Jennifer Lopez Announces She Is Leaving 'American Idol'

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July 13th, 2012

On the heels of yesterday's announcement that Steven Tyler is leaving American Idol, this morning, during an interview on Ryan Seacrest's radio show,  Jennifer Lopez acknowledged that she, too, is departing the judges panel. That leaves the show with two chairs to fill. Reportedly, producers are considering candidates including Mariah Carey, Adam Lambert and Fergie. You can listen to Jennifer's interview here.


  • BJH

    Maybe American Idol should do a 2-year contract deal with new judges. You know, they must stick out for 2 seasons and then new judges come in. I don’t know. It’s all ridiculous. It proves that even the judges are bored with these “talent” competitions. There’s too many now. Although, I think it’s fun to see Christina vs. Britney in the fall. LOL. Is it 1999-2000 again?

  • The Mike Factor

    You are forgetting Kara Dioguardi and Ellen DeGeneres. These are departed judges 5 and 6.

  • Kaylie

    Jimmy Iovine, & Mariah Carey.

  • tim

    She had to do something to revive her career, she used idol, now what, playboy?

  • GoYo

    I´m Going with Jon Bon Jovi and Katy Perry

  • Summer2012

    While there at it they should let Randy Jackson go… Let’s face it “dawg” he sucks…. Anyways I’m all about The Voice! They seriously have the best coaches (Xtina, Adam, Blake)! Can’t wait for season 3!!!!

  • Jason

    If Randy leaves Idol, they should find three newbies who can work for cheap, but still have a clue as to what today’s music is like. They should be Dr. Luke, Katy Perry or Rhianna, and Adam Lambert.

  • AppleStinx

    Yusuf Islam and Kate Bush (or Björk).

  • mike

    Rihanna, Chris Brown, and Drake should be judges. The ratings would be huge, maybe Uncle Nigel.could get hit over the head with a bottle and it will knock some sense into him.


    $10 million is a lot of money for just giving your advice, traveling around the US and watch crazy people make a fool of themselves then the TV segments. But she makes the much per movie and that’s what? only 2 months? But Lopez is known for not short relationships. Both Adam and Mariah would do good as judges, but knowing (well, not personally) Mariah, she would want more than $10 million. And she deserves it, she has talent and not afraid to say YOU SUCK!

    Speaking of trashy talent shows, to pay Britney Spears $10 million plus additional $2 million to perform on X Factor, which for her is lip synching, and strolling across the stage, it a lot of money for a talentless judge. She can’t sing and forgot how to dance even though she’s only 30, where Madonna is 70, or 60 or whatever and she’s dancing her ass off touring the world???

    Something is wrong here.


    Note to self: Proof Read before clicking

  • Eric_Philly

    Yes! Die, Idol, die!

  • HotLatino4GayMarriage

    I’ll stop watching Idol now and yes, everyone will be tuning in for the Xfactor but not because they like Britney but because she is a TRAINWRECK, it’s gonna be awesome!

  • Alan

    They should get a female popstar, come on The Voice has Christina and X Factor has Britney. Maybe Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus. An older one with experience and the most famous of the three, reason of ratings of course.

  • Jordan

    What about Miley Cyrus and Fergie as judge replacements you gotta get someone that is gonna attract peoples attention like the X Factor with Demi Lovato and Britney Spears. Agree?

  • chris

    She revived her music career got her revlon endorsement extended got a few new movies. American idol did what she wanted it to now shes done. Same with steven tyler to think they did it for anything but money and a career boost is niave its like saying the “stars” on dancing with the stars really just love dance lol

  • bob

    I wonder if people still think these music shows are real. If you think yoyr calls really matter please exit society

  • KS: Brotherly Love is The Centre of Supernatural Universe and No Galileo Can Prove It Wrong

    I hope this move, helps its competing shows like Supernatural.

  • Fischer

    American Idol has produced stars in recent years. Season 11 Winner (Phillip Phillips) – First single went gold (album is not out yet). Season 10 Winner(Scotty) – Album went Platnium, selling over 1,000,000 copies. Season 8 Runner(Adam Lambert) – sold over 1 million albums & over 4 million singles. Season 7 Winner (David Cook) – debut album sold over 1,000,000 copies. IN COMPARISON: The Voice winner sold 30,000 copies of his debut album. Flopping Big time

  • Jason

    Going Gold when you had 20 million people watch you win isn’t that impressive, to be honest.

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