Viacom Pulls Web Streaming of 'The Daily Show' and 'The Colbert Report'

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July 11th, 2012

After an impasse in carriage negotiations between Viacom and DirecTV, Viacom's 17 networks were pulled from DirecTV last night at midnight. One of the reported sticking points was that DirecTV didn't want to pay as much as Viacom wanted especially since so much of its content was available freely on the web.

Well, less is available now, at least temporarily and DirecTV customers looking for a Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert won't be able to get full episode fixes of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report - no full episode streaming for you!  Or anyone else for that matter.  Those hunting for full episodes of either show on various Viacom websites (,,etc.) are greeted with the message at the top of this post. All is not quite lost, at least as of this writing full episodes from June are still available on Hulu.



  • Name

    Great plan Viacom. People aren’t going to go without their Daily Show. All they have to do is type the episode numbers into google and boom, there’s a stream of the show.

  • steve weber

    viacom can suck my#########

  • BoiseMAK

    I’m supporting DirecTV…for now. If they don’t ultimately get these channels back, there better be a price cut for no longer having some pretty popular networks. I’ll miss Comedy Central.
    Oh, and @ The Bandit – you know you can customize which channels your onscreen guide shows, right?

  • Ricky

    @The Bandit: Try U-verse if it’s available in your area. It’s less prone to technical difficulties, and it doesn’t have that flaw of channels taking forever to load, as you say. On U-verse the channels change instantly! Plus they don’t have any carrier issues with anyone.

  • Joe Smith

    apparently they want to encourage people to download/stream episodes from unapproved sources

  • Brad

    What makes DirecTV so special to not pay its fee to Viacom. Comcast does it, Verizon does it, Dish Network does it. DirecTV is violating their contract so if anybody want to argue for an adjustment in their bills, go ahead, you deserve it (even though it will only be a few bucks). They did this before with NBCU earlier this year and I was absolutely pissed.

  • Brad

    “DirecTV didn’t want to pay as much as Viacom wanted especially since so much of its content was available freely on the web”

    That’s right, just tell your customers that they don’t need you. They won’t leave. You always provide Viacom owned channels 24/7 right? Oh… you don’t… Well nice going PR guys.

  • Aya Reiko

    I’m with DirecTV here. Viacom is getting way too greedy with their bottom of the barrel networks, and too stupid to realize they have no bargaining power at all.

  • The Bandit


    Yes, I know I can customize it on DirectTV.

    But the beauty of Tv has always been you can stumble across something that is good. If I customize it, then I will never be able to stumble across something.

    So if I want to stumble across something good on Direct TV, I have to go through 3000 porno channels and 200 infomercials.

  • AniMatsuri

    Neither The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are ratings power houses. I don’t think they will be missed as much as Viacom hopes they will.

  • Brad

    I beg to disagree, those who are adamant of the CC duo watch them 4 days a week, not just a once a week show like (insert your favorite show) from MTV. In two weeks, you miss two episodes of Teen Wolf, with Stewart and Colbert you miss 8 episodes each!!!

  • AniMatsuri

    Ratings wise, the CC duo are cult show with a small but loyal following. Over all, more will be missing Teen Wolf than those 2.

  • Ray R.

    2 Greedy Filthy Rich Companies fighting over pennies that we are paying…and now pulled the plug, and “WE” are Missing Everything…but still being charged the same price, but with 20 or more less channels!!! Who the Hell is DirectV to say when, and who is watching TV??? Kids are out playing, it’s summer, people are on vacation…So, We at DirectV decided to let the Plug be Pulled…You, “Our Customers” are in Blackout…and Paying for it!!! Screw them!!! If I am Out, I will set the HDD to Record the Shows!!! I want my “YES,DEAR” ReRuns!!!! And “Friends”….but Especially “YES,DEAR”….Now, once DirectV “Caves In”..and pays and negotiates, we are gonna get whacked with a Huge Increase, and they will Blame ViaComm..It’s Both of the Greedt Bastards Faults!!! The Snake on Commercial for DirectV, looks like a “Lying Scoundrel”…and I dont believe a word the creep says!! Let’s all Complain!!! Call!!!! As a Team, we can Achieve Anything!!

  • Tom

    @ Sharee I hate to burst your bubble but, as I pointed out in another thread, there’s no direct association between what Directv pays Viacom and DTV’s subscriber rate increases. DTV has had annual subscriber increases for at least four years running. To justify the latest increase, DTV claimed they had incurred a 10% increase in programming expenses but were “only” increasing subscriber rates by 4%. It now turns out that Directv made a substantial profit for the first quarter of 2012. Since the Viacom increase wasn’t an issue then, it’s fairly clear that last year’s subscriber rate increase and the one that’s inevitably coming for 2013 are largely intended to fatten Directv’s bottom line. So, while I don’t care about Viacom, it is obvious that Directv’s strategy is to continue making money by strong arming outfits like Viacom and gouging subscribers.

  • JD

    The sad part is they’re BOTH loosing.

    There’s a whole generation growing up just subscribing to a torrent feed, getting their shows without hassle, on time, for free.
    The TV industry is going to fall REALLY HARD, when the “old” generation dies out.
    The whole system is gonna fall apart.

    And it’s gonna be their own fault!

  • Brad

    Viacom must’ve read DirecTV’s books and noticed the piggy bank they had saving up.

  • Joe

    Dish and AMC can’t work out their differences, so AMC gives the season premiere of Breaking Bad away for free online. Viacom can’t work out their differences with DirecTV, so they pull all their shows offline. Hmm, which of these four companies knows how to make the fans happy…

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