The CW Has A New Slogan: 'TV Now'

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July 25th, 2012

The CW is no longer "TV to To Talk/Text/Tweet About". The network has unveiled a new slogan for the Fall 2012 season: "TV Now" along with a new logo. It has also released a promotional video touting the premieres of its new and returning shows, which can be viewed on Deadline.

  • Esdru

    Nikita Now

  • joel

    TV Now, after you wait several extra weeks until October.

  • TimmyG

    Now if they’d just get rid of that ugly butt green logo…new logo please!

  • tv#1

    I miss “We Own the Night” I thought that was a good slogan.

  • Jamie

    I loved the “TV to Talk About” slogan. It fit so well with their shows.

    I also hate the new logo. The black with dark green looks like it’s been done on a computer from the past.

  • DryedMangoez

    The slogan is meh, but its new on-air branding looks great.

  • The End

    Better CW slogans.

    CW: The Network no one watches.
    CW: Please watch our shows
    CW: Why wont you watch our shows?
    CW: Our shows are good, honest XD
    CW: The Network without viewers


  • RG-X

    and it’s Green —> as in the Green Arrow

  • Gaius Bolling

    i miss the WB promos. they at least made the network look fresh. THe faces of the WB campaign and the , oh, what a night one were my favorites

  • RG-X

    logo is dated & ugly

  • RG-X

    ..actually they just didn’t finish spelling what the started:

    The CW TV NOWhere

  • The End

    Alright, before anyone gets upset, I’m just having a laugh, we know the network struggled for viewers last season.

    Just clearing this up incase someone takes my above post the wrong way.

    Will be gone for a few hours, so will respond to anyone who aims a comment at me later.

  • Dan T

    Should be The CW: What’s That?

  • Noname_Rex

    Ssooooo where exactly is this “new logo” that you mentioned and spoke about?

  • Jon23812

    @Noname_Rex, the new logo is green. The old one was white.

  • Sid

    “The black with dark green looks like it’s been done on a computer from the past”

    Actually, I feel like the new logo is made to symbolize their new sure to be hit, Arrow?

  • Tony

    it’s a start, but they needed something better and more fresh. and that logo HAS TO GO. The CW needs a whole makeover. Man if I was in charge of this network I would completely remodel everything about it. The advertisement department needs a complete overhaul.

  • joel

    The CW: TV Now, as long as you wait several extra weeks until October and it’s not between the hours of 10pm and 8pm EST or between the hours of 8pm and 10pm EST on weekend evenings.

  • Tom

    A few more slogans:

    CW: The next best thing to a real network.
    CW: When your cable goes out and you can’t get anything else over the air.
    CW: All the budget programming you can stomach
    CW: The favorite of indiscriminate viewers everywhere

  • CrimTV


    The slogan will be more effective once the shows start in October and in March/April 2013 when other shows are in repeats, these ones won’t be because of their later premieres.

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