Oddsmakers: Chances 'Modern Family' Cast Resolves Dispute Before Production Delays?

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July 24th, 2012

Modern Family cast members Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Sofia Vergara (all the primary adult cast other than Ed O'Neill) have filed suit to void their contracts according to THR. The move is the latest salvo in their contract renegotiation efforts with 20th Century Fox TV which produces the ABC hit comedy. Earlier today, a table read was cancelled at the last minute.

O'Neill is renegotiating his contract separately, but as the more established actor was reportedly already making significantly more than the others. In the wake of the show's success on ABC which has already been sold into syndication (where it will begin airing this fall),  it's hard to find fault with them wanting more money. But since they're already under contract, unless the suit is successful I'd be surprised if they get exactly what they want. But it should still amount to truckloads of cash.

As you can tell by the poll below, despite escalating contentiousness I will be surprised if things are not resolved soon enough for Modern Family to debut on schedule in late September.

  • Sid

    @John A

    It’s a good thing you’re not running ABC because a move like that would be idiotic! ;)

    They deserve much more than they’re getting especially with the shows success via syndication, awards and not to mention one of the highest rated scripted programs on network television.

    Like someone above me mentioned, the cast of jersey shore all make a six figure salary per episode so I don’t see anything wrong with the cast of MF wanting more.

  • hubertwentland5

    @Mike W,
    abc letting Suburgatory grow after MF for one season would be a good idea. the network could use then the boosted show as a Tuesday anchor.

  • Nick

    @Mike W
    That’s just a rumor.

  • hubertwentland5

    and hey, is there any source we can go to check how big salaries the tv stars get? I’m really curious.

  • Nick


    is there any source we can go to check how big salaries the tv stars get?

    tV Guide had an issue dedicated to it in the beginning of the year. You could probably find out online.

  • rob60990

    They deserve a raise. Compared to the actors of TBBT, the MF cast is underpaid.

  • Tony

    @Mike W

    that’s a rumor. if it’s true expect ABC to announce it at the TCA’s on Thursday(?)

  • Nick

    Here’s a list of paychecks for some stars (as of August 2011):


  • s0303

    5 years ago, these actors would have killed to be on a show like modern family..it has completely has changed their lives and careers…i think they should be content with the contract that they signed and then renegotiate when that one is over…jmo

  • Rex

    Please….please….let this be the end of the show. It’s utterly disrespectful that this show is taking Emmy wins from deserving programs and actors.

  • Nick

    Tina Fey gets $300,000 an episode for 30 Rock! 300,000! These people deserve even more than that.

  • Nick

    Modern Family is the best show on TV and it deserves every award it gets.


    Give them what they want the show is great and their all making loads of money why not?

  • Dan

    The poll seems evenly split. Like The Simpsons, the cast dispute will be resolved but unlike The Simpsons which has about 20 episodes ahead of production, Modern Family needs to settle and resume production.

    My guess on the neighbors switch, ABC figures that like The Middle and Modern Family, Suburgatory could be a comedy staple likely sticking around for a few seasons. Veteran Happy Endings did well after Modern Family and most new comedies don’t (Cougar Town didnt do well either post Modern Family). Like how CBS moved The Big Bang Theory after Two and a Half Men in the 2009-2010 season, moving Suburgatory after Modern Family will make it a hit show, The Neighbors will likely have to prove on its own to become a hit like how Suburgatory built after The Middle.

  • Kissan

    Can somebody tell me when their goin to announce the ABC premiere dates? It’s takin a very long time.

  • Mon

    Wow, lots of hypocrites in here. Wouldn’t you want a raise too if you were one of the them? No matter what the contracts says (no increase for seven seasons?! that’s crazy!), you’ll fight for what you think is just and fair. When the first contract negotiations started, no one really knows the show would be such a huge hit like it is now thus their salaries were not huge. Plus, this is not the first time it happened in a TV show. There’s no harm in trying to get what you think you deserve.

  • hubertwentland5

    @Nick, thanks for linking the last year’s list :)

  • Nick

    A more complete, but older list (August 10, 2010):


    The list for this year hasn’t come out yet. Duh.

  • Bee

    oh and the news of suburgatory being switched w. the neighbors makes me so HAPPYYYYY! because now nashville will actually have a good lead-in!

    also, some dates have been tossed around the internet:
    malibu country: november 2nd (smart as they can use the CMA awards on november 1 to promote)
    666 park avenue: september 30 (i was hoping the sunday night shows would start in mid to late october to cut down spring repeats)
    nashville: october 10 (because oct 3rd is the presidential debate)

  • Rex


    Your 1st post: Yes, she does, and Baldwin makes a good salary too. You are not talking about 6-7 people making that kind of money. Tina Fey also writes for the show.

    Your 2nd post: I might have to go to Temple on Friday to pray for you.

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