CBS' 'The Talk' and Shania Twain to Hold "Still the One" Contest

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July 26th, 2012

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Winner Will Have Chance To Renew Marriage Vows During An All-Expense Paid Trip For Two To Las Vegas The Weekend Of 12/12/12, Including Tickets To A Shania Twain Concert

Winner Will Be Announced On "The Talk" Fall 2012

LOS ANGELES ? July 26, 2012 ? It was announced today on THE TALK the show will team up with country music star Shania Twain to kick off the “THE TALK and Shania ‘Still The One’ Contest,” in which one winner will have a chance to renew their wedding vows during an all-expense paid trip for two to Las Vegas and tickets to Shania's concert at Caesar's Palace on 12/12/12, a date that happens once in a lifetime.

Beginning today, viewers can enter for a chance to win by going to to upload videos explaining why they think their significant other is "Still The One."

The lucky winner will be announced on THE TALK this fall.   NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  Open to legal residents of the U.S., 21 and older, and a registered user of Void where prohibited. Entry period ends 11:59:59 AM, ET on Sept. 24, 2012. Contest ends at 11:59:59 PM, ET on Oct. 8, 2012. See for the complete Official Rules.

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  • Ilene O. Sorenson

    I met the love of my life in High School. We started dating and became each other’s best friends for seven years before our marriage of thirty-three years—and I think we have a love story that is very, very rare. Last year, I got in a horrific accident. I was on my bike, which is how I exercised every morning, and a drunk driver hit me at 4:30 am before I went to work where I was a second grade school teacher. The accident left me in a coma for 6 weeks until I awoke with a brain injury and virtually l had to relearn absolutely everything again. All my safety equipment was on. And now at my school, Kitty Ward Elementary, everyone will always wear their helmets. Mine was smashed into seven pieces. But if I did not have that on I would have died. My husband is still with me even after the accident. AMAZING!,, which is what HE is! Most people would have called it quits by now but we still love each other and always will. We enjoy our three beautiful sons and we are expecting our first grand baby girl in November. Though the accident was a challenge, we are so glad to have each other and look toward a great future. Please consider us for the contest. For “You are still the one”, part with Shania Twain, one of our favorite singers. Oh, today is our anniversary, too! He left Flowers and my favorite sweet treat, and a darling card! 7-26-79-Scott and Ilene Sorenson-Phone:702-682-4242. Address:3641 White Plains Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89129.This is a surprise for my husband—so don’t tell him! K?

  • Angela Fries

    My husband is still the one and will always be the one in the beginning I fought for our love he was 22 I was 18 and he had a daughter for an ex girlfriend his mother wanted him to try and make it work for them she needed to stay out of his business well he asked me to marry him 12/91 and we had our ups and downs but now 21 years later we have 3 beautiful kids a house and a English bulldog he works hard 6 days a week for his family we have been together for 21 years but we have been married for 9 years and would love to get remarried for our 10 year anniversary but with only him working and 3 kids and a house and 2 cars and a dog we can’t afford it and I would love to give him this after everything he has done for our family so Robert you will always be my one and only thank you so much for everything you do for us and thank you for loving us as much as you do my everything love you always and for ever.Angela<3

  • Joanne Bergman

    I met my husdand Jeff at a restaraunt 21 years ago. We have been married 19 years. (our only marriages which we are both extremely proud of) He was wearing a baseball hat eating dinner, but he did use his knapkin which impresssed me. I was 30 & he was 26 years old. He lived with his parents & I lived on my own for 9 years. Tree days later he showed up at my apartment doorstep with a long stemmed rose on my 30 birthday. We came from 2 totally different families. Mine with alot of etiquite & his not at all. Jeff moved in with me 3months later due to a surgery I had to have so he could take care of me post-op. He is not “still the one” but he “IS THE ONE.” I am blessed everyday that I have chosen him to be my soulmate. We are both Catholic and we follow our marriage vows till death us do part. I have had 7 surgeries in our marriage & 6 years ago diagnosed with multiple-sclerosis(M.S.)it’s quite expensive for my weekly shots & other medicines and yet he doesn’t say a word. Our son is 17 yr’s old and is caring & loving like his father. Jeff is a wonderful human being & a husband that any woman would be proud to have. I am beyond proud of him and tell him everyday that I am blessed to have him. I could write all day but I have to give someone else a chance. (if I spelled any words wrong I am sorry for I do struggle with the MS.) Thank you. (married 6/26/1993) :)

  • Joanne Bergman

    I couldn’t get a email to Sharon Osbourne when she was so upset about her son Jack being diagnosed with multiple-sclerosis. I will take this moment to please let her know that life does go on. Stress, heat & high humidity is not good for Multiple-Sclerosis. He will do just fine. I’ve been doing it for 6 years and so can he. Sharon and Ozzie are tough cookies, so I’m sure Jack is too. Thank you

  • Betty Maietta

    I have been married to my wonderful husband for 34 years this coming Sept. we have 3 children &3 grandchildren, who lives close to us and we are so lucky to see them all everyday, we are so close to them. We had the opportunity to go to Vegas for our 25th Anniv. to renew our vows in a cute little Chapel with two of our closest friends. We had the greatest time in Vegas then. Since then we have not had the finances to go anywhere together my husband is a very hard working contractor out of work, and I had to get a job to help pay the bills. Even though we have no money we are so fortunate to have Love and family that helps us when we get down. If work doesn’t pick up for us then we will probably lose our home that we worked so hard to keep all these years. however we still have each other. He is my knight & shining Armor who I love dearly and I know he feels the same. I would love to go back to Vegas with him and pretend we have no money problems and go back to our little chapel and remember the good time we had there. Thank you for reading our story and I hope we win. We have a WINNING MARRIAGE that will never end.
    Betty & Mario maietta

  • Amanda McClung

    still the one my hubby will always be. my hubby and i met though a friend and married a couple months later at the jp and after getting married we resumed back to reg. life we didnt take a hunnymoon we got married when i was 18 and he was 26. since getting married we have had 2 beautiful kids. we have learned no matter where life takes us it dont matter as long as we are together. thought out of marrage we have faced our challanges like most we have had houseing problems family issues finances problems lost of job. my hubby is a hard working man he has always supported our family we may live paycheck to paycheck but we are rich in what counts love …we have been married a little over 5 years …my hubbys still the one for my and always will be.

  • stephanie Perfitt

    I met my husband when i was 13 and he was dating my older sister a few years later i was in his wedding to my sisters friend (it was a double wedding with my sister and his brother) at which i helped him gt ready the whole time i was telling im h should be marrying me. Two years later he and his wife seperated and he moved by his brother who is at this point my brother n law so i was also close we reconnected and here we are 23 years later! I absolutely knew then and continue to know now that is he and forever will be my one and only soulmate. we have 5 beautiful kids and 3 beautiful grandaughters. i thank god for him everyday good and bad days included cause without those bad days you just dot kow how special the good ones are!

  • subrina jackson

    About the man i love my Hubby,Becuase i prayed for him and on my first trip to LasVegas.Just walking around out of 2MILLION PPL i met. THE love of my life in the MGM GRAND.And 14 years later i still feel like we just met i love him even more now then ever.My Mom met him 1 time and passed.As to say son its ok to have her hand.Doing my wedding i cryed so hard thinking about her knowing she never saw me on my Big Day. I would love to go by to Vegas and Renew my Vows and are wedding day is very close to 12- 12-12 its 1- 3-97. Thank u guys we sooooo need a mommy and daddy trip. Subrina Jackson.

  • Joanne Baker

    My husband is still the one because we met in highschool in 1974,dated ,married had our child in 1979. Kevin has been steady in support always loving and careing. If I need help he helps, if I just need quiet he makes it happen, he waits til I ask before he gives oppinions. He allows me to lean heavily on him, he is my rock. Kevin is a good father my best friend an awesome grandad (Baba). My life has been just great because he has smoothed out every bump I have ever experianced since 1974, and I hope I have done the same for him. God has truly blessed me with the man he placed in my life. We have grown up together, when everyone else we knew grew apart.That is why he is still and always was and always will be the one.

  • Lisa

    Wow, what a devoted spammer. To get away with it and not have everyone realize you are just one person, though, you need to use good grammar and punctuation in some of the posts instead of poor grammar and awful punctuation in all of them. Though what is the point to spamming here anyway? No one is giving away any prizes based on what is posted on this page.

  • johnnie worrall

    this is a story about my wife and why (she is still the one)where to start when i first met her she was a nice friendly person .then i hered about her hard ship a torn marriage and abuse ” i was heartbroken .but i would hear about the abuse inflicted by her ex ,i told her if you need a friend i am here.and 17 years later shes still here.she sufferd a cardiac arrest and i almost lost her in 2009.every day goes by and i thank god i have her im my life im crying thinking about when she was on that hospital bed fighting for her life . i in no way take her for granted . shes my world .our souls are so innertwined like blue blood through a vain making my heart beat for her.shes more then a woman .god gave her to me twice.and thats why (shes still the one)

  • Roger Lewis

    Why is this contest not open to Canada too? Seems unfair not to open it to Canadians too. Afterall, Shania is Canadian.

  • Sandi Lopez

    Ken and I met in a restaurant in October 2004 and we have not been apart since. We were married in February, 2005 in Reno. We never had a honeymoon. In August 2011 I woke up on a Sunday morning and couldn’t walk. After two hospitals and 2 months, the dctors finally decided I had an infection in my hip bone. They cut off my femur and replaced it with what they called a spacer (a ball packed with the antibiotics). Now I had to try to walk with a ball in my hip that moved with each step. Six weeks of intervenous antibiotics then 4 weeks of waiting to ensure the infection didn’t return. I was allergic to the antibiotics and itched constantly. Finally they operated and did a full left hip replacement on January 23, 2012. All this time I was in a nursing home for rehab. Finally I was released and allowed to go home with a walker. I was not allowed to do almost anything by myself. Ken was with me constantly. Then on April 20,2012, just 3 months later, I had a heart attack. Back to the hospital for a quadruple by-pass and more nursing home rehab. All together, I was in the hospital or rehab for 10 1/2 months, Ken NEVER waivered. He sat with me every day…never missing an opportunity to help me. I will love this “one of a kind” man forever. We have been married over 7 years and he still reaches for my hand, opens the car door, does the laundry and cooks. I am just now walking with a cane and able to help around the house. Oh, and by the way, I am 11 years older than he is. His love has brought me through all these adversities. He will always be “THE ONE”

  • jessica powers

    first in fore most i would like to say my parents pat & cindy powers are still the one for eachother to this very day & beyond they have been together happily married for over 30 very long yrs. i see them and how they share their love with eachother and it stuns me how two people could be so inlove throughout all of these years. they got married when they were 16 in big bear ca, they never had a real wedding or honey moon bc they were pregnant with my brother, they also couldn’t afford it back then and then they had me of course and my younger sister they have been through so much together from moving across states for the company my father works for “boeing” i would love to see my father & mother win this it would truly be a blessing actually i hope and pray they win this they need to renew their vows and go on their honeymoon :) pls pick them,pls!
    sincerely,jessica powers

  • Jhylien

    I would love to win for my nana because my papa died in December 2011
    And he loved shania! So did my nana. She would be so happy just to go on a good trip with my mom and go to the concert and remember him…he was more than a papa to me he was my best friend and not even that he was like a dad to me,I loved him more than my dad and mom were devorcied when I was 5 I’m 11 now.and it would be pritty awesome to have my nana and mom have a great time and my mom loves shania to.and my nana would have the time of her life if she could go on that trip she would remember my papa and I bet he would love it to.hes my nanas guardian angle.i love him.and I hope I could win…for my nana.

  • Patti

    The one. I met this man several years ago prior to separating from my husband. At that time I just assumed we would fall in love and live happily ever after. After a few years of me being on my own and still spending more and more time with him, I was diagnosed with brest cancer. My world changed but he was there every minute, whatever I needed, whenever. I have always wished there was someway to repay him for all he did for me, attending all of my surguries, my chemo, picking me up every morning to take me to radiation (33 days). Not making me feel ugly when I lost my hair, as a matter of fact – he cut my hair for me to make me look “cute”. People could not believe he actually cut my hair. He is a gentleman with the most caring heart in the world. He is a very rare individual and I am so very fortunate to be the person he cares about. But it’s not only about the cancer — he is just that type of person. The number one main thing between the two of us is respect. I now know the difference between quantity and quality.

  • Katrina Habig

    I’m not writing for myself. I’ m writing for my mom & stepdad. They are the strongest couple I know. This November will be their 20th wedding anniversary. My mom always does things for others, but not much for herself. & my stepdad, he works a lot to take care of his family. Last year we (the adult kids) thought it was their 20th anniversary & gave them $160 & made reservations at a SUPER nice seafood restaurant. We shortly found out it was only their 19th anniversary! They’ve always done things for us kids, so we wanted to do something for them. Now that this year is their actual 20th anniversary we don’t have any ideas of how to top last year. I believe they deserve to win this contest to renew their vows in Vegas, solely because they are the strongest loving couple I’ve ever known, & because my mom would never enter herself. Also, every time they plan a trip for the two of them something always prevents them from going. My stepdad has loved my mother through every milestone us kids threw at them, surgeries, loss of her father, loss of her job of 15 years, & menopause. He’s the most patient man I know. My mom has loved my stepdad through the diagnosis of Autism in his son, family drama when they all said it would never last, & being a father figure to her kids that they felt comfortable with. Being a blended family is a lot of work & the fact that they didn’t give up is amazing! They still look at each other with stars in their eyes. It’s beautiful. The words ‘I love you’ aren’t used in vain with these two. They don’t just say it, they project it; & you can feel it when you are around them. They are eachother’s best friend first, lovers second. God is first, then us kids (still), & when there’s time they spend it together. I think all that has made them last this long. My mom sings, pretty well I might add. When I was a teen she & I kareoked Shania songs together. She sometimes chooses ‘Still The One’ to sing to my stepdad, among other songs.

  • Juanita Torrez

    John and I met in 1959, back in the day of cotton picking. He was passing by in the truck and he waved. Back then a lady was not to wave so I raised my arm half way and thought that I would never know who that young man was. On a Sunday afternoon, while walking home from an errand with a friend, I saw this blue 1952 Ford pass us by. Every year people would travel to our hometown because Taft, TX was considered the “best cotton picking town in Texas”. So we didn’t give it much thought. A week latter, the same blue car stopped by our house and the young man asked me what my name was. Much to my surprise, his name was John and my name was Janie (nickname), his last name was Torrez, mine was Torres! Only difference was the spelling. To make a long story short, I did not know at the time that the day I was walking home from the errand, he told all his friends who were with him in his car that I was going to be his wife. They laugh at him but he told them you wait and see. It was love at first sight! We communicated through mail because back then we didn’t own a telephone. We saw each other only twice during the next two years but we knew we were deeply in love. In September, 1961, we were married and have had a good life. There have been many ups and downs but our love for each other helped us through the rough times. As like most marriages, there have been illness, poverty at the beginning, but there has also been lots of love, four children, seven grandchildren and to this day we hold hands because we are so close. We have cried tears, have known hardships, but have also lived to experiece joy, peace and most important of all, God’s love! We will celebrate fifty one years this September 20, 2012. We had dreamed of having our Golden Anniversary a special celebration with family and friends last year, but financially things didn’t work out that way. We did, however celebrated our 50th Anniversay with a Mass and what better way then to celebrate the blessing of a marriage after fifty years? God has been good to us. John and I would be honored and would love to be chosen but if we are not, we pray someone that is worthy of this blessing will be.

  • Juanita Torrez

    Thank you for the opportunity to submitt our story.

  • Kathy Sagriff

    My Husband is still the one and will always be the one. He is my best friend and sole mate. He knows me sometimes better than I know myself. Their could never be anyone like him. This man stuck by me when I broke his heart, I broke our engagement off with feeling of thinking he was to good to be true and thinking that I didn’t deserve this one. He was so kind and trusting,something I was not accustom to. He is my night in shining armor. We have seen 26 yrs marriage and I know we will enjoy our rocking chairs together on our front porch till death do us part. We have had our share of troubles, loosing all four of our parents within six months was horrific. That was just three yrs ago now, if my behavior or mood was off at times he just had more compassion for me,it was a very hard time. We pulled through. Everyday the bond we share grows stronger. I love him so much that words can’t describe what my heart feels. I will enjoy everyday I can with this man, he is still the one for me!!!

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