Viacom Pulls Web Streaming of 'The Daily Show' and 'The Colbert Report'

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July 11th, 2012

After an impasse in carriage negotiations between Viacom and DirecTV, Viacom's 17 networks were pulled from DirecTV last night at midnight. One of the reported sticking points was that DirecTV didn't want to pay as much as Viacom wanted especially since so much of its content was available freely on the web.

Well, less is available now, at least temporarily and DirecTV customers looking for a Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert won't be able to get full episode fixes of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report - no full episode streaming for you!  Or anyone else for that matter.  Those hunting for full episodes of either show on various Viacom websites (,,etc.) are greeted with the message at the top of this post. All is not quite lost, at least as of this writing full episodes from June are still available on Hulu.



  • KIC


  • Aerilyn

    Viacom and DirecTV need to sort this out ASAP! Preferably before tomorrow so I won’t miss an episode of Awkward. on MTV.

  • Ricky

    Man, is Viacom being a bunch of asshats or what?

    @Aerilyn: Project Free TV is your best friend, they carry Awkward and other shows in case this whole debacle doesn’t get solved.

  • Lane

    Viacom is full of greedy asswholes

  • jimbo

    Need to start a boycott of the advertisers that do buisness with viacom. So far havin miss them one bit! Soooooo….suck it Viacom!

  • swayso

    Vote Now: Who is right in the fight between the providers and the channels #DirectTV vs #Viacom

  • SJ

    Wow, way to use your respected customers as pawns in your greedy little game. Asshats.

  • Christian

    Poor Real World. They can’t afford lower ratings.

  • Jon23812

    @Aerilyn, DirecTV doesn’t have any problems. It’s Viacom wanting DirecTV customers to pay 30% more for all their networks. Viacom wants DirecTV to lose subscribers whether it’s by increasing bills drastically or removing their channels on there. It’s not fair to DirecTV, it’s not fair to their costumers, and it’s not fair to those cable networks that are owned by those evil people.

  • Nadine

    I notice that on CNN,comments to the news article about this are running about 90% in favor of DirectTV in this brawl. And it is interesting to note that people on Dish STILL don’t get AMC–which has got to be hurting AMC quite a lot.

  • Nadine

    Actually there’s always a bunch of posts on YouTube of these shows from the previous night, without commercials.

  • Dave J.

    Honestly do NOT miss viacom one bit. Nobody really cares about their channels anymore anyway. Their content has gone horrible over the years. I will only miss Futurama… but I can watch that “other ways”. It is the day of the internet ppl… no need to pay the greedy special channels their crazy fees now. Directv ROCKS!!! Viacom… not so much.

  • Kyle P

    This is both of their faults, but I feel that DirecTV is more at fault. DTV’s sales pitches are on so built on the many garabage channels that Viacom offers and the premium channels. It isn’t fair to see directv complain about the free online distrobution. Because viacom is making money off the advertisements. Directv allows you to record the channels, watch at home, stream to mobile, and even allows you to skip commercials… something that hurts viacoms ability to sell advertisement. I think it is fair for viacom to ask for more money.

    Secondly, it is rediculus that one tv with directv easily costs you over $70 a month. I am glad I switched to hulu plus subsidized by itunes for the 5 shows a month I can’t get on their or off local OTA.

    Lastly, Viacom is finally realizing that it can’t continue to market its channels in a way that makes them enough money. Someone has to pick up the bill. I don’t think this is anything usual. You hear about DTV channel outages way more then any other provider.

  • jessica

    I don’t normally look to watch them streaming but presently CTV has nothing newer than 28 June for either show, but they are both on a little break for a couple of weeks. What is available is the usual latest 2+ weeks worth of episodes. I guess Viacom pulled them only in the US. Which means Robert’s “no full episode streaming for you! Or anyone else for that matter.” isn’t exactly accurate.

    Dave J., you know that if noone pays those greedy special channels their crazy fees there will be noone to supply you those shows in the ways you get them and those shows won’t be made for you to then enjoy via other means.

  • The Bandit

    I am actually getting kind of sick of DirectTv, and am thinking about going back to cable. It doesn’t have anything to do with these channels of course, which are mostly garbage.

    The problem with DirectTv is that during Thunder storms. I always lose power. If a torndo comes, I am a goner.

    I also don’t like how I have to go through 200 porn and informercial channels just to reach one regular channel.

    I also don’t like how it takes a few seconds to go from one channel to another, where cable was instant.

    Just saying, I got DirectTv because everyone told me how great it was, and I miss my regular cable.

  • alffan

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I’m calling DirecTV asking for an adjustment. They sold me a package and they’re violating a contract. I’m 100% in Viacom’s court.

  • Aflac

    So sad that most of you are morons and dont know it. Viacom tells you to call DirectV and ask them to raise your price and what do you do? Call them then get made cause they wont let you be stupid lmao. Figure it out clues.

  • will

    I’m glad for the most part people are rallying behind directv. Directv is working for you, they’re taking a hit with this too. Just be patient and viacom will back down and this won’t happen again when they learn they can’t abuse its viewers pockets.

  • Derek Vincent

    Go DirectTV, it’s best to stand up to bullies, they’re usually cowards.

  • Sharee

    Thankyou Directv for not agreeing with this and raising my rate

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