Oddsmakers: Chances 'Modern Family' Cast Resolves Dispute Before Production Delays?

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July 24th, 2012

Modern Family cast members Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Sofia Vergara (all the primary adult cast other than Ed O'Neill) have filed suit to void their contracts according to THR. The move is the latest salvo in their contract renegotiation efforts with 20th Century Fox TV which produces the ABC hit comedy. Earlier today, a table read was cancelled at the last minute.

O'Neill is renegotiating his contract separately, but as the more established actor was reportedly already making significantly more than the others. In the wake of the show's success on ABC which has already been sold into syndication (where it will begin airing this fall),  it's hard to find fault with them wanting more money. But since they're already under contract, unless the suit is successful I'd be surprised if they get exactly what they want. But it should still amount to truckloads of cash.

As you can tell by the poll below, despite escalating contentiousness I will be surprised if things are not resolved soon enough for Modern Family to debut on schedule in late September.

  • CrimTV
  • Hugh

    65k an ep is pathetic. Zooey Deshanel gets 60 in S1 of a lower rated show

  • SarahL

    Wow, the cast is getting paid peanuts while the production company and network rake in the bucks. Ah, the price of being labor. They should get a huge raise and they should ask for a cut of the profits.


    Lol, Ed O’Neill is the only one I’m worried about. A notorious hold out.

    So true. LOL!

  • Nadine

    @JohnA — it may seem like they make too much money, but remember that some of these guys may hardly ever work again when this show is over, and they have to think of the future. Also, to be fair, this is a very well-acted show (for the most part) and it’s very off-center premise is sold to a large, wide audience by the good work these guys do and the inherent appeal they bring to their parts. I wouldn’t worry about the networks or production company — they are about to just back up the truck. But the actors are really responsible for at least half (I think more) of this show’s big success. I say: go for it.

  • brent w

    I agree that they “deserve” the money, however, in fairness to the network, had the show just barely been staying on, and only a top 50 show, would the actors have agreed to take a pay cut? even though they were under contract….its one of my fav shows and they are all a huge part of the success, however, i think this is extreme, they should wait for the contracts that they agreed to , to run out, then get rewarded for all their hard work and efforts, which i’m sure the network would do….Friends cast didnt make the mega bucks on their FIRST contracts either

  • Althea

    People need to realize that luck doesn’t usually strike twice. Ed O’Neil was lucky, but who knows if they’ll have a career once this show ends? They need to make as much money as possible while they have the opportunity to be able to support them 10, 20, 30, 40, 50+ years when the show is off the air.

  • SJ


    Because she’s TINA f-ing FEY! Aside from Ed O’Neill and maybe Julie Bowen, have you ever even heard of the rest of the adult cast? They were all on a bunch of failed shows and… that’s all, folks! Tina Fey also created 30 Rock, and she writes and produces the show as well. Also, it’s entering its 7th season while MF is entering its 4th.

    And while comedy is subjective, I have to add that, while MF is good for a few chuckles here and there it is far from the best comedy on television. I know it keeps winning at the Emmys but it doesn’t even get near my top 6 comedies on TV. Parks and Rec should have had this in the bag and it didn’t even get nominated!

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