Report: ABC's 'Suburgatory' and 'The Neighbors' Swapping Wednesday Time Slots

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July 24th, 2012

ABC plans to change up its fall schedule announced in May and will now air Suburgatory at 9:30p  ET (after Modern Family) this fall instead of at 8:30p as originally announced according to Deadline. The Neighbors will now air at 8:30p rather than 9:30p.

  • Junior G.

    Good idea.

  • Matt

    Neighbors loses the pimp spot, interesting. It looked marginally funny. I like Suburgatory, it’s not groundbreaking or anything, it’s just a solidly written show with likable, sometimes funny characters. Perfect for a Disney entity.

  • Zed

    I think that’s a good idea, but I just hope something gets good ratings in that time slot even though whatever rating it gets will be considered not good enough as it has the Modern Family lead-in.

  • Matt

    A good choice – The Neighbours looks AWFUL.

  • SteveO

    So happy about this. Suburgatory is a show that can grow a lot with proper exposure! :)

  • John

    Suburgatory would be much better if they went back to the writing of the first half of the season, I felt the last half was a let down. And The Neighbors looked awful, it’ll definitely be cancelled, no doubt.

  • SJ

    This is a good decision on ABC’s part. Neighbors is easily the worst promo for a comedy I have ever seen and I don’t doubt the show itself will suck, too. I just hope ABC still premieres How to live with Your Parents… at 9:30 at mid-season and moves Suburgatory back to 8:30.

  • Kyle

    I thought The Neighbors looked good

  • BJH

    When is ABC announcing fall premiere dates? It’s almost August.

  • Babygate

    Well, this is great news for Suborgatory which honestly has a better chance of surviving than the wreck that Neighbors is. Also, S. and MF are more closely related to each other in terms of genre and in the level of the content as they are both more risque shows with underlying mature content. I think this will make Neighbors more easily disposable. Once it doesn’t work they can quickly replace it. And I hope they do just that…Although, what does that mean for Suborgatory? Are they getting a shortened season like ‘Happy Endings’ or ‘The B in Apt. 23’? Hope not…

  • Bunny

    Here’s a rumor that Happy Endings might premiere on October 23

  • ChrisA

    The Neighbours looks terrible. Definatly going to get cancelled, might not even make it half of the episodes that ABC ordered. I dont get why ABC picked this show up in the 1st place while they cancelled great shows like “V”, “Better with You”, and “Romantically Challenged”. Bring back “V”, now thats a great Sci-fi show.

  • joel

    ABC = keystone cops with their scheduling, but this will work better for them. It gives Nashville a better chance. I hate to say it, but it also gives Guys With Kids (a show I’ve already written off as contending for the title worst new series) a better chance.

  • rob60990

    For me, I hate this because it was easier for me to just watch The Middle, Suburgatory, then Modern Family and then switch the channel but this is actually smart. Gives Suburgatory a chance to become stronger and possible anchor a timeslot next year and Nashville should have a better lead-in.

    “I dont get why ABC picked this show up in the 1st place while they cancelled great shows like “V”, “Better with You”, and “Romantically Challenged”. Bring back “V”, now thats a great Sci-fi show.”

    Because they got bad ratings?

  • Ram510

    This definitely shows that ABC has decreased faith in The Neighbors (should’ve been Cougar Towns name). And will probably e quickly cancelled and probably won’t make it to February sweeps.

    As for Suburgatory, I have never been a fan of this show. But now it can catch the post Modern Family heat like Cougar Town, Happy Endings, and even Mr. Sunshine Apt 23 (although they were spring premieres). Let the curse live on so Suburgatory and get move to another day, fail, and move on

  • Ram510


    I agree I miss V and it shouldve gotten a 3rd season. Oh how a V/Last Resort combo sounds awesome!

  • david

    good idea to move the shows around to give the second year show a really good lead in even thow it did seem to be a good pairing with The Middle in terms of ratings last season. I do hope this move helps the commedies on NBC thow.

  • Tom

    Hey, it’s Paul Lee’s network, and he gets to greenlight ‘longshots’ like The Neighbors.

    But man, did it seem like a terrible show to get Modern Family’s boost. Why it took until July for ABC to realize this is beyond me.

    As to Suburgatory, regardless of quality, ABC had no other option: Middle has already hit syndication, and HE and Apt 23 had their chance after MF.

  • Kissan

    Can anybody tell me when the ABC premiere dates are comin? Or at least some of the shows? It’s almost August.

  • ChrisA

    “Romantically Challenged”: I dont get why ABC cancelled this series. It was making 8-9 million viewers. How can ABC compare a comedy sitcom ratings to DWTS ratings back in 2010 it was pulling around 18-20 million viewers (I believe). This is wrong plus they never gave the show a chance.

    “Better with You”: At the beginning of the season it was pulling 6-7 million viewers. After Feb. 2011 it was pulling 5-6 million viewers and only two episode hit the 4 million mark while the highest episode they got was 11 million viewers when Derek Hough guest star. It may had potential if ABC supported the show for at least a mid-season TV show.

    “V”: I think ABC killed the show in the 1st season when they aired “It’s Only the Beginning” on November 24, 2009 with 9 million viewers. When the show came back on March 30, 2010 with 7 million viewers after that the ratings started declining to a steady 5 million viewers for the remaining of season 1. When the show came back on January 4, 2011 it premiered with only 6 million viewers after that again with a steady 5 million viewers for the remaining of season 2. This show had A LOT of potential but ABC killed it with schedule dates and both seasons for being too short. All “V” fans should join “Project Alice” on Facebook. Some networks needs to pick it up.

    V/Last Resort sounds good to me too. Can’t wait for Last Resort.

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