Warner Bros. Comic-Con Bags Include 'Fringe', 'Arrow', 'Supernatural' - But Not 'Nikita'

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July 9th, 2012

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For the Third Consecutive Year, Fans Checking in at the Con Will Receive a

Warner Bros.–Designed Collectible Bag Highlighting One of the Following Titles:

TV’s Arrow, The Big Bang Theory, DC Nation, Fringe, Supernatural or

The Vampire Diaries; Feature Films Man of Steel or Pacific Rim

 BURBANK, Calif. (July 9, 2012) — Warner Bros. Entertainment will again sponsor the official bag of Comic-Con International: San Diego 2012, the Studio announced today. By joining forces with Comic-Con for the third consecutive year, Warner Bros. will give each fan attending the Con an unforgettable keepsake from the world’s leading pop culture convention.


  • Over 130,000 of the oversized 24”x29” bags — which have been called Comic-Con’s “ubiquitous accessory” by Entertainment Weekly and “a must have” by Deadline Hollywood have been produced and will be provided to Comic-Con attendees as they check in to the convention.


  • To download images of the TV series bags, as well as the official Comic-Con 2012 artwork side, click here: http://bit.ly/R7azfk


  • The 2012 edition will be a messenger-style bag with shoulder strap and, of course, a poster-protecting pocket.


  • Designed by Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Marketing, the bags feature double-sided artwork. Each will have the all-new Comic-Con 2012 official design on one side, with the other highlighting Warner Bros. titles, including TV series — live-action and animated — from Warner Bros. Television and Warner Bros. Animation, and upcoming theatrical features from Warner Bros. Pictures.




More About Warner Bros.’ Comic-Con Bags

Created annually since 2006 by the Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Marketing unit specifically for Comic-Con, the highly sought-after totes provide devoted fans with a handy carrying case for all the merchandise they take away from the Con — and serve as mobile billboards for a selection of the Studio’s key Comic-Con titles.

  • joko ono


  • Tom

    Nikita had a 0.5 demo. There shouldn’t be a show much less a bag.

  • Sid

    Nice one tvbythenumbers ;)

    Looks like the title of this thread proved to be a failure though. Better luck next time.

  • Sid


    Maybe Warner Brothers can make a special Secret Circle one for you and maybe throw in a DVD? :D

  • Tom

    @ Sid There won’t be a Nikita bag available at Comic Con because you’re among that show’s few viewers who don’t live in Europe. I understand that the next DVD box set will be in Swedish with English subtitles. Get your deposit in now. I understand Pedowicz needs the cash. I like your idea of having a DVD of the SC though. That will give me something to watch because there won’t be any DVD of Beauty and the Beast, the show filling the SC’s former time slot. That is, unless the CW plans to start issuing box sets for programs that flop after three episodes.

  • Sid


    Lol, at least Nikita has fans somewhere, Secret Circle had no fans in the US or abroad. :D

    It must really hurt though; knowing that both Warner Brothers and The CW hated Secret Circle so much that they won’t even be releasing a DVD.

    I can only imagine your frustration :D

  • Nikita does have fans. Just because it gets the amount of viewers on CW does not mean that’s the amount of viewers who only watch the show. That just means 1+ million people watch the show and have a Nielson box. It could also mean people don’t watch shows on the CW compared to the other networks…(for some reason) And…I think Nikita does good internationally and maybe DVD, itunes, etc. Look at some of the shows CW has and look at the amount of fans it has on Facebook and buzz around the shows…CW shows have fans!!!!

  • Have you at least checked the 1st season out for Nikita? I would say around episode 6 or so of the 1st season was when the show started to really get good and become one of the most consistent amazing shows.

  • Tom

    @ Sid A dvd for a single season show averaging 1.8 million viewers isn’t likely to be a big seller. Furthermore, depending on how you interpret the numbers, the SC was the CW’s second or third highest rated show. Nikita was the ninth. Accordingly, I don’t believe Pedowicz et al. hated the SC. It’s that they are a bunch of cheap (expletive deleted) who didn’t believe that it was worth the extra money they were paying to keep producing the show. So, we’re right back to square one: The CW keeps a loser like Nikita on its schedule because there’s a few Euros in it for them. And they gives Hart of Dixie a full order because it’s cheap to produce notwithstanding a demo of 0.64. That’s not exactly a recipe for growing a network. It also baffles me why they think BB will come close to succeeding in the same slot as the SC. Everything I’ve heard about that show is negative. It looks like this might just be another effort to fill a time slot at minimal cost. What an inspiring move. Anyway, I hope you and the guys in Stockholm enjoy Nikita. I’ll be watching Grimm.

  • NJ

    CBS Studios produced show?

  • Sid


    Lmao, Secret Circle was not the second/third highest rated show last season, more like fifth/sixth. Don’t make it sound as if The CW lost a “vampire diaries”/”supernatural” because they didn’t. Truth is Secret Circle was underperforming and giving the fact that it was paired with its so called “sister show” and it still flopped, it deserved what it got.

    Why would Pedowitz fork out extra money that he probably doesn’t have on a show that was flopping like a dying fish on the Brooklyn Sea Board?

    And yes, they keep a loser like Nikita because:
    1. Can’t afford to premiere a new show there or move a dying freshman show there.
    2. Already established a small niche on the Friday night death slot.
    3. Most likely cheaper than Circle.
    4. Don’t care to promote it because it’s slowly dying on Fridays anyways.
    5. Probably paying for it’s ratings lows with a bit if international revenue and possible syndication.

    And what does Secret Circle have? Nothing, nada, zilch. At least Ringer(despite it’s lows) and Dixie all managed to stsbilize at some point whereas Circle just kept shedding viewers.

    Thanks for the kind words to the Stockholm fans but I’ll be enjoying Nikita on The CW PIX 11 here in NYC. ;)

  • Tom

    @ Sid You seem to be suggesting that renewing Nikita was the CW’s best option regardless of the show’s ratings. That’s ridiculous. The 2011 second season premiere of Nikita was down by 57% with a 0.6 rating in the 18-49 demo and 1.85 million viewers. The season finale drew a 0.4 demo with 1.42 million viewers. That means it was DOA. Moving it to 9 PM on Fridays opposite Grimm with a fading lead in obviously won’t help. Regardless of what reason you choose, this show is a turkey and doesn’t belong on the air.

    By the way, I stand by my statement that the Secret Circle was the CW’s second or third highest rated show. The network’s numbers were published on this site and those are the figures I’m using.

    One last comment. Don’t get too enamored of citing TVD as a CW hit. It’s 1.3 demo put it at 109 on last season’s ratings for primetime shows. A hit for the CW isn’t the same as a real hit. The Secret Circle finished at 124. The show was at or above 0.8 for most of the first half of the season and really didn’t start slipping until after a two month hiatus when the CW started showing it approximately twice a month. That’s a great way to help kill a new show especially considering the competition. I am relatively clear about this: If TSC had been cheaper to produce, it would still be on the air. The same goes for Ringer. The latter got cancelled because it hit bottom fast yet HOD sank about as fast and was renewed. Why? Because HOD is cheap to produce and Pedowicz wasn’t going to keep paying SMG $100k per episode to star on a busted show. So, I hope you enjoy watching budget tv.

    One last suggestion: Let’s write to Pedowicz and suggest that he solicit Ikea as a new sponsor for Nikita. That should resonate with the show’s viewer base.

  • nikki

    Tom your funny as hell. All your comments were right on lol. Nowadays the moto is the cheaper the better. Quality doesn’t matter anymore. What things have come to huh. Sad I know.

  • Sid

    Tom, get over yourself! Where did I suggest in my post that renewing Nikita was CW’s best decision? All I did was lay out the facts as to why it was brought back?

    Forget about Nikita for a second and look at how much your show dropped between September and by May. It started with over 3 million viewers with a 1.3 and ended up with a 0.6 and was barely hovering over 1 million viewers despite heavy promotion and the best spot on the schedule. At one point Nikita was edging Circle(on a Friday) AND Supernatural was flooring it(on a Friday). That sounds more DOA to me.

    Tom, nothing on The CW is a hit. But TVD is CW’s #1 show? I don’t know what you’re trying to pull with that statement but ill be honest in saying you sound ridiculous.

    And if you care do much about Nikita’s future, you go ahead and do that. Maybe it’ll help release some if the frustration that has befsllen

    On the note of Dixie, it started with a 0.8 demo and 1.8 million viewers and ended up with a 0.6 and. 1.6 million. Spin in as much as you want but despite its cheapness, it was a much more stabile show than Circle all season long.

  • Sid

    Oh and since you care about Nikita’s future so much, you go ahead and do that. Unlike you, actually have better things to do.

  • Tom

    @ Sid I propose a ceasefire. Although it might not appear that way, I’ve have a lot of fun sparring with you. I’m glad you have a sense of humor. However, I (if not “we”) have clearly beaten this topic to death. In a good way, if that’s possible. So, enjoy Nikita. Personally, nothing could make me sit through another season of watching Lynsey Fonseca butcher her lines. I’m still miffed that the writers couldn’t write a season ending episode that included sending her plummeting down that missile silo with Percy. As I mentioned a while ago, I’m abandoning the CW to fans like you and the Swedes. It’s not like there’s much there that’s worth watching anyway. But, for the record [Spoiler Alert], I predict that Zoe Hart will finally get her George, even if it takes another 22 or more excruciating episodes. Call it a hunch. So, for the time being, adjo. That’s goodbye in Swedish.

  • Some amazing shows get cancelled and some amazing shows get to stay on the air. It’s part of the TV world….Dropping a network for a show is sort of dumb. Cable networks have dropped shows before. HBO, FX, AMC, TNT…yep they cancelled good shows before. (Rubicon, Terriers, Deadwood, last December’s cancellation from HBO, Men of a Certain Age and plenty more) I’d say as far as dropping quality shows go, CW is about the same level as cable networks. (which is pretty good) Nikita, The Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural are amazing stuff and none of the other broadcast networks or even cable networks have these kinds of genres. Ok. The Secret Circle got cancelled….it could still be replaced by a much better show. Arrow has been getting good buzz for the pilot so that might be even better than The Secret Circle.

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