NBC to Premiere Full Episodes of New Fall Series On-line Prior to Network Broadcasts

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July 24th, 2012

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Six-minute Tease of New Fall Drama “Revolution” Also Will Debut During Olympics Coverage



UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. – July 24, 2012 – NBC again will offer full-episode, pre-sampling versions of its new fall series prior to the network time-period premieres as each new primetime program will receive a digital sampling window for marketing and promotional purposes over multiple platforms leading into the regular series premiere.


As NBC takes advantage of the Summer Olympics springboard to provide a full-episode and commercial-free network preview of the new comedies “Go On” (August 8) and “Animal Practice” (August 12), the online preview for those shows will be available over a wide spectrum for viewing immediately following their initial broadcasts beginning August 9 and 13, respectively. All other new new fall series will receive a two-week digital sampling period leading up to the broadcast series premiere.


In addition, NBC will further maximize its Olympics platform by unveiling a special six-minute tease of the new fall drama “Revolution” on Saturday, August 4 at approximately 10:54 p.m. (ET) following the swimming competition that is expected to feature U.S. gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps.


Platforms where these shows will be available include: on demand and online through cable, satellite and telco providers; NBC.com; NBC Owned and affiliate station websites (should they choose to opt in); Hulu (including Hulu’s online distribution partners); iTunes, Amazon and Xbox. Select shows will be available on the Hulu Plus subscription service as well.


The announcements were made today by Robert Hayes, Executive Vice President, NBC Entertainment Digital.


"We are excited to have this unique opportunity to share our new fall shows," said Hayes. "We're taking the proven success of sampling to the next level, expanding its reach with a comprehensive strategy that makes our entire freshman line-up widely available across multiple digital platforms.”


NBC’s other new series and broadcast preview/premieres for Fall 2012 are “Stars Earn Stripes” (August 13), “The New Normal” (September 11), “Guys with Kids” (September 12), “Revolution,” (September 17) and “Chicago Fire” (October 10). After its post-Olympics preview, “Go On” premieres in is regular day and time on September 11 while “Animal Practice” makes its time period debut on September 26.


Fans are able to engage via MyNBC and their existing Facebook and Twitter profiles. Please follow us on http://www.facebook.com/nbc and at http://twitter.com/nbc.


NBC.com continues to offer full episodes and interactive experiences for all of its popular series at www.nbc.com.



Platforms for sampling include on demand and online through cable, satellite and telco providers; NBC.com; NBC Owned and affiliate station websites (should they opt in); Hulu (including Hulu’s online distribution partners); iTunes, Amazon and Xbox. Select shows will be available on the Hulu Plus subscription service as well.


Series On-Air Preview Sampling Begins Broadcast Premiere


THE NEW NORMAL August 29 September 11


GO ON August 8 August 9 September 11


GUYS WITH KIDS September 13 September 26


REVOLUTION September 4 September 17


ANIMAL PRACTICE August 12 August 13 September 26


CHICAGO FIRE September 27 October 10





  • TimsDale4ever

    Yet another example of the web ruining the future of TV. Why doesn’t NBC or anyone realize that if someone (a Neilson family) sees it on the web they will NOT watch it on the TV where it counts toward your ratings and revenue?

  • Bee

    ^ because it seems to help generate buzz. lots of shows had their pilots available online beforehand and it didn’t hurt them at all.

  • Josh Emerson

    Yeah, putting the pilots online in advance does not hurt the ratings. New Girl had a huge TV debut last year after the pilot was posted online. I know that I am more likely to watch a show if I see lots of people talking about how great it is in advance.

  • Jack

    Revolution looks amazing.

  • Jack

    Yeah, it looks broad. But,the last thing NBC needs is programming that only appeals to critics. They need broad shows. Theres no reason that broad shows can’t be interesting. Just look at ER, West Wing.

  • CrimTV

    Woo this will boost popularity of their shows, but I really wish ABC would announce premiere dates already, it’s almost August!

  • RyanCanada

    im looking fwrd to the new normal

  • joel

    Wow, we’re only two weeks away from NBC’s first premiere of the new season. Good for NBC.

  • bob

    NBC is the worst network. I mean CBS obviously is the best followed by ABC…Fox used to be pretty good…CW is the CW….USA, TNT, FX, ABC Family, NICK AT NIGHT, Lifetime ALL beat NBC by a large margin!!!!!

  • Noname_Rex


    i feel as if that’s a vastly huge matter of opinion. SO MANY of CBS’s shows are the same type of format, or the same brand just under a different name (see, NCIS (LA) and the three CSI’s). Not to mention that practically all of their comedies are the same, just different characters.

  • kevinusaforever

    Does NBC want to have another year of falling ratings?

    Putting shows online will lower the ratings, because the people who watch it online and don’t like it, won’t watch it on tv, and since they are not watching NBC, the ratings of the following show will also be lower, since less people are watching the previous show and are just sticking with the network for the night.

    And just because a show has a big buzz on the internet, doesn’t mean alot of us americans are watching it. Not all of us tweet and facebook the entire day. And the group that do talk alot about shows online have a very spefific taste, so it is in no way representative of a shows success.

    CBS has the best shows, they are great-written and directed shows. And the comedies are just funny, u know really funny not little smirk but actually boring funny.

  • Allen

    Terrible idea.

    Why would I re-watch it on TV if I’ve already seen it on NBC.com?

  • rob60990

    Only morons truly believe airing a pilot online beforehand will ruin the show’s ratings.

  • Hello

    Gossip Girl pilot was free on iTunes two weeks before the premiere on CW and we were stuck with it for 6 years.

  • Ricky

    If this doesn’t give Revolution a huge boost I will be highly disappointed!

    Looks like now I’ll be recording the Olympics on August 4th just for the six-minute RVN teaser.


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