'Good Morning America' is #1 for Week of July 9th

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July 19th, 2012

via press release:

Good Morning America is #1 for Week of July 9th

Posting Largest Total Viewer Margin (342,000) Over NBC’s “Today” in 17 Years


“GMA” Ties “Today” in Adults 25-54 Rating and Share (1.4/ 12)


“GMA” is #1 in Women 25-54 for Second Consecutive Week—First Back-to-Back Wins in Female Demo in 16 Years


“GMA” Wins All Five Telecasts in Total Viewers –First Time in 17 Years “GMA” Outdelivered “Today”

in Every Head-to-Head Telecast of the Week



ABC News’ “Good Morning America” won the week in Total Viewers (4.555 million) for the week of July 9, 2012, according to Nielsen Media Research, extending its run at No. 1 to 3 consecutive weeks, taking the top spot in 7 of the last 14.  “GMA” led NBC’s “Today” (4.213 million) during the week by its largest margin of victory (+342,000) in more than 17 years – since w/o 5/15/95.  In addition, “GMA” earned its first back-to-back Total Viewer wins over the NBC program in nearly 17 years – since w/o 11/27 and w/o 12/4/95. Additionally, Goodmorningamerica.com on Yahoo! is the dominant morning news website leading NBC’s Today.com by millions of pageviews and unique users.  In June 2012, 22.3 million people visited Goodmorningamerica.com on Yahoo!.


In Adults 25-54, “Good Morning America” was in a virtual-tie for No. 1 with NBC’s “Today” (1.696 million vs. 1.711 million).   With only 15,000 Adults 25-54 viewers separating the two programs, “GMA” delivered its closest news demo performance with “Today” in nearly 17 years – since w/o 9/11/95. In addition, “GMA” tied “Today” for the week in both rating and share (1.4/12)


During the week, “GMA” dominated “Today” in Total Viewers, beating the NBC program in all 5 head-to-head telecasts (Mon: +407,000, Tues: +210,000, Wed: +651,000, Thurs: +425,000 and Fri: +15,000 ).  This marks the first time in more than 17 years that “GMA” outdelivered “Today” in every head-to-head telecast of the week – since w/o 5/15/95.  Furthermore, “GMA” held the Top 4 most-watched telecasts of the week (Monday thru Thursday, respectively).


In addition for the 2nd straight week, “GMA” ranked No. 1 in Adults 25-54 on 2 days during the week: Monday (+52,000 – 1.748 million vs. 1.696 million) and Wednesday (+102,000 – 1.822 million vs. 1.720 million).  Further, “GMA’s” Wednesday airing stood as the top Adults 25-54 telecast the week, marking the first time in nearly 5 years that “GMA” staked claimed to the week’s top demo telecast – since w/o 10/15/07.


In Women 25-54, “GMA” beat “Today” by +102,000 (1.192 million vs. 1.090 million) to rank No. 1 for the 2nd week in a row, marking the first time in more than 16 years for “GMA” to hold consecutive wins over “Today” – since w/o 4/15 and w/o 4/22/96, respectively.  In addition, “GMA” scored its largest Women 25-54 lead (+102,000) over “Today” in more than 16 years  – since the week of 4/22/96).  Further, “GMA” led “Today” in 4 of the 5 days of the week in Women 25-54 (Mon: +54,000, Tues: +200,000, Wed: +179,000 and Fri: +106,000) .


From Mon-Wed for the current week of July 16, 2012, “GMA” is outdelivering NBC’s “Today” by 451,000 Total Viewers (4.352 million vs. 3.901 million) and by 124,000 Adults 25-54 (1.707 million vs. 1.583 million), based on Nielsen Fast Affiliate time period data.  In fact, “GMA” has beaten “Today” in all 3 head-to-head telecasts of the week so far in both Total Viewers (Mon: +569,000, Tues: +344,000 and Wed: +439,000) and Adults 25-54 (Mon: +130,000, Tues: +74,000 and Wed: +169,000).  Further, “GMA” has outdrawn “Today” for 9 consecutive days (7/6 – 7/18/12), posting “GMA’s” longest stretch of consecutive single-day wins in more than 17 years – since a 19-day run from 4/26 – 5/22/95.


Season to date, “GMA” has cut its gaps with “Today” in half in both Total Viewers (-56%) and Adults 25-54 (-50%) versus its year-ago season gaps.  In fact, “GMA” is posting its smallest margins with “Today” in 17 years in Total Viewer (338,000) and in 16 years in Adult 25-54 (362,000) – since the 1994-95 and 1995-96 seasons, respectively.


Season to date “GMA” is the only morning program to grow in Total Viewers (+4%) and Adults 25-54 (+6%) versus its year-ago averages (NBC’s “Today:” -5%/-10%, respectively; CBS’ “This Morning:” -7%/-8%, respectively).  “GMA” is seeing its largest overall season audience in 6 years, since 2005-06.


“GMA” more than doubled the performance of “CBS This Morning” in Total Viewers (+104% - 4.555 million vs. 2.235 million), while nearly doubling in Adults 25-54 (+94% - 1.696 million vs. 874,000).

  • TimsDale4ever

    Their afternoon version (GAA) must not be doing very well.

  • Ginger Eliz

    Looks like this week will be the week that GMA finally beats Today in the adults 25-54 category. GMA is on fire!

  • Ari

    NBC’s Jim Bell and Steve Capus won’t be hoisting home to their wives the usual hefty BONUSES! But their totally endearing SINGLE, home wrecker Savannah Guthrie is worth it to them. Why?? Her cooking skill segments? I read she’s letting them lick her spoon! GMA will continue to rule as long as that funny-looking Savannah Guthrie with the slumped shoulders sit in Ann Curry’s chair. And that rat Matt Lauer’s wife, Annette Roque, should wake up and see that Savannah Guthrie’s headaches come from trying to steal HER man!

  • Josh

    Tongue-tied Savannah Gurhrie thinks SHE has a headache? She gives 1.4 million viewers a Migraine every day her unflavored oatmeal A$$ starts babbling!

  • Lars

    I just love Robin and Amy on GMA. Amy Robach must have a crystal ball, because she definitely knew when to leave Mattthat Rat, Capus, Bell and the peacock. The way NBC insulted poor Ann in Aurora, covering the carnage, was a disrespecting continuum. They wouldn’t let Ann NEAR the anchor tree out there in the open. Savannah seemed to have a real animosity toward Ann, probably because of Matt’s ratty dictate. All that static would give anyone migraines. Savannah needs to call it a day . . . TODAY!

  • samatha

    I just turned Dateline off when Savannah came on. They disrespected Ann Curry Friday on dateline. I no longer watch the Today show…now I guess I will no longer watch Dateline if Savannah or Matt Lauer are on the program. I never cared for Matt Lauer…so arrogant. This is why him and Savannah get along so well. They are exactly alike. Matt is know for his affairs. I would be worried if I was Mrs. Lauer. I have already contacted NBC and let them know how I felt about the disgraceful way they treated Ann Curry and that I will be watching GMA from now on. I hope everyone else that pledged to switch to GMA follow thru too. The ratings are beginnings to reflect that other people are leaving the Today show also.

  • Denise

    Well it is not surprising that the ratings are falling on the ‘Today’ show and that ‘GMA’ show is now on the leaderboard. My husband and I switched to ‘GMA’ immediately after the way that Ann Curry was booted off the ‘Today’ show and in the manner that it was done. When we saw the smug look on Matt Lauer’s face and knew that he was the one behind her getting the ‘boot’, that was enough for us to switch channels. It was disgusting! His arrogance has become too much to even watch. He used to be full of life and even used to smile once in a while! But now he is so very serious and miserable all the time. ‘GMA’ is full of life, informative and just so much more lively while not being so arrogant. Matt was the problem with the ‘Today’ show’s ratings, not Ann! Wake up NBC and see what the real problem is or should I say, who!

  • Nick

    Welcome Pat Fili-Krushel to NBC News! You have a hard job, but if you are willing to do it, you will go down in history as the ballsy woman responsible for setting a new paradigm for NBC. Fire Jim Bell, Steve Capus, Matt Lauer, and Savannah Guthrie immediately. This is not the time for a Today Show band-aid. It’s time for major surgery to save the formerly premiere morning show, now languishing on life support, because of the dispicable way Ann Curry was analiated on national television, blaming Ann for sliding ratings. Mind you, that was when the Today Show had hundreds of thousands MORE viewers. To be a winner, Pat, you must get rid of these losers: the “totally endearing” enamoured Steve Capus, ineffective President Jim Bell, that rat, Matt Lauer, and of course dullsville, Savannah Guthrie who gives ME A HEADACHE!

  • Aden

    Savannah Guthrie, stop bemoaning Yourgraines; lets talk about Mygraines! You give me and scores more terriffic headaches every time you part your lower and nonexistent upper lip. Go somewhere else. Since you are completely endearing, says your boyfriend, Steve Capus, it shouldn’t be too hard for some other rich bloke to take you on and sort you out!

  • Linda

    I am happy to see that GMA is doing well to date since “The TODAY show” did Ann Curry so wrong….seriously years and years on a program, awards to be counted endlessly and they fire her because of the ratings…do they think it could be something other than Ann?? I guess not, because they did the ultimate that goes against the grain of American…they canned her and trashed her openly! I love the way she handled it….I miss her and so my channel has been changed. She was the reason I was with TODAY, and will be the reason I left! I hope TODAY stays on bottom with the unethical way they treated their people!! I no longer want to be part of the “Today” family!

  • Gregor

    It’s quite noticeable that Matt Lauer only feels comfortable with white chicks at his side, as exemplified by Merideth Vierra’s old crusty A$$ with him in London instead of most deserving Ann Curry! Matt’s a rat, a lowdown, dirty, backstabbing, bald, dull, boring, irrelevant, arrogant, smug, ratty, nasty, adultrious, cheating, plotting, conspiratorial, depraved verminy Ratt! P. S. Capus is just like Lauer: just despicable!

  • DJ

    I left the Today show after many, many years for the way they treated Ann Curry. They had kicked her around for years having her work both early morning and late night shows time after time. And she did it to prove to them she was worthy of the co-anchor slot. And then they treated her so disrespectfully. I won’t watch any more. I think it’s clear from the others who have commented here that the public does notice how you treat your employees and NBC totally crossed the line of what is acceptable.

  • Bret

    Since all the Today Show players are in Europe,EXCEPT ANN CURRY, whom Steve Capus SAYS still works for him…Why don’t they do a “Where in the world is Matt Lauer segment?” I’ll give you 3 guesses: A. Matt’ s Looking for Savannah Guthrie’s upper lip? B. Matt’s trying to lose Annette Roque (his wife) who’s tailing him through the streets of Ole London Town in a cab. C. Already in Natalie Morales’ English knickers.

  • Brian

    That rat Matt Lauer at the Today Show should be as honest as Kristen Stewart.

  • Aaron

    Robin and George, keep on kicking the Today Show’s butts! Looking for GMA, I went across NBC covering the Olympics this morning. I saw the Tower of London, and her name is Savannah Guthrie! She was towering over the Lilliputians, the U. S. men’s Gymnastics team! Those guys almost broke their necks looking up to her trying to answer her dim witted questions! Ann Curry, I really miss your grace and intellect. Savannah may have degrees coming out of her %## but she can’t make words come audibly out of her mouth. Guess you don’t need to when you’re “completely endearing” as Steve Capus revealed was her job description requirement. Why does NBC hate Asians so much? Where did Ann Curry land on Capus’ endearing scale? Please Pat Fili-Rushel, do something about that Asian-Hater, Steve Capus. Good Morning America, you rule!

  • Calvin

    I love GMA but I’ve got to give it to NBC’s top dog Burke for demoting Steve Capus. Putting that woman over him was brilliant and it might be too late. After a month, the United States citizens are still furious over the treatment of a true lady, Ann Curry, by a man/or men, very heavy-handedly. However, it’s a step, now bring back Ann Curry and hundreds and hundreds of thousands will return with her!

  • Zeb

    Wonder if Steve Capus ever told his wife SHE is “completely endearing?” that rat, Capus and Matt Lauer both must be tapping Savannah Guthrie’s A$$! Ann Curry We ALL miss you. Sue those B#s%a&ds at NBC. Whatever you settled for, get $100Million more!

  • Cal

    We haven’t seen Savannah Guthrie interviewing athletes at the Olympics with Ryan Seacrest as NBC billed. I see where they call her Snoozannah Guthrie because of how dull and boring she is, hahaha! Well Savannah doesn’t have to report about hurdling at the Olympics if NBC lets her do what they have Meredith Vierra doing-because my wife has that sport covered. Every morning when changing the channel to GMA, and sees Savannah on the turn, Snoozannah makes my wife so sick, she hurdles her breakfast!

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