USA Orders Ten Episodes of New Singing Reality Series 'The Choir'

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July 23rd, 2012

USA has ordered ten episode of the new reality series The Choir, based on British reality format. The episodes will air beginning in February. The premise centers around  host Gareth Malone developing 10 different choirs in ten different cities. Each episode will culminate in the choir of the week delivering a "defining performance." More details are available on Deadline.

  • Aerilyn

    Nooooo, please. First broadcast networks go crazy with singing reality shows and now it’s moving deeper into cable television too?

    Doesn’t anyone notice that there is a decline in singing competitions now? People are tired of them. Sigh.

    /end petite rant

  • TimsDale4ever

    ….I can just hear the dialogue now, “that b!tch can’t sing – why is she up front” ho!

  • Max

    actually the British version that was shown on BBC America was pretty good. i’m glad that Gareth Malone is attached to the US version.
    it’s not really a singing competition show.

  • Nitish Singh

    while i enjoyed The Choir on BBC America, i’m not sure of this compressed format.
    in the BBCA show Gareth Malone introduced performance choirs to places not normally exposed to them–all boys school, a UK town with a rough and tumble reputation, etc–and tracked them over an extended period of time as they prepped for a big performance–a show in China, concert at UK Royal Albert Hall, etc.
    boiling it down to 1 episode could lose some of the story telling and interest in particular ‘characters’ in the groups

  • The End

    Yay more reality shows, yayyyyyyyyyyyy.

  • Matt

    It would be better in the UK format – the characters really make the series.

  • DryedMangoez

    Yeha, the BBC series was great.

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