'Fringe' Halts Season 5 Production for 2 Weeks So John Noble Can Seek Medical Treatment

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July 25th, 2012

'Fringe' has halted production of its fifth and final season for two weeks so John Noble can be treated for medical problems reports TV Line. Noble will be treated for a previously diagnosed sleeping disorder that was made worse by a hectic travel schedule.

Hopefully he's not taking the Emmy snub too badly and whatever ails him is easily cured by rest and, of course, red licorice and strawberry milkshakes.


  • Tom

    Oh, John :( I hope he’s not too sick.

  • davie

    Hope he gets better soon

  • Jiji Moran

    Get well, Mr. Noble!!

    Hopefully it’s not nightmares from the show stories.

  • Annette Harris

    Will pray for him… sleep disorders are terrible… will worry too…
    sad for him… heard he was ill earlier and haven’t slept since..

  • were123

    Poor John, I hope he gets better soon. Blair Brown had a cold and Jasika Nicole had an accident. Seems like the old good Fringe team have been having rough weeks. Hopefully they’ll be good soon and production may re-start

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    I have just started watching Fringe and too bad to hear this.

  • Lucy

    This wouldn’t delay the premier date, but it may mean the series final will film a week or two more. I expect the final airs in January correct?

  • Julie

    I hope it’s nothing more serious, and that he recovers soon…sleep disorders are not fun.

  • Abyss

    The answer is obviously LSD.

  • Brody

    He better get an Emmy nomination next year. Man, he deserves one! Awesome actor.

  • Ricky

    This is a perfect time for the Singing Corpses to sing a lullaby…Or would this possibly cause even more nightmares? ;)

  • psychic

    Oh, snap. That sucks.

  • Psac

    I think the Emmy problem is because they submit him for best actor, not best supporting. Bad move on their/his part.

  • John A

    I dont see Fringe as emmy award kind of show. I like the show but the acting and storys dont deserve it. Its just a gulty pleasure scifi nonsense show but i am looking forward to the final season.

  • gspot

    I’ve heard that propofol can help.


  • Andy

    OMG, a show that barely anybody watches has halted production! Eek!

  • peter

    Fringe is a really good show and people watching tv in usa it seems they cant folow up more complicated stories so there had been a decline in ratings , but that doesnt make it a show that barely nobody watches. .. cry more, whatever. we got 5 seasons. i am more thna happy for that.

  • peter

    and get well soon Mr. Noble

  • Pearlbaby

    I knew this horrible news about John noble will bring out jerk comments from the likes of Andy. They halted production for the health of one of their own. No need to be jerk about it, Andy.

  • USAmerica1st

    Get well, John, you’re a wonderful actor.
    @peter it’s not “complicated stories” that lose Fringe viewers, it’s the repetitive plot lines that keep looping and looping. I hope they nail down some meaningful plots this last go-around.

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