'CBS This Morning' Posts Year-to-Year Ratings Gains, Up +6% in Households for Week Ending July 6

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July 19th, 2012

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July 19, 2012


            CBS THIS MORNING posted year-to-year ratings gains in both households and viewers for the week ending July 13, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings.

            CBS THIS MORNING also maintained its year-to-year among the key demographics of adults 25-54 (0.7/06), women 25-54 (0.8/06) and women 18-49 (0.5/05).


Week Ending July 13, 2012:             Week Ending July 15, 2011:             % Change:


1.7/07                                                  1.6/07                                                  +6%


2.24m                                                  2.15m                                                  +4%


            Chris Licht is the Vice President, Programming, CBS News, and Executive Producer of CBS THIS MORNING.

  • ohiogirl

    I’ve moved from NBC to CBS. I love their consise, but thorough format. I don’t need 5 hours of morning news, and Today no longer deserves my loyalty.

    As far as the ‘Today’ fiasco goes, I like Savannah Guthrie. When the news broke of the assasination attempt in Tuscan on Congresswoman Gabby Gifford, and the deaths of area residents who were in that store to see her, Savannah did a memorable job reporting. That did make her a viable presence on Today as far as a second hour interviewer …that said, Today execs got carried away by pushing her into Anne Curry’s seat. Savannah Guthrie’s reporting on the Tuscan shootings was memorable BECAUSE she was a native of the area and was able to report from the viewpoint of the residents of that area, making the story more real for those watching. That insight doesn’t transfer to other news stories, or replace the experience and life knowledge Anne Curry brought to their show. Without Anne, Today no longer has that focus. I don’t feel the need to watch Today to get the full news picture any longer.

    I now watch CBS with Charlie Rose, and absolutely LOVE their ‘World in 90 Seconds’ feature. If I need to leave the house in a hurry, I am knowledgeable about what news stories to check out in full on the web when I have a minute, instead of feeling like I don’t know what’s going on in the world.

    GMA and Today only cover 1 or 2 stories they feel are going to grab attention in those first few minutes, and one of them is usually a fluff story. I can’t rely on that as real ‘news’.
    I am also ejoying Norah O’Donnell filling in on CBS this week. She is another NBC news alum, who always is flawless in her presentation, and articulate and knowledgable in her interviews.

  • californiawoman

    I have also switched from NBC to CBS morning, but not because of the Anne Curry change.
    I actually thought NBC needed to bring in someone younger, I know that’s horrible to say, but they needed a young perspective (I’m a senior) and the show is much too long. I simply like the CBS Morning News format, as I’m really sick of the fluff stuff. I’m so over the cooking segments! CBS actually covers current news stories with professionalism. Love Charlie, Erica and Gayle, they make a great trio.

  • Irene

    I actually go back and forth between cbs/morning Joe. I like CBS for the information and there are so many food segments/current pop culture shows on all days, I am at the who cares stage.

    Between the two shows I watch, I get a well rounded start to day.

    I also hate the 3 min interviews where people are cut off. They all do that and it annoys me.

  • Hola12

    Gayle king is awesome! Really like CBS this morning! Great team

  • Chad

    I don’t watch the morning programs often, but now that NBC thought in their best interest to remove Anne Curry from Today, I refuse to watch!!! Maybe it’s Matt Lauer that has brought their numbers down..

  • Nick

    I was watching CBS This Morning because I did not like the loud, sign waving crowds at NBC. I want news from a morning show, not particularly cooking and concerts. I thought CBS This Moring was a good show, then, they teamed Erica with Charlie and Gayle. This made it into an excellent show. I get the news and weather plus very interesting interviews and stories. The show has a format I like and will keep watching.

  • Bellevueviewer

    I too feel as though NBC no longer deserves my viewership. I have never liked Matt but watched because of Ann’s competence and class. Other than her, the show really falls into the entertainment category. I turned to CBS after the Ann Curry fiasco. No way did that loyal, competent, classy, professional who actually raised the bar on that show for so many years, deserve the disrespect and humiliation she was dished. Savannah’s bright but I’m gone. Charlie Rose is a superior newsman as well as being personable, tasteful, and decent. CBS has without a doubt created an incredibly superior morning news show, for those of us who don’t want fluff and silliness but competence and class in the morning.

  • Wanda

    Ditto with Bellevueviewer. I never watched NBC to watch Matt Lauer. I watched because of Katie Curic and Ann Curry. They were personable.I wanted to watch them. I read somewhere NBC was disappointed with Ann during cooking segments.Who Cares about cooking segments!! The disrespect Matt and NBC executives gave Ann (her loyalty with NBC of 17 years) is disgusting! It was reported, Matt refused to renew his contract with NBC unless Ann Curry is replaced. NBC gave Matt more power than he deserve. During commercials as I’m scanning through channels to see what other news are being reported, the sight of Matt makes my blood boil and definitely do not want to watch him. I don’t think any viewer watch NBC Today , to watch Matt Lauer. For me, there’s nothing about him that is so great or interesting (he’s just a man in a suit). Savannah seems very sweet and likeable. But the way NBC handled Ann’s departured is hard to forgive. If ratings drop, will NBC replace Savannah too? Maybe they should replace Matt Lauer. Charlie Rose is a Much better interviewer.

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