Lifetime's 'Army Wives' Reaches Series Milestone

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July 20th, 2012

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Army Wives, Lifetime's most successful series in the network's history, will celebrate a series milestone when it airs its 100th episode on Sunday, August 5. The series, which launched in June of 2007, is currently in its sixth season, and has propelled Lifetime to be the #1 ad supported cable network in the Sunday 10-11p time period among Women .

In the episode titled "Centennial," premiering Sunday, August 5 at 10pm ET/PT, Fort Marshall prepares to welcome military dignitaries, special guest stars Dr. Joseph Westphal, Under Secretary of the U.S. Army and General George Casey, former Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, for their centennial celebration. Meanwhile Hector (JJ Soria) and Gloria (Alyssa Diaz) deal with the repercussions of Penny's return, and Roxy (Sally Pressman) and Trevor (Drew Fuller) worry over the health of their babies.

Army Wives follows the struggles, dreams and friendships of a diverse group of women - and one man - living with their spouses and families on an active army post. The series stars Kim Delaney, Sally Pressman, Brian McNamara, Sterling K. Brown, Wendy Davis, Drew Fuller, Terry Serpico, Kelli Williams and Catherine Bell, and also features Kellie Martin, Alyssa Diaz and JJ Soria.

Produced by ABC Studios, with Mark Gordon and Jeff Melvoin serving as executive producers, the series is based on the book Army Wives: The Unwritten Code of Military Marriage by Tanya Biank, who serves as a consultant.

  • Tomy

    The more time goes by the more I worry about the series being canceled…

  • UGH

    Seriously the worst written show on televison. No. Seriously.

  • Alisha

    When it first came out , I was so excited but my honest reaction is that I still enjoy watching it but my feelings aren’t hurt if I miss the show !

  • Tommy

    The first three seasons I really enjoyed the show, even if it truly feels like a daytime soap and not a weekly drama at times. But there was a heart and a warmth and almost newness to it. In the proceeding years I feel it has gone downhill. This current season is better than it’s been, but I just don’t feel like the cast cares as much as they once did.

    But with that said 100 episodes on cable is a fantastic achievement with their less than standard annual episode orders! Kudos!

  • Christina

    I used to love this show, but the storytelling isn’t like it was and this season has made me finally stop watching it. I am officially done with the show. It’s unfortunate because I used to watch it religiously without any interruptions. I read there is going to be one more season, but unless something changes tremendously, this viewer will not be watching it anymore.

  • Ellen in NYC

    I also liked the show in the beginning. But then the storylines got ridiculous and when that happened, the less than adequate acting became more obvious. I Tivo it, then when I play it back, I skip the characters that I don’t like. Which, as it happens, are most of them.

  • Kristen

    I love the show. I’ve watched from day one. I love the realness of the characters and the acting is top notch. Hopefully we will have several more seasons!

  • Cindy

    I love this show, but have had trouble with this some of this season’s episodes. I am still hoping they will have another season because I will continue to watch if some of the stars are put back on contract; and more importantly if the show is renewed.

  • carmen

    NEVER have I missed ONE Episode o this fine show…rich in the spirit of GOD and Country…If you don’t LIKE it Don’t watch I for one will be so upset and Sunday’s will not be the same!!!

  • Joy

    Being an Army wife of a retired soldier, I have enjoyed watching Army Wives from the very beginning but I am sadden that so many of the original Army wives have left or are leaving the show. But I do agree with Carmen, if you dislike the show, it’s story lines are whatever your issues are with the show, then DON’T WATCH!

  • Mary

    I agree with Carmen. This is one of my favorite shows. Most TV shows are not that good. This is a good one which should be kept!

  • DeeDee

    Love this show………hope it is staying on the air!!!

  • Cathy

    why would a series that everyone enjoys. Has high ratings. End???

  • Radonna

    This is a great show. It is interesting and entertaining. Should not end….

  • Robin

    I have loved Army Wives from the beginning. I am watching it from the start again on netflix. Please don’t cancel a good thing.

  • Diane

    Love Love Love this show. Where’s Claudia Joy? Please Lifetime are you thinking of taking this off the air? You can’t be serious. As an Army Brat I can realate to so much, My parents, the kids, the moving, friends moving on and yes loosing some. If you think it needs a fix then fix it, but don’t loose it!! You are looking at the wrong age of watcher’s again, us over 49 still like TV too!! To much reality but this is still reality, per what’s going on in today’s world, sometimes it hurts, but well written, true to self and Army life in most cases.

  • Louise DeBoth

    I just want to say that I sincerely hope that Lifetime is NOT thinking of cancelling Army Wives! The way the whole show went last night you had a definite feel that they were going that way! There are so many of the good regulars that are being written out! I so hope that Claudia Joy (sorry but I can’t think of the actor’s name at the moment) is coming back! Plus, I know the way they ended the show was to have you think that the plane that all our beloved soldiers were on crashed! Please just don’t “kill off” the long time regulars! Please, please, please??? I also have to agree with Diane that TV execs have got to remember that there are more people over the age of 50 that watch TV than the younger crowd. They have better things to do! I am 63, retired, and watch a lot of TV!

  • Donna Johnson

    I enjoy this show so much. Love the characters, but I’am sad that some of the orignal ones are gone. It seems like the plane has crashed and I can only hope you are not doing away with some of the favorites by letting them die in this crash

  • Lucille

    I look forward to watching this show. Is you have to end it at some point please don’t end it this way.

  • Brandy

    Ive watched the show since the begining I think it’s the best show I’ve seen in awhile but a lot of the actors that have left the show.. Hope to see more seasons!!(:

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