'GMA' Posts Smallest Demo Gap with 'Today' in 17 Years

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July 16th, 2012

via press release:

Good Morning America” is #1 for Week of July 9th – Virtual Tie in Demo with Only 2,000 Separating “GMA” with “Today”


“GMA” Posts Smallest Demo Gap with “Today” in 17 Years


“GMA” is #1 for Three Consecutive Weeks and Posts Largest Total Viewer Margin (357,000) Over “Today” in 17 Years


“GMA” Posts Most Single-Day Wins (4 out of 5) during the Course of a Week in 17 Years


ABC News’ “Good Morning America” won the week in Total Viewers (4.570 million) for the week of July 9, 2012, according to Fast National Preliminary Live + Same Day Nielsen data, extending its run at No. 1 to 3 consecutive weeks, taking the top spot in 7 of the last 14.  “GMA” led NBC’s “Today” (4.213 million) during the week by its largest margin of victory (+357,000) in more than 17 years – since w/o 5/15/95.  In addition, “GMA” earned its first back-to-back Total Viewer wins over the NBC program in nearly 17 years – since w/o 11/27 and w/o 12/4/95. Additionally, Goodmorningamerica.com on Yahoo! is the dominant morning news website leading NBC’s Today.com by millions of pageviews and unique users.  In June 2012, 22.3 million people visited Goodmorningamerica.com on Yahoo!.


In Adults 25-54, ABC News’ “Good Morning America” finished in a virtual-tie for No. 1 with NBC’s “Today” (1.709 million vs. 1.711 million) during the week.   With only 2,000 Adults 25-54 viewers separating the two programs, “GMA” delivered its closest news demo performance with “Today” in nearly 17 years – since w/o 9/11/95.


During the week, “GMA” dominated “Today” in Total Viewers, beating the NBC program in 4 of 5 head-to-head telecasts (Mon: +392,000, Tues:  +198,000, Wed: +658,000 and Thurs: +540,000).  This marks the most single-day wins over “Today” during the course of a week in nearly 17 years – since w/o 12/4/95.  Furthermore, “GMA” held the Top 4 most-watched telecasts of the week (Monday thru Thursday, respectively).


For the 2nd straight week, “GMA” ranked No. 1 in Adults 25-54 on 2 days during the week: Monday (+63,000 – 1.759 million vs. 1.696 million) and Wednesday (+111,000 – 1.831 million vs. 1.720 million).  Further, “GMA’s” Wednesday airing stood as the top Adults 25-54 telecast the week, marking the first time in nearly 5 years that “GMA” staked claimed to the week’s top demo telecast – since w/o 10/15/07.


WEEK OF 7/9/12            TOTAL VIEWERS     ADULTS 25-54    

ABC                        4,570,000         1,709,000         

NBC                        4,213,000         1,711,000

  • john conners

    lol…..Today Show…how’s number 2 fit ? Today Show is a joke. Today a continue interview with Matt “the Nose” Lauer and Sir “Cockus” Elton John. Now that’s one you can’t miss. NOT! That’s definitely NOT trending. Can’t wait for tonight’s TIVO of The Clown Circus w/ Donnie the Douche. God, I so DON’T MISS Today Show. GMA rules……

  • bob

    I haven’t watched the Today Show regularly since Matt and Katie which was great during those years. However, Ann was totally screwed and I am so glad that the show is taking a hit. I hope it never recovers. I think Matt has turned into a complete jerk and I thought he was pretty cool years ago. NBC Today needs to be cancelled!!!!

  • dana

    i watched the show only since ann curry was on it..she is real…having met het in person at a charity event, she is as caring and as nice in person as she projects on air…i will not watch the show anymore..

  • A P garcia

    Last time I saw the Today Show, Sarah was co-host. I just quit watching because they are too liberal for me. I quit watching it on a regular basis in the late 1970’s and I also rarely watch GMA. If FOX had a morning show, I would watch it.

  • Rob

    To try and save this show with Savannah is a huge miscalculation. Ratings will continue to drop and if the other 2 shows get better, Today is done. I personally feel all 3 morning shows are now unwatchable. I’ll return to Today if they get a serious replacement for Anne….agree with all that she was very good and got a bad deal. IF they wanted to upgrade, fine, but they have certainly replaced Anne with someone not even close to her league.

  • Candice

    The way I see it, the honorable thing for NBC to do would be to admit they made a mistake in firing Ann Curry, publicly give her the apology she deserves and put her back in the co-anchor chair. Savannah was a very poor choice for replacement and with her sitting next to Matt Lauer ratings will continue to drop. I find it interesting that three female hosts have come and gone but Matt continues to occupy the same seat for years without any threat to HIS job. The show FORMAT needs to be overhauled. Lose the Professionals and What’s Trending. Give us more real news and leave some of the fluff for Kathy and Hoda. But, I can not stress strongly enough that to regain your integrity you need to make things right with Ann Curry. I
    have turned you off after many years of faithful viewership and will not turn you back on as long as Savannah Guthrie sits in an anchor chair.

  • Kelli

    This is so true! Ann was the last real professional on Todayshow..if NBC won’t make it right with Ann ..they are doomed. You simply cannot treat good-hearted people like crap and expect success. I will never watch again with Savannah in Ann’s chair. That was a backstabbing move Savannah..yours is coming as well. I’m loving GMA with coffee in the mornings!

  • Judy

    I have watched the Today Show pretty much every day since Katie arrived. It came to a dead stop when they let Anne go…and Savannah Guthrie???? Give me a break. I am watching Good Morning America as I write this…I will never go back as long as Savannah sits next to Matt!! Good Morning America!!!

  • ohiogirl

    I like Savannah Guthrie. When the news broke of the assasination attempt in Tcsan on Congresswoman Gabby Gifford, and the horrible deaths of area residents who were in that store to se her, Savannah did a memorable job reporting. That did make her a viable presence on Today as far as a second hour interviewer of lighter stories…that said, Today execs got carried away by pushing her into Anne’s seat. She just isn’t a serious enough newsperson for the number 1 hour. Next to Matt, she comes across as a giddy school girl. That’s fine for ‘Today’s professionals’ or the endless parade of interviews with phsychologists on subjects from hiccups to infidelity, but when it comes to politics, global crisis, national disasters and subjects of serious consequence, Savannah is out of herwheelhouse. Anne was perfect. We felt she truly ‘knew her stuff’ and was giving us the best information available. Without Anne, Today no longer has that asset. I don’t feel the need to watch Today to get the full news picture any longer.

    I now watch CBS with Charlie Rose, and absolutely LOVE their ‘World in 90 Seconds’ feature. If I need to leave the house in a hurry, I am knowledgeable about what news stories to check out in full on the web when I have a minute, instead of feeling like I don’t know what’s going on in the world.

    Today only covers 1 or 2 stories they feel are going to grab attention in those first few minutes, and one of them is usually a fluff story. I can’t rely on that as real ‘news’.

  • ohiogirl

    NOTE: Savannah Guthrie’s reporting on the Tuscan shootings was memorable because she was a native of the area and was able to report from the viewpoint of the residents of that area, making the story more real for those watching. That insight doesn’t transfer to other news stories, or replace the experience and life knowledge needed. No one could have been more suited to her job than Anne…Perhaps CBS can grab her to add to it’s morning show…what a great move that would be!

  • pbaker

    I am so very disappointed in NBC’s treatment of Ann Curry and I can’t understand how so many years of loyal service was discarded in such a heartless manner. I was a loyal Today show watcher for the last 30 years and I am not going to watch it any more. I have switched to CBS and old habits are hard to break but I will only watch NBC specials with Ann Curry and refrain from ever going back to the Today Show. The Today Show Management and NBC Management should be ashamed of themselves and I only hope that someday they receive some of the same treatment they dished out.
    Ann Curry is a good person and showed alot of class and professional integrity thru this whole mess. Lots of Love to Ann and I know you will have a great career without the Today Show.

  • rft

    The day that Ann Curry was unceremoniously booted I vowed that I would never watch the Today Show again. For morning news it will be GMA or CNN for my household. And, I have no intention of watching the Olympics. I can watch replays online. I hope NBC gets used to being in 2nd place. If my viewing choices make any difference they’ll be in 3rd place. Mat Lauer should be ashamed of himself. Now, he’s seeing just how (un)popular he is.

  • FormerNBC Fan

    I faithfully watched the Today Show for years until what they did to Ann. She made the show truly real. NBC has been coasting on so many viewers just tuning in out of habit, for many years. The show is not really good anymore. Matt is an egotistical fill in the blank. Ann was a welcome change – she is such a sweetheart. They have edited her out of every clip – as if she never existed. That is beyond cold. I hope NBC ratings disappear in toilet. Number 2 is too good for NBC – I want to see them fall, far, like 3 or even 4. I do not watch this show anymore, now that I have switched to ABC I am enjoying my mornings.

    The circus at NBC is a joke. A bunch of giggly girls and their lord Matt, seriously? What is the Today Show – a sorority or morning news show?

    Until NBC publicly apologizes to Ann I will not ever watch the show. Glad Ann has so much support – lots of love to her.

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