'Modern Family' Cast Dispute Update: Table Read Scheduled for Tomorrow

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July 25th, 2012

Yesterday, the cast of Modern Family -- minus Ed O'Neil- did not show up for a scheduled table read and filed a lawsuit against Twentieth Century Fox as part of an ongoing contract dispute. Like the stars of Big Bang Theory and Friendsbefore them, they want a substantial raise now that the show has scored a lucrative syndication deal. Now Deadline reports that the table read has been rescheduled for Thursday and the cast is expected to attend as a gesture of good will. Reportedly, there has been no progress in the contract negotiations, but everyone involved seems to think that the show will return as scheduled in the fall.

  • Name

    I like how Ed O’Neil just doesn’t care.

  • Annie

    I love Modern Family however I don’t approve of the cast breaking their contracts and suing. I’d be fine if they found different actors if the current actors were going to strike over more money. Let the show go on without them.

  • A Fan

    The show wasn’t as funny last season as previous seasons. The management is going to regret it if the show caves this season. WE’VE already seen the best of Modern Family. Don’t like the idea of Gloria pregnant. How many comedies have crashed after a main character was pregnant and a baby added? Too many to mention.

  • TimsDale4ever

    Conclusion: a bunch of greedy a$$holes!

  • SJ

    I just hope everything goes right because I care about the rest of their comedies which are dependent on MF (minus Neighbors, of course). And I don’t want NBC to get an easy win thanks to football. Not that ABC needs to worry about that – even with the freakin’ Superbowl, they only managed to tie ABC for third.

  • CrimTV


    in 2010 Kaley Cuoco and other leads of TBBT were being paid $60,000 per episode and suddenly in 2011 they were being paid $400,000. I think MF actor/actresses deserve more money.

    Which network has the Superbowl in 2013?

  • Jack S



  • Rob R

    TimsDale4ever — I guess the producers are not greedy for wanting to keep the hundreds of millions of dollars they will reap, in part from the talents of their employees (the actors). The actors are greedy, but the producers are not?

  • Dan

    Ed O’neil’s just happy he found success after Married With Children. He probably never thought that he would land another successful comedy

  • Rod

    FYI, Sofia Vergara was the highest paid TV actress last year making $20 million. This of course includes Cover Girl, etc.

  • Kaylie

    The Big Bang Theory actors are payed much more than that. They’re just jealous and greedy.

  • rob60990

    Anyone who think they are being greedy is a moron. They deserve their pay raise just as much as BBT got theirs for the same ratings.

  • Marc

    I don’t think it has anything to do with Greed.

    If the show makes 150 million profit a year. Then you expect the talent to make the money. Not the executives.

    Sign them up for multiple seasons like TBBT. It’s fair. And is nothing new.

    If networks were truley fair, they would tie their salary’s to ratings.

  • Marc

    Oh and top of it, all 6 main actors nominated for an EMMY! reminds me of Everybody Loves Raymond!!!!

  • tv_viewer


    The 3 lead actors of Big Bang Theory (Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, and Jim Parsons) had their salaries jumped up to $200,000 per episode in their 4th season, $250,000 for the fifth season, $300,000 for the sixth season, and $350,000 for the seventh season.

    Big Bang Theory has to pay big salaries for 3 actors but Modern Family must pay huge salaries for 6 actors (Sofia Vergara, Ed O’Neill, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Eric Stonestreet). 20th Century Fox doesn’t want to pay twice the production costs that Warner Brothers is paying for Big Bang Theory. I see 20th Century Fox offering Modern Family stars a lower salary than Jim Parsons. 20th Century Fox could say an Emmy winner for a actor in a lead role should be paid more than an Emmy winner for an actor in a supporting role.

  • Fred

    @Name, I read somewhere that Ed O’Neal earns more than the rest of the cast. So, that might be why it looks like he doesn’t care.

    @SJ, I also doubt NBC can beat ABC. If they couldn’t do it last season with the Superbowl……

  • Nick

    ABC beat NBC last year. 2.5/2.4.

  • rob60990

    ABC & NBC have been tied at 3rd for a couple of years.

  • The End

    To be fair, if your actions lead to a huge amount of money coming in, you deserve to at least feel valued.

    Valued at the very most, should be reflected in a pay increase that says, well done, you’re great and we appreciate your services.

  • Douglas from Brazil

    I think they deserve the money that they want just because networks and studios make more money than them and it’s fair.They´re fighting for the work and money,the network and the studio are paid because of their successfull.Just give them money and back to the table read!

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