The CW Has A New Slogan: 'TV Now'

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July 25th, 2012

The CW is no longer "TV to To Talk/Text/Tweet About". The network has unveiled a new slogan for the Fall 2012 season: "TV Now" along with a new logo. It has also released a promotional video touting the premieres of its new and returning shows, which can be viewed on Deadline.

  • Freyja

    Why would I want to watch TVD promo hour? I saw, and I was really disappointed it was all about TVD and hardly any of their other shows…

    That kind of promotion doesn’t help out all your shows.

    However; at least they are trying to change the image that Dawn destroyed…

  • Lisa

    Well, at least the new slogan is better than the awful “TV to Talk About.” Not that it really matters. Do any viewers care much about slogans?

  • Ann

    The old WB knew how to promote shows, the CW does not. Even UPN did a better job in my opinion. And they can promote TVD all they want, that show is going to continue its downward spiral. It hasn’t been good in over a year.

  • Jason50

    TV Now?? What does that mean? All the CW shows you can watch five days a week between the hours of 8-10pm and after October. TV Now has a narrow window. If they’re trying to be something new, they should get rid of the “CW” name as well. However, after viewing the pilots of Arrow, Cult, and Beauty and the Beast; the new slogan should be THE CW: SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE.

  • TVGuy

    The CW…TV Now, Entertainment Later.
    Just kidding. But I did really like the whole “TV to Talk About” thing.

  • ABCFanatic2012

    The slogan sounds so freaking lame!

  • Ally

    @ joel

    “The CW: TV Now, as long as you wait several extra weeks until October and it’s not between the hours of 10pm and 8pm EST or between the hours of 8pm and 10pm EST on weekend evenings.”

    Standard Time does not return until November.

  • thesnowleopard

    “TV Now”? As opposed to “TV Later”? Whatever. At least it’s not that godawful “TV to Talk About” in the cheesy synthesizer tones. Bleah.

    I think the logo looks okay. It’s obvious they’re hoping Arrow will be a big hit. And it’s getting good buzz, so they could well be right.

  • RS

    I think “TV Now” is a great concept. It is obviously trying to capitalize on the concept of watch it now rather than 7 days later when it doesn’t count. I have hopes for Arrow. But I realized that SPN is not my favorite anymore. It was with sorrow that I realized this. The fan wars (yes, theshowleopard, I’m talking to Sam-hating you) have done me in. I have better bromances in other shows (White Collar, Common Law, Rizz. & I (the female version)).

  • ZmaX

    what they need to do is get the actors of all these different shows together and do one of those videos theWB would do back in the day.
    It makes the audience relate to the actors better and seeing some of you’re favorite actors having fun with the stars of other shows kinda peaks your interest in those other people and just maybe you might check an episode of their show.

    The CW did this for their first year and it turned out looking good. the slogan was pretty good too.
    “Free to be (insert word that related to show)”
    Veronica Mars “Free to be Fearless”
    Smallville “Free to be Super”
    Supernatural “Free to be Scary”
    Gilmore Girls “Free to be Witty”

  • Richard Steven Hack

    For some strange reason, the green CW logo reminds me of the green chameleon which is the mascot of the openSUSE Linux operating system I run on my machine… It’s the curvy “C”, I think, which is similar to the chameleon’s tail… :-)

    Otherwise, what the hell does the slogan mean? It’s not bad in that it’s short, pithy and sorta references the world as it is today. I suppose the “now” refers to the notion that the network is giving up its “old ways”, i.e., female-oriented soap shows.

    I don’t think it’s gonna help.

  • AppleStinx

    The immediacy of “TV Now” will entice a young demo to mindless flock to CW in hopes of instant gratification. :wink:

  • Lucy

    I’m glad they are doing something to help, or trying too, the delayed start date was the best thing they did, which will mean less breaks between episodes.

    They Seriously should just run the seasons like ABC Family does with Pretty Little Liars, they divide each season into two airings of 12 or 10 episodes. They could do this for there shows and do a 2-month break inbetween, better that than several breaks throughout the year.

  • thesnowleopard

    @Richard Steven Hack
    The only thing that’s gonna help is a new hit – or five.

    I wasn’t attached to the old logo, which always a bit “meh”. So, in that sense, I guess I can say the new logo is better.

  • joel

    If they really wanted me to watch their first step would have been giving their actual TV channel that enters my home better resolution than their crappy low-res internet promo.

  • Connman

    “TV to To Talk/Text/Tweet About”? Really? Who knew? I guess a change was in order…

  • CrimTV

    I do hope that The CW has some success this season

  • Shawn

    TV Nobody Watches Now.

  • Kat

    I liked the progressiveness of the promo with its emphasis on new technology, but wish their marketing team had featured a few other shows besides TVD and Nina Dobrev. While TVD is the network’s highest rated show, they can’t survive on just that one series. While I understand their not highlighting the out-going Gossip Girl, shows like 90210, ANTM and Supernatural have all played a big part in keeping the network from sinking into oblivion as well. They should have featured other shows more, making the promo more balanced and less VD top-heavy.

  • Anon

    I’d wager the logo is the only place you will see “green” at the CW.

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