Friday Final TV Ratings: No Adjustments to '20/20' or 'Dateline'

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July 9th, 2012

There were no adjustments to '20/20' or 'Dateline', the only original programs that aired Friday night, among adults 18-49 versus Friday's preliminary ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Friday, July 6, 2012:

Time  Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 ABC Shark Tank - R 1.1/5 4.29
CBS Undercover Boss - R 0.9/4 4.38
NBC Whitney - R 0.5/2 2.04
FOX House - R 0.5/2 1.80
CW Nikita - R 0.3/1 0.88
8:30 NBC Community - R 0.4/2 1.15
9:00 ABC 20/20 (9-11) 1.2/4 5.71
NBC Dateline (9-11) 1.0/4 4.04
CBS CSI: NY - R 0.9/3 4.55
FOX Bones - R 0.5/2 2.08
CW Supernatural - R 0.3/1 0.91
10:00 CBS Blue Bloods - R 0.6/2 5.02



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  • Danimals

    I think Supernatural and Nikita outperformed every other show on the CW.

  • John A

    Good numbers for CW on a friday.

  • david

    a bit surprising but good to see the CW shows maintain there ratings this week. I am thinking they will move Super Natural to Wednesdays on the week of August 24 when they start showing the new season the Top Model and move Nikita to 9 pm.

  • Geordiegirl1967

    V good showing for Nikita and SPN repeats. They both repeat better than almost everything else on CW.

    I am pleased for SPN getting moved to Weds as it is a pretty big vote of confidence for a show 8 seasons in, that had been consigned to the Friday night scrap heap. But to my surprise SPN and Nikita have been a pretty good team. Shame to break up a winning combo in a way. Be interesting to see how they fair when split.

  • Sid

    Somewhere rob06990 is crying like a baby ;)

  • Sid

    Does anyone know why FOX is airing repeats of House?

  • Ultima

    I am thinking they will move Super Natural to Wednesdays on the week of August 24 when they start showing the new season the Top Model

    The CW starts Wednesday airings of Supernatural on 25 July.


  • Ultima

    Does anyone know why FOX is airing repeats of House?

    FOX probably thought that Bones/House on Friday would do better than pairing Bones with Glee, Fringe or Touch (which is airing late Saturday nights instead). Due to the short season, double episodes of Bones each week wasn’t an option.

    Clearly, they were wrong and have pulled a lot of the remaining House repeats and will go with more Bones (as well as Glee after the Olympics and NFL preseason games).

  • david

    @Ultima thanks for letting me know that they will be moving Super Natural to Wednesdays sooner than i thought. Good idea for them to double runit then as well. That gives people plenty of time to know about eh move to Wednesdays too. So only two more weeks of it being on Friday nights.

  • thesnowleopard

    Thanks, Ultima! That’s good timing for me. I’m already moving my reviews to Fridays next week, due to a switch-up with Lost Girl (which I also review).

  • Hades

    Monday-90210(repeats as of July 16th)/Remodeled(returns July 9th)

    Tuesday-HOD(repeats as of July 10th)/LA Complex(Season 2 starts July 17th)

    Wednesday-Oh Sit(starts August 15th)/Supernatural(repeats as of July 25th)

    Thursday-TVD(repeats as of July 12th)/The Next:Fame is at your doorstep(starts August 16th)

    Friday-ANTM(Season 19 August 24th)/Nikita(repeats as of 24th August)

  • Max

    Why in the world would they be showing repeats of Remodelled!

  • Nick

    Those are new episodes, and they have to be aired under contract.

  • Hades


    They will be airing the remaining new episodes before airing repeats of episodes that aired earlier in the season.

  • Hades

    Monday-BATMOBILE(special)will air July 16th at 8pm then repeat at 8.30 90210 will not air in the 8pm slot till the following week now I assume.

  • 20 20

    Barbara Walter yearly quest for god only gotten 5 mill?

    tv land is full of atheist!! lol

  • SueP

    Love that they’re going to start running SPN doubled up on Wednesdays. Seems strange that they’d still run on some Friday’s tho. If they eliminated Friday reruns after 7/25 (and if I counted correctly) that would run SPN right up to the season 7 finale on Oct. 3 right before the season 8 premiere which would make sense. If they ran a few on Fridays also they would have to repeat the repeats. So I hoping they just switch to Wednesdays and run right thru to ep 7×23 at 8/7c on Oct. 3rd and swing directly into ep 8×01 at 9/8c. I finally have something to watch on Wednesdays!!

  • david

    i wonder if or when the CW will show the last two episodes of the show nobody watched called hater

  • Hades


    Dont think they are running back to back episodes of SPN on Wednesdays, It will likely follow repeats of ANTM untill Oh Sit starts. Oh sit will still have 1 or 2 episode left to air come Oct 3rd. Chances are the season 8 prem will air behind a new episode of Oh Sit.

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