FOX Picks Up 'The Short-Com Comedy Hour' for Summer 2013

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July 25th, 2012

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New Series, Set to Launch in Summer 2013, to Redefine

Alternative Comedy Development


FOX will launch THE SHORT-COM COMEDY HOUR in Summer 2013, building on television’s rich past to reinvent comedy for the future. Both a contemporary spin on multi-camera comedy and an alternative development platform, THE SHORT-COM COMEDY HOUR will feature four unique short-form sitcoms – or “short-coms” – in a fast-paced hour-long broadcast. Each short-com will feature both established and up-and-coming actors and comedians in one-act scenes, creating a comedy showcase brimming with today’s best, brightest and freshest voices.


“We are basically ripping open the traditional scripted comedy development process with THE SHORT-COM COMEDY HOUR,” said Kevin Reilly, President of Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company. “Our end goal is to provide distinct comedy voices with a world-class platform to experiment, grow and perfect their ideas and to hopefully build them into mainstream comedy hits in the future. We’re looking forward to seeing what the untapped comedy community has to offer.”


The short-com development process will be as distinct as the end result, featuring hand-picked talent from the world of stand-up comedy. In an effort to open up the traditional development process, FOX will facilitate a creatively open environment for comedy talent to hone their voices and material within the context of their self-produced short-coms.


In addition to airing them as part of THE SHORT-COM COMEDY HOUR, FOX will commission the most fully realized of these scripted vignettes to series, helping to seed the future of the FOX multi-camera brand.


Additional details to be announced.


  • Martin

    So its a bit like those Adult Swim shows then.

  • The End

    ‘Up and coming actors’ Could be good for people who want to get into the acting biz.

  • Fischer

    I’m thinking more like SNL?

  • Nick

    Nice premise, kinda like a comedy/variety mix-up.

    Just 2 things.
    First of all, there’s got to be something to draw viewers back every week. Look at Trust us With Your Life. It had just had the lowest-rated non-holiday original of any ABC show in all of 2012. That format just doesn’t work that well in primetime.
    Secondly, you gotta change that name. ;-)

  • Kaylie

    Seems cool. This show is for up & coming actors and actors that are transitioning from childhood stardom into adulthood stardom.

  • LightsCameraContent

    I look forward to hearing new comedic voices and the format is intriguing.
    Seems like it’s pretty low commitment for everyone involved.

    Bring it.

  • Matto

    very cool and interesting… I read somewhere else that they were trying to get Jerry Seinfeld, Lary David, and some people like Jimmy Fallon to do some shot coms in this show.

    Im guessing there will be 4 15 minute sitcoms crammed into an hour? very unique.

  • RG-X


    No there will NOT be 4 15 minute sitcoms.
    One hour programs are 43 to 46 minutes at best – so each one will have about 8-10 minutes each.

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