Promo for 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' (Video)

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July 19th, 2012

via press release:

Grab on to your go-go juice, because TLC’s promo for the highly-anticipated HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO has arrived! Upon airing during last night’s TODDLERS & TIARAS, HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO immediately trended at #5 on Twitter.


The series premieres on Wednesday, August 8 at 10 PM ET/PT.


Premiere Episode Description

This is my crazy family!: Six-year-old pageant superstar Alana, aka “Honey Boo Boo” takes us off the pageant stage and into her home with her self-proclaimed redneck family. After a series of losses, Alana and her mother, June, have only a few short weeks to get ready for the next big pageant. But it’s summertime in Georgia and that means one thing - mud! The whole family heads to the Summer Redneck Games to get down and dirty. Will Alana be Queen of the Mud Pit? Or will she flop out of the competition?

  • Matt

    thats sickening

  • geejay

    The hell?

  • peter

    The Learning Channel. What a joke!

    Where is the FCC (or social services) when you need them?

  • Chris


    Some people need a chill pill

  • Chris

    Peter – hasn’t been the learning channel 1998. Your a little behind on that part ;)

  • Jared

    This show looks crazy!..atleast they didn’t bring back Jon and Kate plus 8..

  • Anna

    You may have all your teeth, honey, but you’ve got the most buckwild family in America right now

  • Nick

    I would never watch a show with “Honey Boo-Boo” in its title if my life depended on it. :-/

  • k piskos

    Are u kidding me!!! This is the MOST ANNOYING child on planet earth. Possibly even on any other planet. I cant believe ANYONE would give this child and her deralic family a TV show. The rest of the human population must b doing something really wrong if we cant all have a show on tv and they think we want to watch this weird little chick do her thing. Please give us a little more credit than that. You cant understand any thing she even says. NOT THAT WE WANT TO EITHER. Help us all get though this one. This couldn’t last long. TLC…Im really disappointed!!! BOOOOOO to Honey Boo Boo!!!

  • Christy

    Why are we giving this backwoods, ignorant, Mt. Dew drinking hillbillies a show and God knows how much money??!! Hopefully the ratings will be even lower that Mama’s Boys of the Bronx—another joke show!

  • jo

    BRAT………..ugly,obnoxious, its like they dont know how to do quality to get an audience so they go for shock to get an audiences attention. a really bad stink gets attention to. and this kid is nasty!

  • prissey

    And we now have yet another garbage show to view…so glad I have a remote

  • _negative_

    Run out of ideas have we?

  • Ashley

    Never thought I would hear a show called “here comes honey boo boo” I will def not be watching this anoyying ass kid! Noone wants to watch some ugly hillbilly brat! This show will def not last long!!

  • christina

    The problem is that there are people who will watch this stupid show…Just like they watch the disturbing “Toddlers and Tiaras”…People are sick.

  • jo

    find out where and when it is on and be sure to be somewhere else!

  • Amanda

    I cannot believe how crappy shows are getting now. They must have ran out of ideas so they decided to go with the most annoying spoiled little brat in the world! Thank goodness the remote was invented!

  • lademars

    I can’t believe all the crap on cable tv. Years ago tv was free and it was a whole lot more enjoyable. Now we pay good money for nothing but infomercials and reality shows.

  • Kandra

    Will not be watching this trash. Thats exactly what Toddler’s in Tiaras is too trash. These two shows are in no way educational. Everything else on TLC is good but they should consider canceling this show before it starts. They should also consider getting rid of the exploitation of children called Toddler’s in Tiaras.

  • Elena

    OMG – just when I think reality TV can’t get any more revolting and pointless along comes this horror show. It is bad enough that this type of family life exists, without making them feel “impotant”. Yes – I expect that the few people who tune it at the start will only be doing so to laugh their heads off at how stupid H.B.B. and her ignorant parents are, but the family will undoubtedly not realize that they are a joke! How embarrassing for America that the world can see such a charmless example of an American family – particularly if anyone were to think this is a standard family. Is there no one left at TLC who has any creativity and pride. I will not be watching H.B.B.; no one I know will be watching. We will probably not be watching TLC at all much longer unless you can find some worthwhile programming.

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