Jennifer Lopez Announces She Is Leaving 'American Idol'

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July 13th, 2012

On the heels of yesterday's announcement that Steven Tyler is leaving American Idol, this morning, during an interview on Ryan Seacrest's radio show,  Jennifer Lopez acknowledged that she, too, is departing the judges panel. That leaves the show with two chairs to fill. Reportedly, producers are considering candidates including Mariah Carey, Adam Lambert and Fergie. You can listen to Jennifer's interview here.


  • Jeremy

    She stayed longer than she wanted. Hopefully the new judges can do better!


    cross out that show from my list

  • John A

    What was she earning a season? 10 million? Why would anyone refuse money like that?

  • rob60990

    Not surprised. Even on the show, it looked like she didn’t wanna be there.

  • joel

    They don’t need anyone new. Randy can do it all himself. What’s Paula Abdul doing these days?

  • Anthony

    If they were smart they would try and get some of the judges from The Sing Off since that show is done, and they already have several seasons worth of episodes showing how they can judge! Would be better than pulling someone who you have no clue how they will do.

  • joel

    Nicole Scherzinger was an original Sing-Off judge and she bombed on X-Factor, but I agree any of the most recent Sing-Off judges would do much better than her.

  • J.G.

    I have a feeling they’ll move Randy into a mentorship role and completely start fresh with an all-new panel.

  • Jeff (Canada)

    The revolving door of judges should signal to the general public that this show can’t have longevity anymore. The show has turned into “which androgynous male are teenage girls liking in this moment” and “which musicians will sign on for a big payday for us to be able to say, look we can get this musician to be on our show’. It’s not about finding the next big musical act. Cancel this show now, like it should have been canceled years ago.

  • Anthony

    Nicole Scherzinger was an original Sing-Off judge and she bombed on X-Factor, but I agree any of the most recent Sing-Off judges would do much better than her.

    Yes I prefer to just forget that portion of the show… She was terrible.

  • USAmerica1st

    @joel I agree. JLo tried to improve on Paula and did not. They’ll go for ‘star power’ again for what matters most: ratings, but the singers drive this show.

  • Albert

    I’m sure she was asked to leave the show due to ratings.

  • joel

    As long as they keep going for ‘star power’ the judges will continue to go through a revolving door. If they want stability on the judges panel they need to go for lesser known less successful people who have nothing better to do (no offense Randy).

  • Jason

    Ouch, the judges are jumping ship since people are only caring about X-Factor right now. Bye Idol. :(

  • mike

    She was jealous of the female contestants. She treated Haley and Pia from season 10 awful and Hollie from this season just as bad. Haley has a critically acclaimed debut album and is expected to be a contender at the Grammys . Good bye and good riddance.

  • Hola12

    I think they need to hire an unknown and one that knows a lot about what a good voice is. I am sick of these celebrity judges! They are too afraid to give negative comments because they think those comments will make people hate them. They need to hire one unknown and one person like Judge Judy or Jimmy (who gives good feedback on AI)! I hate the judges who think everybody that comes on stage is so wondeful! Also, American Idol needs to change their voting format. Too may teen girls are voting millions of times for cute boys and not paying attention to their voice.

  • Nathan (NR2012)

    Wow! I wonder which two singers they’re going to pick to be judges.

  • glover

    I’m so glad! I was so tired to this type of show but I am a fan of JLo. Now I have no reason to watch it. But I still hope that AI continue to do better than X-Factor, The Voice and Duets in the ratings :)

  • Donn

    Does it matter who the judges are? That white guy with a guitar is going to win anyway.

  • HT

    Sing-a-song show fatigue…..X Factor won’t do any better in season 2.

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