Steven Tyler is Leaving 'American Idol'

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July 12th, 2012

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Steven Tyler has decided to depart his role as a judge on AMERICAN IDOL. Tyler served as a judge during the 10th and 11th seasons of IDOL.


“After some long...hard...thoughts…I’ve decided it’s time for me to let go of my mistress ‘American Idol’ before she boils my rabbit,” said Tyler. “I strayed from my first love, AEROSMITH, and I’m back – but instead of begging on my hands and knees, I’ve got two fists in the air and I’m kicking the door open with my band. The next few years are going to be dedicated to kicking some serious ass – the ultimate in auditory takeover…On Nov. 6, we are unleashing our new album, Music from Another Dimension on the Earth, Moon, Mars, and way beyond the stars…IDOL was over-the-top fun, and I loved every minute of it…Now it’s time to bring Rock Back. ERMAHGERD.”


“It’s been a tremendous honor to have Steven – one of the most prolific artists in the world – on AMERICAN IDOL for the past two seasons,” said Mike Darnell, President of Alternative Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company. “He’s been a terrific judge, a true friend and great mentor to everyone involved with the show, and we know he’ll continue to be a huge inspiration to IDOL hopefuls for years to come. We are very sad that Steven has chosen to focus more on his music, but we always knew when we hired a rock ’n’ roll legend, he would go back to the music. We all wish him all the best and would love to have him back on the show anytime.”


“Steven Tyler is a real ‘Idol,’ a rock legend. If you had told me 10 years ago he would be a judge on AMERICAN IDOL, I would have thought it impossible,” stated IDOL creator and executive producer Simon Fuller. “The fact that this became a reality and we had the pleasure of him gracing our stage for two seasons makes me very proud. I completely understand his desire to get back to his life as the singer in America's greatest-ever rock band. AMERICAN IDOL will miss him!”


“We’re all very thankful and privileged that Steven joined AMERICAN IDOL two years ago,” said Cecile Frot-Coutaz, CEO, FremantleMedia. “A true music icon, he not only brought rock ’n’ roll to the show, but also his exceptional taste in spotting and nurturing undiscovered talent. We will sincerely miss his poetic phrases, his remarkable creativity and his unique spirit. We’re sad about his departure from the show, but understand his decision to return to music full-time and hope he’ll be back to grace the AMERICAN IDOL stage in seasons to come.”


AMERICAN IDOL is produced by 19 Entertainment, a division of CKX, Inc. and FremantleMedia North America, Inc.


  • Jofus

    The buzz is that the other judge, Randy Jackson, and even the host, Ryan Seacrest, will be let go so there would be a new host and a new team of judges next season. In Seacrest’s case, it would be a huge buy-out.

    I’ve heard Erin Andrews may succeed Seacrest as hostess of the show.

  • ac

    The New York Times said Steven Tyler had revived American Idol. They were right! I will have little interest in watching the show without him.

  • Fischer

    Steven was not a fan favorite. He proved himself useless as a judge besides a few LOLz. I think Jennifer and Randy will be out as judges. They need new Buzz, get rid of all of them.

  • Fischer

    @Jofus. They are not letting Ryan go, trust me, he’s the best on TV. Also he’s already started filming for the next season. Erin Andrews was a rumored host for the XFactor, not IDOL

  • Jason

    More ideas of theme weeks: “What’s Your Decade,” “What’s Your Genre,” and for the weeks starting with four participants, the four will perform a song that each of the three judges have selected for them, and when it comes down to the final three, it will be Judges’ Collective Decisions, Jimmy’s Choice, Contestant’s Choice and Producer’s Choice.

    When the bottom three are announced, since each results show will last a full hour, each of them will perform one last time, and then the judges will save their critique until the three have performed and it will be a majority rules or unanimous decision as to who leaves the competition.

    FOX just can’t cancel the show now. It’s been making too much money for them to do that. Most of their other shows are doing below these ratings, so it wouldn’t make sense to do that.

  • ac

    The New York Times said Steven Tyler had revived American Idol. They were right! I will have little interest in watching the show without him.

  • Doug

    If Ryan is indeed let go, it’s definitely a money thing. He has an extremely expensive contract, and I would venture to say that the upfront saw huge declined in CPM for Idol, given that it wasn’t even, consistently, TV’s top rated series. That was always the feather in Idol’s cap – no show could deliver a bigger audience, by far, but that’s not true anymore.

    Fox is trying to save the show, but deep down, they know there’s nothing they can do to stem the decline at this point, except make it cheaper and maximize profits for whatever time it has left.

  • Chris L

    yeah, no further comments from “Jofus” will ever be taken seriously.

  • USAmerica1st

    Tyler and JLo did their job, they kept the AI ball rolling. Bring on the newbies. Thanks for the memories, Steven.

  • Kristopher

    Thank God. I’d love to hope that AI could manage to NOT be a joke next year, but for that to happen, serious changes need to be made.

  • Jean François

    I can’t believe she is leaving. I loved her and she was a great singer for Aerosmith and she will be missed. Her fashion every week was wonderful and she was one sexy good looking gal, hold on wait a minute that was a dude.

  • Patrick G.

    Thank God Tyler and Jo-Lo are BOTH leaving!!! Christmas came early for me this week! Neither of them could provide an ounce of actual criticism to the contestants, and it was just a “love-fest” week after week from them when there were some God-awful performances that deserved truly scathing critiques. But, they were each too afraid of damaging their reputations; so, now that they’re gone, get 2 judges who aren’t afraid to actually say what the viewing audience is thinking when we hear bad – or good – performances from these kids, namely an actual JUDGING!!! The judges shouldn’t be raking in millions of dollars just for saying how great the singing “weather” is all the time!!

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