'Fringe' Comic-Con Trailer (Video)

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July 15th, 2012


  • fringefan

    I just died.

  • Chris

    Interested to see how they integrate Desmond, since Scandal got picked up for next year.

  • K-Fed


    Desmond’s character on Scandal isn’t returning. They announced it a while back. Which means he can be on FRINGE!!! :)))


  • Jiji Moran

    I must’ve missed an episode or two. How did they get into the amber????

  • Jiji Moran

    I meant… not how they physically got inside the amber, but what happened that they got themselves amberised? TIA

  • were123

    I died of a heart attack because of this, but I came back just to say how awesome it is!

  • elie_r

    @ Jiji: I think you forgot to watch the season finale, dear…

  • elie_r

    Not the season finale, sorry. The one before the 2-parter.

  • Eric_Philly

    Excellent. If only there were more episodes…

  • scifi

    I didn’t find any new footage in this long “trailer”…

  • were123

    when Olivia tells Peter that Etta is everything she thought she would be, when Peter says it’s time to make their own Fringe events, when Walter says he knows how to get rid of the observers… believe me, there’s plenty new footage

  • Derek

    Amazing that this show didn’t get the ratings it needed to survive when seeing just how long that line at Comicon was! The crcowd over-filled the big hall and wrapped around the convention center with more people who wanted in…and that’s onlu among those who were lucky enough to get tickets and be in San Diego.

    Tha panel was AWESOME by the way :)

  • Jiji Moran

    I saw that episode, and how the new heroes blasted Walter, Peter, Oliva, et al… out of the amber.

    My question is… how it came about that they decided to get in the amber? I did not see an explanation for it, how it happened. So, maybe I missed an episode or two, but not the one you talked about.

  • Marc

    We don’t know yet Jiji.

    There was 1 episode last year. (3rd from the end of the season) which teased us with “the future”

    It was just Walter escaping. No explanation as to how they got in there.

    No worries, you are not far behind.

  • Julie

    I am SO looking forward to this. :D

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