The CW Has A New Slogan: 'TV Now'

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July 25th, 2012

The CW is no longer "TV to To Talk/Text/Tweet About". The network has unveiled a new slogan for the Fall 2012 season: "TV Now" along with a new logo. It has also released a promotional video touting the premieres of its new and returning shows, which can be viewed on Deadline.

  • CrimTV

    And to be honest, I don’t see whats wrong with the logo

  • CrimTV

    Finally, after watching the promo on Deadline their graphics are absolutely amazing, probably the best from any of the networks!

  • Jared

    Not feeling that ghost busters green..

  • kirkyo

    wish they’d added “…TV WOW!” to the end of it.

  • Tessa

    So the channel plays Nina Dobrev’s face on a million devices? Wow, sounds like so much fun.

  • Sam

    Tv now, ratings later

  • SG

    I wish Sara would proof read before publishing: “TV to To Talk/Text/Tweet About”.

    to To?

  • EatMorePez

    The CW: TV Now

    Alternate slogan: TV in 8 days if you want to stream it on Hulu.

  • rehabber

    I watched more series on CW last season than any other network and am looking forward to Oct. I guess CW forgot that Supernatural won Best Drama and Best Sci-fi series from People’s Choice Award 2012, from the promo it was mostly The Vampire Diaries.

  • Evan

    I actually like the Black/Green look. It’s the advertising I was most hoping for to get revamped and yet, it remains to be pretty much crap.

  • Dan

    How about “TV that No one Watches”

  • CrimTV


    I get your point about Supernatural. But TVD is the networks highest rated show and did receive 5 teen choice awards this year and every year since debut

  • AniMatsuri

    The new slogan seems to reflect what they are doing already. While the CW delayed their programs on Hulu you could go to the CW web site the next day to see their shows. Maybe the plan is to show them a few hours after being on regular TV.

  • Sandro

    @CrimTV which promo did you watch on deadline?

  • Sandro

    nevermind :)

  • Max

    CW- The Network that gets less viewers than NBC .
    CW- The Network that no one cares about.

  • Jaka

    they simply think that changing their slogan or logo or whatever… will help them boost ratings. well… not gonna happen!
    i was reading about the history of WB just the other day and there was a section that said… “As the teen boom of the late 1990s began to wane, the WB Television Network attempted to broaden the scope of its line-up.” Then why is CW trying to recapture that?!

  • joel

    The CW: TV Now, Dead Air Later

  • Jaka

    Ok, after watching the presetation on deadline, i like the simplisity of it. it’s modern and professional.

  • Dan

    CW TV…..NOT

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