Cable Top 25: 'The Closer' Tops Cable Viewership For Week Ending July 22, 2012

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July 24th, 2012


The Closer topped cable viewership for the week with  6.362 million viewers. Rizzoli & Isles came in second with 5.840 million viewers
Top 25 cable shows for the week ending July 22, 2012

Rank Shows Net Day Time Viewers Live +SD (000)
1 CLOSER, THE TNT Mon 09:00P-10:00P 6362
2 RIZZOLI & ISLES TNT Tue 09:00P-10:00P 5840
3 PERCEPTION TNT Mon 10:00P-11:00P 5331
4 WWE ENTERTAINMENT USA Mon 10:00P-11:08P 5038
5 BURN NOTICE USA Thu 09:00P-10:01P 4974
6 WWE ENTERTAINMENT USA Mon 09:00P-10:00P 4720
7 STORAGE WARS A&E Tue 10:30P-11:01P 4719
8 LONGMIRE A&E Sun 10:00P-11:01P 4541
9 TRUE BLOOD HBOM Sun 09:02P-09:58P 4463
10 ROYAL PAINS USA Wed 09:00P-10:01P 4252
11 GOLF: OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP L ESPN Sun 08:00A-01:55P 4227
12 STORAGE WARS A&E Tue 10:00P-10:30P 4183
13 DALLAS TNT Wed 09:00P-10:00P 3882
14 FAMILY GUY ADSM Tue 11:30P-12:00A 3824
15 SUITS USA Thu 10:01P-11:02P 3725
16 FAMILY GUY ADSM Tue 11:00P-11:30P 3669
17 SPONGEBOB NICK Sat 08:00P-09:00P 3650
18 FAMILY GUY ADSM Wed 11:30P-12:00A 3642
19 MOUNTAIN MEN HIST Thu 09:00P-10:00P 3591
20 UNDERDOG DSNY Sun 08:30P-10:00P 3588
21 GOLF: OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP L ESPN Sat 09:00A-02:33P 3545
22 SPONGEBOB NICK Sun 10:00A-11:00A 3502
23 NCIS USA Thu 08:00P-09:00P 3465
24 FAMILY GUY ADSM Thu 11:30P-12:00A 3457
25 FALLING SKIES TNT Sun 09:00P-10:00P 3449


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  • DisneyFan

    @I luv nickelodeon
    You gotta see this got 2.671 or 2.7 million views for a special preview.!! It did pretty good.(:

  • Kaylie

    Alot of people have gotten over Fred. He’s not as popular anymore & his show bombed. I don’t think it’ll be over 4 million viewers mainly because Nick doesnt deliver when it comes to original movies. Besides, I knew Spongebob wasn’t going to do as well as everyone expected because it’s gonna be hard to come back after no Nickelodeon on Viacom.

    I doubt Phineas and Ferb would see lows because its on Thursday. The highest I would expect from Phineas and Ferb would be 5 million viewers; lowest 3.5 million viewers.

  • RHONJd

    My estimated Disney Channel Thursday night of premieres:

    7:30 My Babysitter’s a Vampire: 2.6 million viewers
    8:00 Code 9 (series premiere) : 3.2 million viewers
    8:30 Jessie: 3.5 million viewers
    9:00 Phineas and Ferb: 3.9 million viewers

    What is YOUR Thursday premiere estimations??

  • Jon23812

    @ROHNJd, here’s mine

    My Babysitter’s a Vampire – 3.0 million viewers
    Code 9 – 2.2 million viewers
    Jessie – 3.3 million viewers
    Phineas & Ferb – 3.5 million viewers

    I originally perdicted Phineas & Ferb to have 4.9 million, but I just noticed Disney isn’t promoting their Thursday line-up, they’re only promoting “Code 9″ which I bet will have low ratings, since it’s just the same thing as “PrankStars” which was cancelled after 4 episodes.

  • RHONJd

    Any more estimations for Disney Channel’s THURSDAY premiere line up, including a new Jessie, MBAV, special part 1 Phineas and Ferb, and Code 9 premiere.

    What is your estimations?

  • Cody

    @RHONJd, here is mine (:

    My Babysitter’s a Vampire- 2.8 million
    Code 9- 2.3 million
    Jessie- 3.2 million
    Phineas & Ferb- 3.4 million

    If Code 9 is like pranksters i am not watching it..

  • Nathan (NR2012)

    My Babysitter’s a Vampire- 2.8 million
    Code 9- 2.6 – 2.8 million
    Jessie- 3.3 million
    Phineas & Ferb- 3.6 million

    Overall it will be an “okay” night for disney; Code 9 will continue to drop; Jessie won’t be that high because it has released on the disney app, while P&F Will score 3.6 viewers, if not 4 million.

  • RHONJd

    I agree with all of you, Code 9 will have a short stay on Disney Channel. The series premiere will be low for sure.

  • RHONJd

    Fred 3 (Saturday), Good Luck Charlie (Sunday), and Shake it Up (Sunday), will probably be lower than normal due to Olympics.

  • truth

    There’s no doubt it’s going to take some time for Viacom to recover from the DirecTV fight, if they recover at all. The Spongebob numbers aren’t bad, considering where the network was a week ago.

    Phineas & Ferb should get 4-5 million viewers. Less would be a disappointment.

  • RHONJd

    HEY! Can somebody PLEASE fix the “viewers in million’s” category for ANT Farm. It is this week’s episode “AmusemANT Park” it says the episode only got 2.4 million viewers, when we all know it got 3.4 million viewers. PLEASE SOMEBODY EDIT, AND FIX THIS MASSACRE!!

  • RHONJd

    I fixed it, but they keep saying it 2.4 million viewers. PLEASE FIX IT. THANKS :)

  • Jon23812

    @RHONJd, That’s not the 8PM broadcast of A.N.T. Farm, that’s the 12AM rebroadcast.

  • JJ

    If Nickelodeon really wants to beat Disney, they should start airing new episodes of their ANIMATED shows. Here is my perfect lineup.

    10:00: Tuff Puppy
    10:30: Penguins of Madagascar
    11:00: Fairly Odd Parents
    11:30: Kung Fu Panda 12:00: Spongebob Squarepants

  • Nathan (NR2012)

    Here is my lineup for Nickelodeons 2012 fall schedule:

    -Friday nights-
    8:00 PM – Legend Of Korra(NEW)
    8:30 PM – Spongebob(REPEAT)

    -Saturday Mornings-
    9:00-10:00: 2 Spongebob episodes (NEW)
    10:00: Fairly Odd Parents(NEW)
    10:30: Tuff Puppy(NEW)
    11:00: Penguins Of Madagascar(NEW)
    11:30: Kung Fu Panda(NEW)

    -Saturday Night-
    8:00 PM – iCarly(NEW/REPEAT)
    8:30 PM – Victorious (NEW/REPEAT)
    9:00 PM – How To Rock (NEW/REPEAT)
    9:30 PM – Big Time Rush (NEW/REPEAT)
    -Sunday Nights-
    6:00 PM – Figure It Out(NEW/REPEAT)
    6:30 PM – Splatalot(NEW/REPEAT)
    7:00 PM – You Gotta See This(NEW/REPEAT)
    7:30 Spongebob(REPEAT)

  • tobias

    my nick fall 2012 lineup

    Friday Nights
    8:00 pm Legend of Korra (new)
    8:30 pm Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (new)

    Saturday Mornings/Afternoons
    9:30 am Spongbob (new)
    10:00 am Fairly Oddparents (new)
    10:30 am Tuff Puppy (new)
    11:00 am Penguins of Madagascar (new)
    11:30 am Kung Fu Panda (new)
    12:00 n Power Rangers Samurai (new)
    12:00 pm Supah Ninjas (new)

    Saturday Nights

    8:00 pm iCarly (new)
    8:30 pm Victorious (new)
    9:00 pm HTR/BTR (new) (alternating every other week)
    9:30 pm You Gotta See This (new)

    Sunday Mornings

    11:00 am Monsters and Robot (new)
    11:30 am Fanboy and Chum Chum (new)

  • Jon23812

    Here’s mine.

    Friday Night Nicktoons (Premieres)

    7:00 PM – SpongeBob SquarePants
    7:30 PM – T.U.F.F. Puppy / The Fairly Odd Parents (alternating schedule)
    8:00 PM – The Legend of Korra
    8:30 PM – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    9:00 PM – The Penguins of Madagascar
    9:30 PM – Kung Fu Panda


    10:00 AM – Wild Grinders
    10:30 AM – Planet Sheen
    11:00 AM – Fanboy & ChumChum
    11:30 AM – Robot & Monster
    12:00 PM – Power Rangers

    8:00 PM – iCarly
    8:30 PM – Victorious
    9:00 PM – Big Time Rush
    9:30 PM – How to Rock
    **After iCarly ends**
    8:00 PM – Victorious
    8:30 PM – Big Time Rush
    9:00 PM – How to Rock
    9:30 PM – Supah Ninjas


    7:00 PM – Fred: The Show
    7:30 PM – Winx Club
    8:00 PM – The Troop
    8:30 PM – Bucket & Skinner

    Mondays – Thursdays

    7:00 PM – House of Anubis
    7:30 PM – Figure it Out

  • tobias

    my nick saturday night schedule after icarly ends

    8:00 pm Victorious (new)
    8:30 pm HTR/BTR (new)
    9:00 pm You Gotta See This (new)
    9:30 pm Bucket and Skinner (new) (every single week a new episode just to get rid of it)

  • Twist Of Fate

    I still don’t understand why you guys thought Phineas & Ferb was going to do so amazing on a Thursday. Well, in the end Disney Fan was right, it scored 3.7 million viewers

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