Counting Cars Danny Koker


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July 25th, 2012

Counting Cars Danny Koker

  • andrew soliz

    I have a 1973 ford ranchero in good condition. it would be a great car for your show. It has a rebuilt 302 and runs good. only asking $1500.00
    Ned to sell!

  • Miguel Ruiz

    For Danny: I have been looking for options to restore a 1966 Ford Mustang automatic, original, and rusted around the roof areas by the doors.
    It has a dent on the front. Only those 2 things are wrong and possibly the engine needs to be restarted again. I wanted to restore it and pass it on to my son by next June as a present for his High School graduation. I also wanted to keep it in the family. Do you have any contacts in San Diego or around the county that will be willing to help me restore it as a project for a section of your, or other show.
    I do not want to take it to the Mexican side to restore it, even if it is lower cost.
    I would consider even towing it to Vegas to you guys if I need to, depending on the cost. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.
    Blessings for all, and love your participation on the TV Pawn Shop Program.

  • Smitty Smith

    I’m curious to know what truck you are driving on the commercial they run for your new show. Looks like a 1952 Chevy that has been modified. Am I correct, if not, please let me know what year and what has been modified on it. I’ve always been a Chevy guy and your truck looks “BAD AZZ MO FO” and I must own one. Any info is appreciated.

  • Ramsey Ramirez

    I have a 1973 Firebird in fair shape.need to sale.Asking $1000 obo.

  • Christopher Jackson

    Hell sir i have a request for you and your team. I have a 1983 Monte Carlo an would love to have you look at it and fix it up. please let me know if it is possible i live in el paso texas and am willing to drive it up to you. What you think? maybe it will mak your show?? oh one more thing im a hot rod buy no a low rider type. Speed is improtant.

  • Bill Vanzant

    I have a 2000 Mustang super charge
    kenny Bell The Mustang only has 20000 miles on it and the car is perfect!

  • brett brenning

    I’m not a publicity hound just seriousness car Guy.I have something I bet you don’t. A color 10.5×17 picture of the monkeyes car with every one of their autographs. Its real not counterfiet
    I’ve had it since 1999 got it from a Pontiac dealership owner s personal collection in Columbus Ohio. I showed it to Mickey dolenz. He smiled and said its real my friend. If your interested yell at me be nice addition on office wall not a lot $$ 100 bill its yours. Thanks I’d even send to you first if ya keep it send $ if not

  • melissa viera

    Hi danny I watch u all the time on t.v and think you have a beautiful smile! I was hoping you could send me a autograped picture oif you with that gorgeous smile to hang on my wall! I will give u my adress in a private e-mail if u can send that picture to me! Thank you very much and looking forward to getting that picture from u!

  • Paul Doucette

    Danny my sister-law has a1979 Z28 that she lets just sits there day after day. Her husband abandon her left her to fen for self. It would be worth your trip to Covina Cal. To check it out shes in desperate time and also has to take care of 4 gran-kids. As you can see her plate is full, please consider her plight she really could use the$$. Anything I can do just e-mail me.. Thanks Danny

  • Mark Keppler

    Hey Danny
    I know probably have 1000s of request to fix up peoples cars so whats
    one more lol I have a 65 mustang ragtop 6 cyl that has been sitting in my garage for the
    last 20 yrs I would like to have it restored I seen what you are able to do to cars. I
    just wondering what you charge ? I have about10 grand to spend , It needs paint upholstery
    and a tune up the engine was re built But like I said it’s been sitting for a while if your interested
    I would love to hear from ya if not I understand

    PS this isnt a request to be on your show its a request to have my car restored by the best !!!

  • rick fortenberry

    Danny. I have a 1955 3600 3/4 ton truck all original runs good needs maybe 200 dollars worth of work will let it go for 9000.00 dollars its a beauty.

  • Dennis Craighead

    i have a BARNFIND 1962 cad limonsine for sale call 707-393-7075 OR MAKE BEST OFFER. NO TEXTS.
    this would make a realy cool flip
    it is listed on craigslist sanfrancisco north bay
    thats is where you can see the pictures
    just something i found thought you would like
    thanks for your time Dennis

  • Dean

    Danny , I really like your show especially since it only takes 30 minutes to restomod a car !
    I saw your show where you tried to buy A N/W Torino great car I want to sell you my 71 Torno CobraJet(not SCJ) but just like the one you could not buy

    i can send you pics

  • bill

    looking to buy a car from you a 1976 ford grand torino if need be restored by and your team! YES the STARSKY and HUTCH CAR ….1 OF 1000 CARS produced from chicago assy plant would like one with a big block 429 scj or a 460 with 429 heads on it…i live in pennsylvania and there are no good ones around here for sale…THANK YOU BILL. P.S. must be a 4 spd tranny.

  • sunny

    Im in luv w u a your show, luv to hop on a ride w uu!!

  • sunny

    Oh , i forgot i also have a hot rod id luv for u to try out:)))))

  • ED


  • Steve

    I am looking to buy a 1968 Barracuda Convertible with a 318 engine, Gold Color, a car my wife used to have. Would you be able to find this car for me and restore it.
    Would like to hear from you if this is possible.

  • traci young

    my husband was disabled at work 11yrs ago.he couldnt do the work if he was healthy.after years i let him buy a car to get him out of the house had lots of body damage which he had alot of it done.the engine ran great we wher taking it to the shop when we could afford it.everyone yells”nice car or comes out of the store to look.shawn gets a kick out of it!!ther is alot to do to it.we took it to a shop for something miner and said we need this and ashamed to tell you what we paid its worse than when he took it in they called us 5 times to pick it up and twice we left it there took it back once and once they had to come get it on a flat still didnt run right,now he has no revers.we where letting them do the work so many times cause they did it free but no more!!on your show we saw you thougt the 68 charger r/t was the sexest car i dont know how you pick your cars for your show but you would add 10yrs to his life.hes had 8 surgerys on his back and a pain pump inplant,spinel stem implant too many to count but have all the prof you need so you know its not a scam.i will ship the car to you.thank you for your valuble time.PLEASE HELP!!!!TRACI YOUNG

  • Deborah brown

    Dear Danny , My husband Steven. Has 3 trucks all short beds 2 of witch runs I think we have 92,94 and maybe 80s model he also has a 1978 Malibu that belonged to his grand parents both are no longer with us he has put so much time and money in these vehicles it is unreal we paid a guy over 3500 to paint the Malibu it has a 350 runs has a cal hood a lot of nice motor parts like intakes double pump carbs heads for a 400 small block i think thats right lots of other parts but he works all the time to pay bills he had high hopes but we ran out of funds to do anything with the inside such as floor pans door panels seats,cal hood,so on and so on on one of the short bed trucks he fixed all rust in side and out now it just sets we have a motor ,transmission ,inside there again needs attention maybe you would be interested in one or all . I really don’t know if he would even conceder selling it . I think it would just make his day to meet you in person he watches your show all the time,any way ,the only reason I am writing you we need money we are trying to buy this home and land to expand for our kids , and I do realize others are worse off than we are but Steven ,also takes care of my daughters one has four children 6,4,2 and six months that the baby’s daddy never got to see her husband died in december 29th of 2011 at 27 years old she needs a car her car that he gave her has fallen apart the other has no transportation we have been together a long time there father died in 1994 at the age of 34 we got together two years later and he has taken. care of my girls as if they were his own any way I could write a book. So I just thought I would send you this bit of info just to see if you my be looking for on or more of these kind of vehicle’s or come to Tennessee ,we live in Ashland city Tennessee on Mosley ferry rd 2840 .I’m a pretty good cook maybe you can find it in your heart to visit us bless you all for all you do and if any thing hope you read this email,,,,well it did turn into a letter sorry about that ,,,bless you all ,,,,,, Deborah. Brown

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