CBS' 'The Talk' and Shania Twain to Hold "Still the One" Contest

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July 26th, 2012

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Winner Will Have Chance To Renew Marriage Vows During An All-Expense Paid Trip For Two To Las Vegas The Weekend Of 12/12/12, Including Tickets To A Shania Twain Concert

Winner Will Be Announced On "The Talk" Fall 2012

LOS ANGELES ? July 26, 2012 ? It was announced today on THE TALK the show will team up with country music star Shania Twain to kick off the “THE TALK and Shania ‘Still The One’ Contest,” in which one winner will have a chance to renew their wedding vows during an all-expense paid trip for two to Las Vegas and tickets to Shania's concert at Caesar's Palace on 12/12/12, a date that happens once in a lifetime.

Beginning today, viewers can enter for a chance to win by going to to upload videos explaining why they think their significant other is "Still The One."

The lucky winner will be announced on THE TALK this fall.   NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  Open to legal residents of the U.S., 21 and older, and a registered user of Void where prohibited. Entry period ends 11:59:59 AM, ET on Sept. 24, 2012. Contest ends at 11:59:59 PM, ET on Oct. 8, 2012. See for the complete Official Rules.

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  • jamie davis

    my husband is still the one because i love him truly. we met when i was 14 and am now 48 were married for 12 year’s divorced for 11 year’s and have been remarried for 8 on dec.23 we have known each other for more year’s than not and through-out the time we were divorced we still remained a priority in each others lives. many thing’s tore us apart but infidelity was not one of them.many more thing’s brought us back together including the loss of our almost 19 year old son,as devastating as his loss was it truly opened our eye’s and gave us the second chance that both of our boy’s knew we should have.not only is he my hero, my one and only, he really is the greatest man i have ever known and i feel truly blessed that he is still the one. i would love for the whole world to know just how much i love him…..

  • laura wilson

    MY husband n I meet the last Friday of November 1969.He was called to report for a physical for the service (Vietnam) on the thrusday a day before we meet.He was 4F because of bad knees.We knew each other for 15 days n got married.As of December 13, 2012 we will be married for 43 years.AND HE IS STILL THE ONE. He worked every day he was schedulded for to work,.He brought home his paycheck ever 2 weeks never asked for anything for his self. He always made sure my daughter n myself recieved n got what we needed.We were never rich but okay.He has worked since he was 16 years old in tire work. We have had our share of ups and downs but we have made it this far. HE IS STILL THE ONE for me.

  • Judy Shurko

    My husband and I been merried 35yr now. He helped with my three kids. that is there Dad, He is still the one beacuse he make me fell like we just got merried. he always holds my hand anywere we go. he opens the doors still for me. he has worked onley three jobs ever. the was 16 when he started to work in Calif. we never had a honeymoon. He is always there for our daughter and her family. when she last her 1st husband he had her and her son at the time move in with us. Paul is the best man I have ever know in my life. he make me the woman I sim today. he well alway be the ONE for ever. God Bless. Judy Shurko

  • Joanne Vanderveen

    ‘Your still the one’ song IS my husbands and my song! We have been through so much together and have been married for 28 years. We both share the same birthday and were married on that day also. We have never once believed at any time that divorce was an option. We really lived through good times and bad! He is my best friend whom I love and respect with all my heart. Nothing would make me happier than to say ‘I do’ all over again. ?

  • judy ramsey

    My husband an i met at work in 1991 he was always flirting with me an we finally became the best of friends ,he was there when i needed someone to talk to an he always listen,we became closer an closer i was going thru a bad divorce an so was he.we enjoyed each other so much we started dating our first real date was in oct 2nd 1991.after 2months he ask me to marry him cuz he lovve me from the first day he saw i said lets live together 1yr an if things go well i will i told him what i wanted in live with the one and he told me,he is warm,gental an dont believe he should go places that he would never want early 1992 my father had a heart attack an was rushed to to hospital an he beat me to the hospital an was with my dad when i arrived,he an my father had a talk an my dad told me i needed to marry this man cuz he was good and he loved family.i was so afraid i was losig my dad i promised him i would marry him no matter what he told this man will take care of you an treat you right an so on 12-10-1993 i married him we have been together 19 this dec. and together 20,my dad was right he is the one, my soul mate my everything, as i am his not a day ,hour,goes by without us telling each other how much we love each other how happy the other is mine or visversa we are truly happy ive never wanted for anything an could have never found anyone like him i always tell him god sent u to me cuz i needed a real man.we still hold hands ,kiss in public or car ,planes we dont care we are still truly in love and want everyone to know there is so much more but i dont thing u have room .but HE IS STILL THE ONE AN LIVES UP TO EVERY SINGLE WORD OF THE SONG.he is my perfect one always.

  • Julie Simshauser

    My prince I have been married 20 years and I love him more today then the day we were married. A friend had deceided I needed a boyfriend so we sat down and wrote out a list of all the things I wanted in a man and placed that in the personal ads of the local newspaper, well that was forgotten all about and life went on until one day about a month or so later the manager of that dept called me and ask me about the add that he had been getting complaints that the box was full so he told me how to delete them because I told him I dont have time..So as I am listening to all the guys and just deleting half heartly I heard this man number 27 of the 100 talk and something about him caught my attention so I listened to him and decided to talk to him so I deleted the resat of the callers and I called this man. We talked for I dunno hours and hours and something he said and I cant remember what it was made me mad so I got off the phone and it ate at me for a couple weeks that was Jan 1st 1992 I finally called him back on Jan 18 and we talked again for hours and made a date for the next night……He showed up not with flowers or candy or a stuffed animal but with a truckload of firewood to keep me warm he said, That was it he stole my heart at that moment. two weeks later he asked my dad for my hand and he said yes so when he ask me I told him he had to ask my dad and he told me he had and dad said yes I know I had better marry this man. We were married June 14th 1992 and here we are 20 years later and even as I think about him now all I can do is smile I love him so much. He is not only “Still the one” but is the only and will be for the rest of my life for better or worse. He is my hero and my best friend.

  • Linda Coogan

    My husband Craig will always be the one! We have been married 25 years this coming August 16, 2012. We have been through high’s, and many lows in that amount of time. The reason our relationship has been successfull for this long, I would have to say is my husbands abilitie to always have a positive additiude. I admit, that has not always been my strong suit. This is where he lifts me up, and carries me through all of life’s challenges. The other important aspect of our relationship would have to be a good sense of humor. I know a lot of people say that, but my husband is so naturally funny, that our family now referrers to the things he does as Craigisms, Speaking of our family. We have 3 beautifull, successfull, and talented children. I was a stay at home mom for most of our years together. My husband and I sacrificed a lot in order for me to stay home and raise them. Best years of my life. Craig never complained about being the sole bread winner. Even through the loss of owning 2 properties, and bankruptcy. Yes , we owned those properties, but never lived and owned our own home to live in until this last December. I am just about to turn 60. It’s been a long haul for us to finally enjoy our own home. I am so blessed to have a strong husband and marriage, I’m gratefull every day.

  • Smiley

    My husband and I met online back in 2008. We met through christian dating site. After four months dating by phone calls,YM and exhanged email, he decided to come to visit me and met in person. I rememmbered when I told to my family and my friends about him they doubted that I was talking with the real people. They told me I was crazy when I decided to met him in Changi Air Port in Singapore. I was holding his itenerary and suddenly my phone was ringing. I heard his voice and he told me that his flight had stopped transit in Hongkong and they didn’t had enough time to get his laguage from the previous flight and he had to stay in Hongkong one night. I was upset, I had no idea what I had to say to him. But deepest in my heart I believed him and I trusted him. I was with my friend at the time, on the way back to hotel my friend gave me hug and comforted me. She told me ” be strong”. In the next day I took the taxi to go to the air port. At the time my friend didn’t come with me. So based on the previous itenerary I told the taxi’ driver to go to terminal three. I was there since 11:00AM but till 12:00 noon I was watching people were busy to get their lagguages and whatched them one by one but he didn’t show up. Finally, I decided to go back to the hotel. On the way I was in tears, I felt that I was fooliest and stupid and I ignored my friends word. As I walked into my room I was pretended knocking my room and supprisely he was the man that I was waiting in the Air Port. He knew my room number because he booked the hotel before his departure. He opened the door I was speechless. It was hard to believe he was a real man. I told him I was waiting for him at therminal three and he told me that he also was waiting for me almost an hour but it wasn’t in therminal three but it was IT WAS IN TERMINAL ONE. We were laughing when we exchanged the story and we had a great time since then. Two month later after we met, he wanted me to come to his country Canada and we got married on Aug 3 in 2008. It was a really small wedding ceremonial, the ceremonial was held in our backyard with his parents,sisters and a very few friends. We will celebrate our 4th anniversarry on Aug 3( almost nine more sleeps), I am very happy married with a very nice,kind,caring and loving guy. We have a son and he will turn to three on Aug 16. I am a very happy and I am a lucky woman. He is still the one and I love him with all my heart. When I was a single, as a young woman, I was dreamed about wedding with lots of flower, surrounding with families and friends, walking on the isle with song ” From This Moment” but it was only my dream. Even though no flowers,no friends ( from my side ) I was happy at my wedding day. Hope he is the one, one and forever till dead do us part.

  • Frank Camacho Jr.

    My wife and I have been married for 26 years, we have a mixed marrige I have 5 children she has 3. We have 21 grankchildren. For what its worth it has been hard. But you know what she has been almost the perfect parent for my kids and hers. I am so proud of her. I tell her everyday that I love her and I mean it. To me she is the most beautiful woman in the world and she is hot.

  • Jackie (Country) York

    Well to start off with I MARRIED MY BESTFRIEND in 1099. We have been married for 13 years now. He has been with me thought thick and thin, 2 back surgarys, 2 heart attacks and much more.He is the love of my life (by the way we are both in are 60’s).We never had a honeymoon 4 days after we got married someone took his Harley and that was the only way we had to get anywere.I just would like to say Shania i am one of your biggest fans and i’m so glad your back. All My Love. Jackie (Country) York.

  • Lena Ortega

    Hello my hubby and i have been married for 16 yrs now,but together for 21yrs
    high school sweethearts.I love him with my heart and soul, great man,its ironic how you are having this contest because i wanted to sing, your still the one i love to husband for our anniverary thats just around the corner in September 9. We were just talking about how we should renew our vows plus we didn’t have a wedding to share with our loved ones ,got married in the court house.My hubby deserves to get away have our vows renewed because he is a real man who didnt run away from me when he knocked me up at 16yrs old ,i was so scared he said to me baby i love you don’t worry i’ll take care of you, and here we are 21 yrs later he still taking care of me ,i have so much love for him,for what he has done for his family,built us a house with his own two hands pay check to pay check, came home from working 8 hour days and worked on building our home untill he fell alsleep with a hammer in his hands.God blessed my children and I with a great sweet caring man.At the time he built our house he was only 24 yrs old most men that age is still out and about a goodtime being a player lol, but not him he loves us very much i think my baby and i deserves this get away we have never took a vacation ever together its about time.he will always be the one i love untill we are old and gray.

  • RJ

    Ummmm, what’s with all these people (or the same person).

  • harriet panning

    “Still The One” for sure!! that has been a favorite song of mine since i heard it the very 1st time. And my husband, Bert, has been “The One” also for almost 48 yrs. this fall, Sept. 25th. We were in highschool together but I never knew him until we were Seniors and we were in a class play together and attended an after performance party and just talked for hours and that was the beginning. I went to nursing school but our relationship continued and we were married and I can’t imagine being with anyone else–ever. We have had tough times like most everyone does but when we lost our oldest son in an auto accident it really was terrible but we also realized tragedies like this can ruin marriages and we were determined to hang on. We did it!! But it wasn’t always easy. We had 2 younger sons who have been so wonderful and even though they missed their older brother they always worried about us and still do. We will always miss Lance, who was almost engaged at the time of his death, and we always dreamed of having grandchildren and knew Lance wanted to be a “daddy” but that didn’t happen. Our 2nd. son, Matt was in college at that time and it took him several years before he found the “right one” also but so very glad to say he did and was married 4 yrs. ago and they had a beautiful little girl 2 yrs.- ago 2 days after our 45th wedding anniversary!! Couldn’t have gotten a better gift!!! Bert is the best “grandpa” there could be and still is the best husband!! Our youngest son, Nate, was in the Marine’s and is in N.C. now doing what he loves-acting, and with friends they have their own small film company and doing well making animated films and were invited to Comic Con in New York last year and is not married yet. But both boys have so much of their dad in them and their wives will be very happy if they are half as great as Bert! He is and always will be “The One”. Bert’s father was such a wonderful husband who took great care of Bert’s mother who had a rare disabling disease. He loved her so much and never would consider putting her in a nursing home. He took care of her until her final day. The love and gentleness was passed on to Bert and I see it in our sons also. What more could I ever want in life? My birthday is on December 13th and it would be so great to share winning this contest with The One in my life!

  • Debra Lowell

    My husband, Tim, is the best hearted man I have ever known. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t care for him dearly. I’ve never known a man not to be demanding in some way but Tim is the exception. Tim gives 100+% in our relationship and never complains of my shortcomings. We made a packed when we decided to be together that is still true 12 years later. We do not tell each other what to do. We have no jealousy in our hearts. We do not allow drama in our house and we do ask people to leave theirs at the curb. We have complete honesty and respect for each other and make sure we are our first consideration with each other. I had given up any hope of finding true love until I met Tim. I was 50.

    When my parents needed assistance in their living situation my husband was the first to tell me yes, we must bring them to live with us. He loves my parents like his own. When my father passed this last April he mourned deeply as any son would. Now its just us and my mom and he loves her as much as any son could.

    Tim gives of himself to anyone who calls and never, never asks anything in return. He is and will always be my best friend. I can’t imagine life without him.

    He is Still the One!

  • james eric hawkins

    We met over the phone strictly by chance. What had started out as strictly a business confirmation call turned out to be the beginning of the happiest 10 year chapter in my 54 years of life. coming from a horrible and nightmarish home i was cheated out of what I call life’s tools. Those tools that introduce the child within us to what respect and love are all about. It is those tools
    that the adolescent will still carry with him or her on their first date. You know that first official holding of hands the one that takes your breath away and makes your heart feel confused as to what it is supposed to be accomplishing for you. It is the same tools that the adult carries with in their lunch box or briefcase as they walk out the front door of their home. into the front door to the entire rest of their lives, professionally and personally.
    I met her over the phone. I lived on the east-coast she on the west 2,000 miles of seperation, both physically and emotionally, two complete strangers totally off guard . totally unexpecting. Their word’s were few, just enough for me to ask the business question and her to respond. Second’s but long enough to hear the weakest and faintest of messages, she was crying and trying to hide. I asked if she was alright. she informed me that her husband had recently passed away, just 90 days. She could no longer even try to restrain herself. As she continued to cry I felt all of her pain. I knew what it was like to loose. My whole life seemed to be nothing but losses even though their were successes. They all were gutted and hollowed out lost
    to confusion and torment I suffered from. as I see them now they were merely illusions to fool the entire world from the the real truth’s of my life. Losses that had befallen me my entire life as the by product of an abusive home,sexual abuse, and hate that I witnessed. I suffered the worst of the abuses until I was 13 and I still suffer today. Only today 10 years after meeting this incredible person whom changed my life. The woman I called back later that first day, later that first night,we spoke and we spoke every night for the next 60 nights. From my apartment I would call every single night for the next 60 days. Every night we spoke on the phone with two books opened The New Testament and Websters Dictionary. We would talk till we dropped i would finally go to bed at 4:00am East Coast Time For her it was 1:00 am her time. This we did every day for 60 days. And this after my 12 hour days at work, 6 days a week.
    I wasw dead tired. but she was already delivering to me what no one had ever been successful at delivering.I call them the tools of life. The Tools of Life were sorted and delivered one at time, as fast as I could understand the tool another would be given. All the left turns instead rights were becoming focused on Decisions I made which crafted the longest running train wreck of a life. To her, I owe the HAPPIEST CHAPTER of my life to. To the woman who flew out to the east coast to finally meet. To the woman who had to kick her son on his broken leg and then call a police officer to help stop her son from stopping her from coming to see me as he attempted to stop her at the Fly-Away on Woodley and Saticoy while pleading for her not to go. He was 28 at the time. To the one I could not live without when she needed to return home after 30 days. To the woman I followed to the west coast and never have I regretted the decision.Who after spending 3300 days with Is still the one.

  • Yvonne C. Woods

    Jesse is “Still the One”I met my husband at work he was and still is a mechanic and I was a clerk. It took awhile and finally one of my co-workers took me out and there he was, it was a set-up. We never took our eyes off each other ever again. I had three kids from a previous marriage and he instintly fell in love with them. Two of them were teenagers. My oldest one was headed the wrong way and Jesse steered him the right way. My kids are grown up now and they tell him all the time Thank You and Love You Dad.
    Jesse and I worked for a Contractor, well our Contract was up and I was laid off. The same day I found out Jesse came up to me and whispered in my ear, Lets get Married. The saddest day bacame the happiest day of my life.
    We got our license and got married by the justice of the peace. No family or friend around. Someday we hoped to remarry and have family and friends but that day has not come yet. We have been married 16 years Nov 15, 1996. We have one daughter together, she is 14 yrs old. My Husband Jesse is Still The One because he makes me laugh and smile everyday. He calls me at lunch time everyday just to say I Love You. He is a great father, husband and lover. Jesse is and will always be Still The One.

  • Robert Seidman

    ATTENTION: you’re more than welcome to share your stories here (quite a heartwarming departure from our regular comments) but IF YOU WANT TO ACTUALLY ENTER THE CONTEST YOU NEED TO GO HERE:

  • Nicole Lamar

    My husband and I met 4/13/01(Friday the 13th)which turned out to be one of the luckiest days of my life! We were married 5/7/01 3 wks later. We were Ostracized because he married a woman 9 yrs his senior who was divorced with 3 children, and I married a younger disabled man with nothing to offer but a disability check. My husband is on dialysis and went out and got a full time job to support his family. I have learned so much from this man, he has taught me to not make excuses or feel sorry for myself. When I’m not feeling good and want to call in to work I look @ him and get up and go. He always puts the children and I first. When my now 15 year old was hospitalized at the age of 4 he would spend the night at the hospital and leave in the morning to go to dialysis and then to work. It hasn’t been easy for us but He is STILL THE ONE, and always will be! AS a matter of fact the song that I posted on facebook for our 10 year Anniversary was still the one.

  • Paul Sharier

    My wife is the one. It was as hevaen gave me an angle to walk and clear my tears in life. For many years grown up with 17 brothers and sisters. a coal stove, out house. and a pump out front. we where noramly the talk of everyone and not in a good way. As a shy kid i was often hurt inside by teh comenets. To get away I joined the army to build my self astem. One day when talking to a friend obout his up coming wedding, he asked me to be the best man. This long dark haired angle walked up and I soon found out she was a german friend of the bride to be. I was frozen in place I could not talk. at the end of our converstion with my friend I asked if I could walk her home. she said yes with a smile. we didnt talk…i gave her my name and number. that night I told all my friends I found the woman I was going to marry. of course they thought I was crazy. She told her family the same thing that night. 3 days later we meet again, she walked up so sexy and we went to talk with in one hour i asked her to marry me, she said yes. we have been to gathier over 30 years. I have been so blessed. we have never cused, hit, or even argued. she is my best friend. If God permits when its our time to go, I pray she goes first, so she will never have to fill the hurt I know we will fill. She has been with me during a 20 year military carrier. she has helped our soliders in germany when the husbands where depolyed, she never complaned about the low income or our needs, she made our house, a home. what a wonderful love I have been given by God himself. SHE IS THE ONE.

  • Donna Kalinoski

    Our story is a little unusual. My husband Paul and I got together after we both lost our first spouses suddenly. We started out with many conversations long distance because he was still active duty military in the US Navy. I was helping him get thru the loss of his wife after the loss of my husband 5 years earlier. We knew each from high school, I actually dated his best friend then. Did we ever think we’d end up together then?? Well, as I said the conversations lead a to a very unique and special friendship which turned into an incredible unconditional love we never had with our first marriage. It is truly amazing how much you learn as you mature in life. We got together when I was 39 and I never had such a full and wonderful relationship and feeling like the most precious thing on earth to him. The best part of all of this is I felt the exact same way about him! It was so much more than we could ever explain. I always swore my deceased dad sent him to me! I know that sounds crazy but he takes care of me in every respect Of those words. I have two sons from my first marriage and Paul became a wonderful stepdad in no time and the boys just loved him. We just celebrated our 7 yr wedding anniversary but have been enjoying our new found life/love for over 10years.. Paul never had any children in his first marriage so he was thrilled now to have two sons and since two daughter in laws and now a grandson! We still love every moment we have together like it was the first because we know how precious every moment of life is. We always told people we were going on Oprah with our story because it is so special and we are so blessed to have each other but more so because our love is so genuine .. I love him so much he is my best friend and he is still the one forever!,,,

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