Jennifer Lopez Announces She Is Leaving 'American Idol'

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July 13th, 2012

On the heels of yesterday's announcement that Steven Tyler is leaving American Idol, this morning, during an interview on Ryan Seacrest's radio show,  Jennifer Lopez acknowledged that she, too, is departing the judges panel. That leaves the show with two chairs to fill. Reportedly, producers are considering candidates including Mariah Carey, Adam Lambert and Fergie. You can listen to Jennifer's interview here.


  • Kelly

    The number of judges this show has gone through is astonishing. Surprised Randy is still there.

  • Gabi and Andrew

    FOX is falling apart as a network as they’ll be losing baseball next year but luckily they still have Seth MacFarlane, NFL, and X Factor.

  • Mike

    hopefully the show will get cancelled now

  • MonKey Man

    Put Charlie Sheen on it and it will triple In viewers

  • Networkman

    @ Albert, I feel there is some validity to your comments. I don’t feel J.Lo’s leaving is just to concentrate on her music career. If anything, the show was used as a promotional tool to help re-establish her career. I do feel the producers are concerned about the ratings. Of course, they want the show to do better. It is now about competing with X-Factor and The Voice. With Britney on board X-Factor, AI feels it needs younger stars who have bigger fanbase than what J.Lo brings.

    But what they don’t realize is the slip in ratings really have nothing to do with the Judges’ Panel. People are tired of the format and the voting system.

  • Steve

    You know what would spice up this show? If the booted off contestants were suspended above a pool surrounded by sharks with friggin’ laser beams attached to their heads. Begin the abnormally slow dipping mechanism!

  • Melanie

    UM Kelly — “the number of judges the show has gone through”? In first eleven years – 2 changes. This makes 3 & 4. Considering that X Factor is already at that number in Season 2 – I would say its astonishing how stable the judgeing panel is on Idol.

  • Fischer

    I think it was time for new judges… Steven Tyler proved he was useless as a judge. JLO was self-centered and treated females unfairly.. And Randy..well he might as well be replaced. If IDOL kept same judges the rating would’ve kept slidding. They need new Buzz and new judges will do that for the show and (hopefully) improve the ratings. It happened in Season 10 with new judges, I think it could happen in Season 12. AMERICAN IDOL is still better than The Voicd/XFactor. The voice has produced 0 stars on that show,the first season contestants all Flopped hard. The XFACTOR hasn’t proven itself yet, but the latest winner has been locked away since her win.. IDOLS most recent winner had his first single, Home, go Gold, selling over 500,000 copies so far

  • Kaylie

    American Idol is better than X Factor & The Voice. Its the original singing competition show and will always be the best. Its already #1 within them. They need new judges. I wish that Jimmy Iovine would become a judge. That would spice up the panel. Also, they need to keep 3 judges. Now, they need to get a really famous female singer that would be able to bring in the older & younger audience. I would probably say Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Madonna or Janet Jackson as they all have enough credentials. Anyone but Fergie and I dont think Adam Lambert would draw in a decent enough audience. Lastly replace Randy with another seasoned male singer like Usher or legend like Lionel Richie who just released a new album; so that would help.

  • Tom

    I thought that even when Cowell was around, there were reports that the show didn’t actually make 19 Entertainment much in profit – the judges and Seacrest ate up that much of the budget.

    With AI’s current ratings, you have to wonder if 19, etc. could even pay Lopez/Tyler what they wanted. (Then again, Spears is getting enough of a paycheck on a show doing less than modern AI’s ratings, but that could be Cowell overpaying to breathe some life into the show. Who knows.)

  • Dillon

    Adam Lambert will be a worse judge than even Ellen. He didn’t even win the competition. If you wanna go with a former contestant go with a winner!

  • Chixy

    Since Kelly Clarkson will be free cause duets will be cancelled Get her 1st season zwinner!

  • A

    She got jealous after Britney became the highest first paid judge ($15 million)…then Jlo demanded more money too.

    Some celebs are selfish and obnoxious and disgusting tbh. With all the money she has, she can feed the whole world.

  • Nadine

    Well it might help the show if they got judges who wanted to be there Not Simon, Lopez or Tyler. Something’s wrong with the business model when Fox only wants people who don’t want to be there. Maybe the audience smells that. One thing you can say about Simon — he was very very serious about the show.

  • Ccemerson

    Bring back Paula !!!!!!

  • Dan

    Tomorrows Breaking News…….. Randy Jackson announces he is leaving Idol

  • Angel

    IDOL just needs to end now; it’s past its prime. It hasn’t really produced break out stars in years. And besides the fact that they keep having to replace the judges. Nobody wants the job after a year of it.

    And the headline should really read, “Randy Jackson Announces He Is Leaving ‘American Idol'”; He should be the one to move on to other projects. He’s been with the show long enough.

  • Hugh

    Make Jimmy Iovine a judge. And
    And for the new girl, Katy Perry.

  • minny driessen

    so glad Jlo is gone, she was too jealous of the pretty singers, and she cant hold a candle to them as far as singing is concerned, but too bad Tyler is gone, he brought a fresh face to the show

  • Samuel

    She made $12 million for season 10, $15 million for 11, and was denied a $2 million pay raise for season 12.

    Also, as long as Randy Jackson is still on the show, I will NOT be watching. What he did to Haley Reinhart, Elise Testone, and Hollie Cavanagh was ridiculous.

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