USA's 'Political Animals' Started Weakly and Grew Weaker in Week 2

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July 23rd, 2012

After debuting to 2.6 million total viewers and 675,000 adults 18-49 on July 15, the second episode of USA "limited series" Political Animals fell to 2.3 million viewers and 597,000 adults 18-49 according to Variety. On a ratings basis that still rounds up to another 0.5 adults 18-49 rating though that is likely small consolation for fans of the miniseries or USA Network.

  • Annie

    I agree with Remote Patrolled, the show is very disappointing. The writing is terrible. The excellent cast is doing what they can with it but it is not a good show.

  • Ram510


    The show is from the people who did Brother & Sister, who is a gay man himself (and Brother & Sisters had a few gay characters as well).

    The show has some little hick ups, like most shows, And even though it’s only been 2 episodes it’s been the highlight of my tv week and the best show on the air right now. I stand by that statement

  • Sue

    I honestly thought besides Weaver and Ellen Burtyn, Sebastian Stan, as TJ(the gay character) was one of the best performances of the show, he doesn’t let being gay define him, like the gay characters in Glee and Modern Family. And in most dramas nowadays there will be a gay character, it is just the way it is.

  • joe colletto

    Writing is is between infantile and adolescent. Acting is strained. Stories are boring. Other than that it’s a great show.

  • Nadine

    It actually got a lot better. Less crap about children and family and more politics. But the beginning was so God-awful that it’s easy to see how people didn’t stick around.

  • Mike

    It’s a shame the flashbacks, made it look like the 1960s instead of late 1990s, hopefully less flashbacks next week and more politics.

  • Nadine

    …i mean the show is called Political Animals, but it seems to focus exclusively on the animals, with very little politics, and most of the politics is naively silly. It’s really about bulimia, sex, gay sex, infidelity of every type imaginable, and how rotten children are. To me, all of this is boring.

  • Tori

    Remember this was created by the guy who made Brothers and Sisters, and he has said that while it has a political back drop, it is also a family drama, and about how a family in the public eye is effected by being in the public. I’m still interested, and I love the cast so I will probably stick around for the original run, if it gets more, I will have to see what members of the cast are going to be willing to stay. It is still better than the loads of reality shows, the have on in the summer.

  • jessica

    “Check back into reality.” – Is that a suggestion we all watch Big Brother? :) But seriously… Political Animals is the best political family drama usa has had on in the summer since cheese was added to the crust of pizza.

    It is scary how we sometimes think alike. Someone from within the president’s party being a serious challenge to the president’s status as heir-apparent to the candidacy in the next election makes this quite interesting for me.

  • Babygate

    I’m quite enjoying this show. It’s not great writing but it has a great cast. I do have a problem with the consistency of the characters. Weaver’s character is strong, then weak, uncertain but then driven, naive but then calculating…The actor who plays Bud is entertaining but I think he overacts and instead of making Bud a mildly mischievous albeit endearing character, he comes across as uber arrogant, crass and insufferable. And poor TJ has become the token messed up gay kid who can’t get it together. Even as the source of his ills still escapes me. Was it the pressure of living in the White House? Was it because he’s gay? Because he was seduced into trying drugs? What is it? But I think that the biggest problem with PA is the scheduling. It started after other established shows had already begun their summer run and it is against some very popular programming in other networks. I really think it never had a chance. At the 10:00 time slot, although necessary because of content, didn’t help any.

  • jeremy

    Is this a test run for a regular series or just a mini-series? This is a great show but I think it is stuck in a bad time slot. May have done better during the week. If it is just a 4 week run, no big deal, they burn the episodes and no great loss.

  • Chris1791

    Hope this liberal biased show continues down until cancelled.

  • jake

    Great great cast — love sigourney weaver, james wolk and sebastian stan but I’m shocked at how uninteresting the show is given it’s from Greg Berlanti — who did Brothers and sisters — a show that I really loved. Wasn’t thrilled about the pilot, the 2nd episode sucked — one more try for me….

  • jake

    @crazy eye broyles People come to the same conclusion if something is good or bad — exactly what you just did — it’s an opinion. Just like movies — you have the spectrum of people thinking a movie is the greatest thing and some who hated it.

  • Rick

    Terrible decision to put it on Sunday at 10 against Breaking Bad and Newsroom. Good portion of both audiences for those shows would like Political Animals.

    They really couldn’t find another day for this show? Too bad, because it’s very good.

  • Lisa

    I don’t plan to ever watch this show.

  • Mike

    Why? Or are you just hating for no reason, since you’ve never seen the show.

  • cas127

    Looks like the Hillary 2016 effort in Hollywood is off to a crappy start.

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