A&E's 'Longmire' Continues to Grow Hitting New Series High in Total Viewers

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July 23rd, 2012

via A&E:

Week 8 of “Longmire” delivered 4.54 million total viewers in the 10PM hour last night – a new series high. This marks the third consecutive week of growth for the freshman series.

  • CC

    Awesome! Love the pace, cast and feel of this show!

  • tv#1

    I was watching the show, but I quit last week. The overall production of the show was quite good, but the format was getting to me. It’s just the same thing every week. They focus way to much on the cases and not enough on the main cast. I may check in on it again next season, but for now I am taking a break.

  • Ted

    Love this show, can’t wait to see how it develops.

  • bufftuff

    This series is oh so good. Robert Taylor acting is so understated that it is remarkable. A pretty good supporting cast is an added bonus. The story lines are fairly realistic and the scenery, I’m supposing eastern British Columbia, are spectacular.

  • Dan S

    For some reason next Sunday both Longmire & The Glades are taking the week off. I can only guess there are no new episodes because of The Olympics opening weekend. At least we will still get a new Breaking Bad.

  • Connman

    I watched the first couple of episodes and it was OK, but I wasn’t will to add it to my DVR for the full run.

  • Azzman

    I definitely dig the show..thank goodness for all the cross-promotion on other networks cuz I hadn’t heard of it til about 2 days b4 it came out..I’m a fan of LDP so I figured I’d check it out..and watching Katie Sackoff’s nice azz in those tight jeans every week is just an added bonus! The lead guy is cool too; overall damn good show!

  • arial

    Great news! Love this show! Robert Taylor is marvelously low-key; Katee Sackhoff is wonderful, plus, every once in a while, “Starbuck-isms” creep into the dialogue. ;)

  • Rich

    very happy that the numbers are good..and growing. that should ensure a season two and hopefully a long, long run. the show, i believe, is shot in and around Santa Fe, NM.

  • CC

    Rich, it has already been renewed.

  • J

    Really surprised people keep watching…it is decent, nothing special.

  • Shawn C

    It is filmed in and around Las Vegas New Mexico.

  • Melanie

    Love the show! Glad its doing well.

  • Tahina

    One of my new favorite shows, and there aren’t that many that I like this season.

  • Ted

    J, it is special and it’s getting better.

  • Lisa

    I look forward to this show every week. Sure, it’s not a ‘super fabulous shoot em up’ but that’s what I like about it. I like the pace. I like that Walt Longmire is a bit old school. I love that he only says what needs to be said and he gets things done his way. Walt has a big heart. I like Vic more each week. I think she plays in important part in Walt’s life. Now, if she would just ditch her a-hole husband.

  • Lisa

    Longmire gets better each week.

  • cra

    Just started watching this show. I can’t say it is a favorite but it is very good and am glad the ratings are improving. I am always leery about getting too attached to a first season show.

  • Judy

    awesome show!! I have a question…just before Walt enters the tattoo parlor the “True Blood” theme song starts….what’s up with that??? just curious.

  • beemo63

    I love this show, it really grows on. The cast is really great and Robert Taylor is perfect casting and sexy too!

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