood though, so there’s that.

  • USAmerica1st

    Totally agree. It’s a solid ratings hit and has found its core audience. It has action and adventure, but more importantly, deep characters we can really care about and aliens who are truly evil. Plus no less than 3 sure-to-be popular love affairs popped up recently. TNT would be crazy to not renew.

  • Jane Elliot

    Hm. My last post seems to have been eaten. Shorter version:

    I gave up on FS last season because the plots were too heavily driven by the humans being incredibly stupid and I got to the point that I was rooting for the aliens. Is that still the case now? If not, is it possible to pick up the show at this point and understand what’s going on?

  • Walt

    Jane Elliot, this season is much better. Remi Aubuchon is the showrunner this year. You can watch season 2 without finishing the first season I’d say. It delves deeper into the show’s mythology this year.

  • One eye

    Good news, I think it was much more borderline with ratings last year .

  • The End

    @Robert Seidman

    That’s good, and good that you believe it will come back, you and Bill are usually right with your predictions so thats one bit of hope there.

  • Silvio

    Falling Skies is watchable show. Under average quality … but considering today’s historical lows in quality of genre shows (and especially at SyFy) actually above temporary average.
    Was are smashing hit last summer, so although ratings are somewhat disappointing in Season 2, still :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    In other news
    SyFy Renews ‘Total Blackout’ For 16 Additional Episodes
    Anybody knowing if it is Season 2 or Season “1B”?

  • The End


    Hopefully it’l hop back over 4 million with the next episode, although these aren’t actual viewers it’s a shame that they’re hitting this low. 4 million average and a 1.3 would easily be respectable for Season 2 and renewal numbers.

  • Fischer

    Robert I got an idea to attract more traffic to site… Have a Thread every night where fans can go to to discuss what’s on TV that night… I think it’s good idea

  • FlabbyKneeCapsOfDeath

    Did people really think this was getting cancelled? Top rated shows don’t get cancelled, it’s the bottom of the barrel ratings failures, quality flops, and entertainment black-hole shows that get cancelled. You know, like Fringe…

    …oh wait.


    good news.

  • The End


    Count me in the unsure group, wasn’t entirely sure it was coming back but was unsure about renewal too.

    I’m not experienced in TNTs behavior like some people here. Not my network lol.

  • don

    this is great news love the show didnt think it was getting cancelled but you can never hear enought good news

  • were123

    FS is neither great nor awful, it’s standard. It’s second season is surely getting better by the minute, but it’s still shallow, I think it needs time to improve, with some more season it may even get really good.
    Well, with that said, the renewal was always a sure thing. I don’t think it will fall much more, maybe just a bit, but cancellation is out of the question.

  • Babygate

    Good to know that Rizzoli and Isles is the #1 show. That is my absolute favorite summer show ever. As far as Falling Skies, meh… I can’t stand Noah Wiley so I won’t watch any show he’s a part of. But it don’t make me no never mind because at that time I’m watching another one of my faves on Lifetime: Drop Dead Diva. So I’m kind of glad TNT doesn’t have anything I like at that time.

  • don

    with all the hater out there its fine but to compare this show to drop dead diva is the same as comparing the new charlie angles to stargate

  • FlabbyKneeCapsOfDeath

    While I’ll be happy for Falling Skies to return for S3, it’s feeling a bit off this year for some reason. I’ve not seen the latest ep, but so far, I couldn’t really tell you what’s happened. It’s like it’s standing still and there’s just a lot of talking. I’m not feeling any big push to watch same-day anymore it like I did in S1. I blame the children!

  • The Real Original Ray

    I have the same problem I did with Terra Nova – the kids aren’t particularly compelling and they get a lot of the focus. The Noah Wylie character is a great hero, though – brainy without being wimpy. My summer TV role model is a mixture of him, Michael Westen (at least before this season) and Nathan Ford.

  • Nick

    Now that I know TNT part-owns FS, I agree that it’s a lock for renewal.

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