Oddsmakers: Chances 'Modern Family' Cast Resolves Dispute Before Production Delays?

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July 24th, 2012

Modern Family cast members Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Sofia Vergara (all the primary adult cast other than Ed O'Neill) have filed suit to void their contracts according to THR. The move is the latest salvo in their contract renegotiation efforts with 20th Century Fox TV which produces the ABC hit comedy. Earlier today, a table read was cancelled at the last minute.

O'Neill is renegotiating his contract separately, but as the more established actor was reportedly already making significantly more than the others. In the wake of the show's success on ABC which has already been sold into syndication (where it will begin airing this fall),  it's hard to find fault with them wanting more money. But since they're already under contract, unless the suit is successful I'd be surprised if they get exactly what they want. But it should still amount to truckloads of cash.

As you can tell by the poll below, despite escalating contentiousness I will be surprised if things are not resolved soon enough for Modern Family to debut on schedule in late September.

  • Matt

    Lol, Ed O’Neill is the only one I’m worried about. A notorious hold out.

  • SJ

    Wow, if they’re making such a big fuss about it now, just imagine what will happen when they hit season 7…

  • PT

    I know the friends negotiations were tough, but I don’t think they ever delayed productions. I think they deserve a raise, but they’re taking it a bit too far

  • John A

    Cancel the show to spite them. These actors have enough money.

  • Chicago Ted

    Doesnt matter. Show isnt funny anyway. Let it be cancelled.

  • Bee

    in terms of “hollywood” money, i’m shocked by how little they get paid. i heard its like 60,000 for them all except ed, who gets 100,000. and this is for the highest-rated scripted show on TV as well as one of the most acclaimed? they deserve a lot higher. actors on shows with a fraction of the ratings are getting from 200,000-400,000.

  • The End

    Recast their characters, or kill them off and replace them.

  • The End


    $50,000 per episode is a lot, especially if you’re in a 20 episode show for example. That’s a million dollars right there.

  • Bee

    uh.. not by hollywood standards. there are actors on the darn CW that get like 60,000 or something.

  • Tony

    you can’t say they don’t deserve it. This show is a cash cow. Getting paid $60,000 an episode for such a hit in ratings and critical acclaim is nothing. The Jersey Shore cast get more than $100,000 an episode.

  • The End

    Where are these numbers coming from anyway, official sources?

    I have no way of confirming that $60,000 thing. Someone care to enlighten me?

    You pretty much always get an increase in salary whenever your show gets renewed anyway, unless your show is on the verge of cancellation. I doubt they’re on that much anyway.

    Mine was just an example.

  • jimbo

    I’ve tried to watch this show and for the life of me cannot figure out what the fuss is about! Dumb as a bag of hammers! Lemmings leading lemmings! Could cancel it and wouldn’t be missed

  • bob

    They signed a contract that they promised to fulfill. Why are they being jerks and not wanting to complete it? I say f-em….if they don’t want to fulfill the contract than cancel the show. However, my attitude would be 100 percent different had they completed their contract and were in NEW contract talks today. I would be pulling for them to get whatever they deserve which is a lot.

  • joss

    The Jersey Shore cast get more than $100,000 an episode.

    And whats good about that?

  • Jared

    This show is the biggest hit on ABC..give the talent what they deserve.

  • Nick

    There is not a 100% chance if starting on time. It’s 110%!!!

  • joel

    Is this what’s holding up their premiere dates announcement?
    Ed and Sofia don’t deserve quite as much the other adult actors.

  • Nick

    They won’t mess with MF, especially when two new fall shows depend on it (The Neighbors and Nashville). This is probably why they are waiting so long to say their fall premiere dates, though.

  • Fred

    All 6 of the emmy nominated actors are considered supporting players.
    Leads earn more.
    Can’t compare a scripted sitcom to a low budget reality program or a super hight rated classic sitcom from the 90’s. Back in those days live viewing was much more common.

  • Mike W

    The Neighbors will no longer be getting the benefit of a Modern Family lead-in. They moved Suburgatory after it instead. (Surprised this site did not have a story about that… it happened recently. Apparently The Neighbors is going to suck so bad they didn’t want to waste a MF lead-in on it.)

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