'Live! With Kelly' Announces Ten Semi-Finalists for 'Coast-to-Coast Co-Host Search'

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July 9th, 2012

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NEW YORK, NY – July 9, 2012 – Today Emmy-winning syndicated morning show “LIVE! with Kelly” announced the ten semi-finalists for “LIVE’s Coast-To-Coast Co-Host Search,” which will give one lucky viewer the chance to go from watching “LIVE” at home to co-hosting for a day with Kelly Ripa.


Thousands of viewers submitted video entries, of up to 60 seconds in length, demonstrating why they should have a chance to co-host with Kelly. On July 3, the submissions of 25 top contenders were posted on the “LIVE” website, and today the Top Ten were announced live on the show. They are:


Dena Blizzard from Runnemede, New Jersey

Katie Boggs from Agua Dulce, California

Michael Buckley from Meriden, Connecticut

Tawsha Connell from Nashville, Tennessee

Mikey Kay from New York, New York

Rory Kramer from North Hollywood, California

Jennifer Mendonca from Neshanic, New Jersey

Brian Olatunji from West Bloomfield, Michigan

Will Tant from New York, New York

Markette Smith from Washington, DC


Beginning today, viewers can log onto livewithkelly.tv and vote for their five favorite video submissions. Voting is open through Wednesday, July 11, 2012, 3:00 p.m. ET, and viewers can vote once each day. The five finalists will be announced on “LIVE! with Kelly” on July 12, and the co-host hopefuls will travel to New York during the week of July 16 to compete for a chance to become Kelly’s guest co-host on July 24.


“LIVE! with Kelly” is distributed in national syndication by Disney-ABC Domestic Television. Produced by WABC-TV in New York and executive produced by Michael Gelman, “LIVE! with Kelly” airs in more than 200 markets across the U.S. Visit “LIVE” on the web at www.livewithkelly.tv, on Facebook, or follow “LIVE” on Twitter @LiveKelly.


  • Joan

    Someone should inform the writer of the above column that it is NOT emmy award winner Live With Kelly, but it is emmy award winner Live with Regis and Kelly

  • stats

    They’re saying that Seth Meyers will be the new co-host on LIVE. Good, as that will help TANK this terrivle show. Did you see this morning when during the MAKEOVER segment and Kelly STAMMERED with her words interviewing the army husband? She apologized and said “sorry but I can’t talk all of a sudden.” Seth Meyers looked dumfounded. lol Kelly you ALWAYS struggle and stutter with your words. She is the worst talk show host on television. I know with REGIS the show had giveaways but with KELLY the prize giveaways have increased. This shows that GELMAN and the staff are doing this for RATINGS. Quit saying OH MY GOSH over and over KELLY. It’s so annoying.

  • stats

    Kelly this morning when discovering the that the hot bikini girl was from EDMONTON and was formerly a weather girl commented “it must’ve been easy for you to do the weather in Edmonton each day, saying it’s gonna be cold.” This comment coming in early July when Edmonton’s High today is 29 degrees or in the 80’s fahrenheit. This once again shows how dumb Kelly is and uneducated about Canada. She must think that Canadians live in Igloos all year round. lol

  • Carrie

    This show should be cancelled or start all over and get a new host. Kelly is not capable. She has no talent, she can’t carry an interview and she can’t even read. She is a loser and hopefully someone will soon realize what a disaster this show is and dump Ripa.

  • stats

    Another reason why I miss good old Regis is that he has history behind him and he’s familiar with the old great actors. For example yesterday Ernest Borgnine died at age 95. I noticed this morning that he was not mentioned by either Ripa or Seth Meyers. If Regis were there I KNOW he would’ve mentioned the passing of the old legend and he would’ve had some old story about interviewing and/or meeting Borgnine. Kelly is only concerned about guys keeping their shirts off like this morning when she told that young guest he should keep his shirt off all the time. Unreal SEXIST remark and she gets away with it all the time. wow.

  • Fed Up

    I agree about the misrepresentation of Canada. It seems like Americans always come to Canada to film movies or do show locations in the middle of winter… of course it’s going to be cold. When I used to watch the show on a regular basis, often they would announce the temperature and our temp in Northern Alberta was warmer than in New York. Much of this problem is our own fault, because we don’t do anything to dispel the imperceptions. Why couldn’t the Canadian have said something?

  • REALLY???

    Did anyone see the show yesterday? I am on holidays, so I decided to tune into the show these past couple of days, something I have not done for months!! I like Seth and I think he would be a good co-host because he doesn’t worship the ground Kelly walks on and does put her in her place once in awhile. However, I don’t think it would be a good career move for him! Anyway, yesterday, when the clip they were going to show for The Closer was not ready, there was a real uncomfortable silence and Kelly said, “I don’t know what to do”. REALLY??? After 12+ years of co-hosting the show, you are that unprofessional and unprepared? Then she asks Kyra Sedgewick if she would like “The Closer” to become a movie??? Very embarrassing!! I’ve seen that situation happen when Regis was still there, and he came up with an intelligent question and everything went really smoothly. Anyone who says Kelly is as good as Regis is sorely mistaken!

  • stats

    The dumb questions Kelly asks goes on and on like asking Kyra Sedgewick that question. And when Ronnie Wood was on weeks ago etc etc. Kelly Ripa is a terrible talk show host and Seth Meyers will not help at all. Like I said this morning she totally froze while speaking to the army husband during the makeover segment. She then apologizes by saying “I can’t believe it but I couldn’t speak.” She’s lucky to be making millions for a dumb skinny no talent washed up soap actress. And Vancouver, B.C. Canada is warmer than New York City in the winters Kelly.

  • stats

    Did you see this morning when GLENN CLOSE was on? She was talking about the new role she had in which she plays a man, and Kelly then goes on about how SHE looks like a guy before she puts on her makeup etc. Then after she says this there was an AWKWARD silence in which Close responds, “Seth, have you ever played a woman before?” It was unreal. Close BAILED out Ripa in how bad she was in that her looking like a guy remark. Every day Kelly tops herself by doing something new and dumb on the show. And notice how she was adjusting her red top every minute or so today? Meyers was even noticing. Kelly is an awful talk show host. And quit saying at the beginning of the show it’s an emmy award winning LIVE WITH KELLY. REGIS won that also and the show was called LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY that won the award. Amazing that they’re taking credit for the award.

  • cindi

    this show sucks! kelly is all about her self and her over rated husband. she did not win the emmy REGIS DID! Did anyone ever notice how much gelman likes dressing as a woman. every chance he gets!

  • Joan

    Kelly wouldnt be there today if it wasnt for Regis. She is the poorest talk show host ever and she had better quit saying OH MY GOSH all the time. It is so annoying. Her vocabulary is very limited and she stutters and stammers and repeats herself constantly. I think everybody is totally leary about being her co host because the would have to carry the whole show just like Regis did. I bet abc will be kicking themselves over letting Regis gp. I will give it one more year and thats it

  • stats

    I agree 100% with you Joan on everything you just said. I’ve said it many times on here myself. Also I’m SO GLAD you mentioned Kelly saying OH MY GOSH all the time. I thought I was the ONLY person that noticed it and find it so annoying. She does have limited vocabulary and it shows each day. I think even Seth Meyers is leary about being her permanent co-host as he knows he’s no REGIS and the show will be cancelled and I agree with JOAN that I will give it one more year on the air.

  • Rose Jones

    I had enough trouble watchingwhen Regis was still on and Kelly was either
    interrupting him or making fun of him. I’m so glad Regis left before it completely went downhill. I can’t understand while the show is still on the air.

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