Jennifer Lopez Announces She Is Leaving 'American Idol'

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July 13th, 2012

On the heels of yesterday's announcement that Steven Tyler is leaving American Idol, this morning, during an interview on Ryan Seacrest's radio show,  Jennifer Lopez acknowledged that she, too, is departing the judges panel. That leaves the show with two chairs to fill. Reportedly, producers are considering candidates including Mariah Carey, Adam Lambert and Fergie. You can listen to Jennifer's interview here.


  • Fischer

    @Jason Well you should know by now that most of the audience doesn’t buy music from contestants on a TV show. Going Gold in only 5 weeks, and opening with 250,000, one of biggest open sales for an IDOL winner in sales, is impressive. Compared to The Voice, whose winner sold 30,000 with an audience of 15 million, and the XFACTOR winner, who hasn’t even released her single 9 months after her win… Going Gold is a big deal…

  • jessica

    mike, i can just salivate at the thought of Jimmy Brooks being a judge on American Idol. Maybe they could even work AI into the Degrassi fictional universe. O wait, Drake already exists in the Degrassi world independent of his character in the series and if Drake is real in Degrassi and Drake is a judge on AI then AI would be part of the Degrassi fictional universe. :) But would American Idol go with a Canadian judge?

    Get Aubrey Graham and Justin Beiber as judges on American Idol and i might actually tune in. :) Americans being judged by Canadians would be a hit here in Canada. And when it is all over you can keep Beiber.

    Personally, i wouldn’t mind seeing Jon Bon Jovi. Successful music career, some acting too. And he isn’t anywhere near as ugly as Steven Tyler.

    As for go going gold or platinum, when the shows have such large audiences the sales are ALL disappointing. Some less disappointing than others but none are really impressive.

  • AppleStinx

    jessica wrote: “…And he [Jon Bon Jovi] isn’t anywhere near as ugly as Steven Tyler…”

    I respectfully disagree. Jon gets some points for being partly Italian, but that’s overpowered by the fact that he’s always looked like a denizen of the Island of Dr. Moreau. :grin:

  • Kaylie, Miley & Adam Lambert = A lot of personality, comedy, entertainment, & also articulate., Mariah Carey & Jon Bon Jovi = Grand panel, big names & high profile.

    Possible 4 judges?, Miley, (Mariah or Shania Twain) & Justin Timberlake.

    Everyone looks forward to what Jimmy Iovine has to say during the results. The second most entertaining part of Thursdays show.

  • Jean François

    I think Ryan “GB” Seacrust should leave his hosting position and be a judge. As for a new host I say hire Arsenio Hall. He’s a terrible comedian but he’s a Goofball just like Seacrust.

  • Patrick G.

    @ Jason…I disagree. I don’t like, nor do I watch, “The X Factor,” even though Simon was my favorite judge from “Idol.” Millions of other people obviously feel the same! It’s a shame he got greedy over the lack of “Creator” credit on “Idol” (and the millions more in money he would have made having it), thus causing his departure from “Idol” and his creation of “X.” I’m sure FOX isn’t thrilled with “X,” either, since they fired Nicole and Paula and the host. Just get Simon back as a judge on “Idol” with Paula and all will be right in the singing competition world. At the very least, get Paula back, since she is free again. Then, give the other chair to groucho Producer Jimmy Iovine. He would be the next-best thing to Simon since he pollutes much of the Idol airwaves already being that his production company gives the winner the record deal.

  • Justin121


    But what they don’t realize is the slip in ratings really have nothing to do with the Judges’ Panel. People are tired of the format and the voting system. /end quote.

    I agree.

    Ellen comes, Ellen goes
    Kara comes, Kara and Paula leave
    Simon leaves
    J-Lo and Steven Tyler come, J-Lo and Steven Tyler leave

    That IS a lot of changes in just 2-3 years.

  • Kaylie

    Jimmy Iovine, Paula Abdul, &

  • JohnnyRico

    If they get rid of Randy how will people no when they are just alright dog or a little bit pitchy.


    Shania Twain as a judge? lol, she’s boring and plain and can’t even sing herself. Funny how she said she lost her NEVER HAD ONE..she’s like Britney, a recording studio so-called artist. And her ex-husband Mutt was the reason why she became famous because he wrote all her songs. Anyway, AI has lost it’s novelty and needs to retire. Same ole thing, it’s become so redundant. They need to add twists and change the age range. It would make it more interesting. And Seacrest needs to drop the “Thiiiiiiiiiiiiissss is..American Idol..”lol

  • Kaylie… Changing the show too much would drop the show even further. They should retool the voting process & staging of the show. But not Ryan Seacrest. He’s the trademark behind their success.

  • Lisa

    Now if only Ryan Seacrest would leave. He really sucks.

  • Networkman

    It would be so entertaining if both Madonna and Elton John were on the same judging panel. I would love to hear the slick remarks they would make towards one another.

  • Nikos

    thanks goodness. Here ego simply gets in the way.

  • robert sprague

    paula abdul and mariah carey would be great we need paula back

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