CBS' 'The Talk' and Shania Twain to Hold "Still the One" Contest

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July 26th, 2012

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Winner Will Have Chance To Renew Marriage Vows During An All-Expense Paid Trip For Two To Las Vegas The Weekend Of 12/12/12, Including Tickets To A Shania Twain Concert

Winner Will Be Announced On "The Talk" Fall 2012

LOS ANGELES ? July 26, 2012 ? It was announced today on THE TALK the show will team up with country music star Shania Twain to kick off the “THE TALK and Shania ‘Still The One’ Contest,” in which one winner will have a chance to renew their wedding vows during an all-expense paid trip for two to Las Vegas and tickets to Shania's concert at Caesar's Palace on 12/12/12, a date that happens once in a lifetime.

Beginning today, viewers can enter for a chance to win by going to to upload videos explaining why they think their significant other is "Still The One."

The lucky winner will be announced on THE TALK this fall.   NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  Open to legal residents of the U.S., 21 and older, and a registered user of Void where prohibited. Entry period ends 11:59:59 AM, ET on Sept. 24, 2012. Contest ends at 11:59:59 PM, ET on Oct. 8, 2012. See for the complete Official Rules.

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  • Kim Wombolt

    My husband is still the one after 35 years of marriage because I could not live without him and he doesn’t even know that. He has been there for me through my stem cell transplants, diagnosis of cancer, and all the times in the hospital. He goes to every doctor appointment, treatment, and even spent six months with me in Denver during my transplants. I have never heard him complain about one moment of the time he gave up to be my caregiver.
    I walk as a cancer survivor at the Relay for Life in our state. I had no idea until this last year, that he walks with me only from the sidelines. He is not allowed to walk since I am the survivor, but he walks with me from the sidelines – kind of like our whole lives together. He always has let me shine and he watches from the sidelines.
    He thinks that I am the rock of our marriage. If he only knew that he is the Rock I lean on for everything.
    I asked him if we were allowed to be married in heaven, would he marry me? He said yes, he would love to spend eternity with me.

  • Kathleen Rock

    I met my Hercules in July 1969.I was 17 he was 22.I was wating for my mother to get off of work.She was a barmaid at a local bar and grill and I would walk there so she wouldn’t come home by herself,it turned out to be the best thing to ever happen to me.Coming from a totally disfunctional family I used to pray one day I would meet someone and fall madly in love.After dating for 3 months we were sitting in his car in front of the same place we met,he kissed me,we both looked at each other and said did you hear that? We actually heard THE BELLS.We got engaged the following month,but I had to wait until I turned 18,because my mom wouldn’t sign for me.That was 42and a half years ago,he still makes me hear the bells.He still loves me even after having gained a considerable amount of weight.We have weathered all the hard times,but we have been truly blessed. We have nine wonderful children,we just had our 17th grandbaby,no.18 is due in Sept.My sweetheart worked three jobs to support all of us and is still working two part time jobs.I’m waiting for the day we can both retire for good,so we can go hand in hand through our golden years.So you see he is Still the One and will always be the man for me.

  • Karen Wright

    My husband,Paul, passed away this past year. We were together 30 years…married 29 years. He will always be the love of my life. Paul fought a courageous battle with cancer. Through all the pain and suffering, he only complained a few times. We were both married previously and when we got together some said we’d never make it so when Still the One came out, it became our song. I’m not a great singer but Paul loved for me to sing it to him and sometimes he would sing along. Paul was a loving, caring person, a great father and grandfather, the love of my life, my best friend and soul mate. He fought so hard to be here with us. No matter how sick he was he was always thinking of everyone else. He would always tell me how beautiful I was even though I had aged and plumped out and the stress and worry and heartbreak as I watched him slipping away had taken it’s toll. He made life so much fun, he was a great story teller and a friend to everyone he met. Although he has moved on to a place free of pain and we may not be an earthly couple now but we will always be a couple and he will always be Still the One!!

  • karen dixon

    My husband after 50 yrs is “STILL THE ONE” Fred and I first met when I was 14(Fred was 16) thru my older brother,they were on the same baseball team.I was not allowed to date till I was 15 so we would just smile at each other at the games and talk a little the first year,but we both had a connection gone on and we both felt it. The next baseball season I was able to date him. Our first date we knew we had feeling for each other and I was with him at every game and more.I felt I was still to young to stay involved totally with just him,so I dated other guys.Well we would still date throughout the next year and then he joined the Army in march of 1964.I was so upset because after basic training he was going to Germany for 2 years.I started my junior year of high school and was just heart broken with out him here,darn I knew he was “the one” and I sent him away. We wrote each other everyday and I couldn’t wait for his letters in the mail.After being gone for 9 months I received a letter on a friday in May and after reading the letter he had put P.S. I’ll be home tonight on a 30 day furlough, I was so happy!! He had missed me as much as I missed him and came home to “Ask me to marry him” WOW!! Of course I said YES,but we had to convince my parents to allow me to marry. They did give us their blessings even though I was only 17. We had to plan a wedding in 3 weeks and then I went back to Germany with him. Being so young and in love it was hard being so far away from home,I really was home sick for 3 months but the strong love we had for one another kept us going and being by ourselves was the foundation of our marriage.As of last June 6th we have been married 47 years,blessed with 2 children and a beautiful grandaughter.At our 40th wedding anniversary our grandaughter who was only 4 sang two of “Shania Twain”(I’m having a Party & Forever for For Always)songs and it was the best present we could of had.(I have this on video if you would like to see it)My husband his “still the one” after knowing him for 50 years and married 47 wonderful years. We would love to renew our wedding vows in Vegas with you Shania! Let us “be the ones” Thanks much,Karen Dixon

  • Barbara Mike Stocker

    August Mike and I just Celebrated our 40th Anniversary. A real sign of our together thinking we went to pick out cards after rows and rows of cards we picked out the same card for one another not knowing we had the same card. My Family was amazed, 1968 I was a USO hostess He was in the Navy Seabees heading for Viet Nam, I walked up to his table said Hello Welcome to the USO he said that is all it took. We married three half years later,We have two lovely grown children. We have faced , lay offs, illness,ups and down most recent I just had Cancer removed this March from my Kidney, We have laughed cried , prayed and believed for a better day . We live, Love and ask our self every day How can I make His or Her day just a little better,,Mike is Still The One for me!!

  • kate bardon

    my husband, Tom Bardon or as he is better known Mr. Wonderful has been my friend, lover and the help when you really need some. After 45 years, he is the strongest and yet his gentle touch is all I really need after a long day. Our sons are an example of everything their Dad taught them about life. I still get excited about date nights even if it is just a nice dinner or a walk by the river. The love we share will last forever. For me, he is still the one.


    She Still The One

    I met Cathy working at Wendy’s the begaining of June 1976 when she was 16, a view days later she turn 17. She though I was conceded she couldn’t stand me because the other girls would flirt with me, but she wouldn’t, and after talking to her for about 3 weeks at the end of June we started to date. After a mouth I know she was the one the only one for me. So I ask her to merry me at the beginning of August. I went in the army August 16, 1976 I went thou basic and advance infantry training came home the 1st of December. On December 11, 1976 we were married she was 17 and I was 18. The 1st of January I went back to Ft Benning Ga. to finish my training from there I was station in the Berlin Brigade Germany. It took me 7 mouths to save up to bring her over. Out of 6 years in the service we were together for about 3 years 4 mouths. Come this December 11, 2012 we will be married for 36 years with 3 kids and 2 grandkids and never had a Honeymoon. In 2003 I was hurt on the job and now I’m disable and she stood by me. I went from working all the time to not at all. She now works 3 jobs she means so much to me. I couldn’t live without her. I WOULD NEVER EVER TRADE HER FOR ANYTHING.
    Every day when we talk or see each other we always say I LOVE YOU. We always do everything together AND THAT’S WHY SHE IS STILL THE ONE.


  • Betty Cooper

    Well when i met my husband danny from that day till now my heart fludders and my eyes twinkle andi just become hopeless stupidly over him.not that i will do anything against him are nothing i am just so in love with my man. See we have been knowing each other since 1980 .and the day i met him was the best day of my life and he have been so loving every day since. See I also had a child and he showed my child so much love that you would have thought it was his own blood. We have two other sons together and he treats them all the same now I am not saying we did not have ups and down really we did but we weathered the storms with understanding and love and we have always remember that we said better or worst and we deal with it with our love for each other feeling the same way today his eyes twinkling and my heart fluddering over each other. See I know he loves me and I him and we just keep understanding each other and helping each other to stand and keep loving each other despite whatever come our way. We never had a honeymoon because he always worked hard for us to have our needs and some wants ;to but we always had lites water food and other necessary thing. He is such a good man who also helps others in need never thinking about himself just others. When his home town got destroyed and his dad got caught up in it it was bad but he went and checked oh his dad and helped out and helped others also so you ask why is he still the one because his love for me his family and sons because he is and awesome man and I am so thankful to have gotten a chance to know him and love him as he me so yes he is still the one now and forever no matter what because he is my heart fluddering eye twinkling love machine who is a mans mans and I am glad he is mine.

  • Betty Cooper

    Ooh I forgot to say we been married32 yrs

  • Misha Pippin

    when my kids were young i had a big alcohol problem and i waas stopped and given a dui with my kids put in foster care. told tthat if i got into aa i got my kids back i quit drinking had a sponser doing well but she moved i had to work with a whole new guy who got obsessed with me and it went bad the man i was should have helped. away from home for days driving truck sending me out of the house with the kids to get rest awful one nite my husband got home my sponcer pulled a gun on him endangering my kids so i left with him to save their lives my husband only watched the kids my begging got me home. my sponser brought over his friend to vissit turned out to be my co workers brother who i used to follow around that was amazing i finally got to meet him he was a great guy even better than my husband who bought ladies to relieve tension even having my girlfriends who let him my sponsers friend and i spent alot of time together so my husband moved my sponsers friend in to guard me i was being watched from outside he called me and tell me play by play reports we then spent alot of time togethrr the kids loved him even looked forward to his arrival they loved his chevy truck so did i. one night my sponser was yelling outside i opened the door the next thing i was kidnapped and put in his bus held by knife his friend got on the bus and said he adored me aand knew i felt the same way so he said he would leave and wait 5 minutes i got away because he gave him a good scare ran to his truck was so safe he saved my life from then on he has been my knight in shining chevy we put a restraining order on my sponser i divorced my then husband moved in together across from my sister our wedding day is june 21 1991 21 very fun and intresting years together 2 kids and 7 grandkids

  • Dana Schwartz

    Taking a Gamble

    I’ve titled this “Taking a Gamble” because that is exactly what I am doing. I’m taking a gamble to win the renew your vows contest in Vegas. The reason for the gamble is because I am not writing in to renew my vows. I’m writing in to actually say my vows.
    When I heard this contest announced on your show, my heart skipped a beat. I thought, “No way! That would be perfect. That is everything I want and it fits so well with other events and people in our lives.” You see, my boyfriend Chris and I have been together for 11 years. It will be 12 years on November 2, 2012. I suggested to him that we get married at the courthouse on 12/12/12 since it is the last time we will ever be able to have a date like that- not to mention that we will be together for 12 years. Julie had the same comments about the unique date and then she went on to talk about Caesar’s Palace and Vegas. My best friend lives in Vegas and my boyfriend’s sister got married there six years ago. I would love to be married there, but money is tight. I know I’m taking a gamble, but I thought I’d give it a try anyways. Who knows? Some fun-loving talk show ladies just might want to choose one couple to get married and another to renew their vows.
    Not knowing, my Grandma grew up right next door to his Grandma as young children. His mom used to drive by my other Grandma’s house and she loved her flower garden. These coincidences intertwined our lives before we ever met. I’m surprised we didn’t know each other our entire lives.
    When we did finally meet it was love at first sight. I went out to eat with my friend named Amy to Perkins. Chris walked out of the back kitchen area as a waiter, but not our waiter. We locked eyes and have been together ever since. I didn’t talk to him that day. We just kept looking at each other. The next day I went back with my friend Tara, who now lives in Vegas, her boyfriend at the time and his brother. Chris, now our waiter, approached our table all nervous and said, “Hi, I’m Chris, I’ll be your waiter today.” I talked to him a bunch every time he would come back to the table. I mentioned that I worked right across the street at Shopko in the Jewelry department. Our meal ended and we all went on our way. The third day I was at work behind the jewelry counter and in walks my sexy little waiter I’ve been checking out the last two days. I stopped what I was doing and we talked. I remember he was wearing this sweatshirt and he kept pulling the sleeves down over the palms of his hands. I asked why he kept doing that and he said,”Because I don’t want to get your glass dirty.” I said, “Oh, that’s fine. I have to clean it at the end of the night anyway.” Then he had something black smeared on his cheekbone so I reached across the counter and wiped it off with my thumb. I said, “What were you doing working on your car or something?” An awkward first conversation. He asked me if I was seeing anyone and I said, “No.” Then he said, “Oh, I thought maybe you were with one of those guys you were with yesterday.” I said, “No, those are just friends.” We exchanged numbers.
    He only lived a block away from both his work and mine, so we hung out every day. The more we hung out, the later I stayed at his apartment. While on my way home at two in the morning, he asked me why I always had to go home. I said,” Because my dad leaves for work at 2:30 and I don’t want him to worry about me.” He said, “Dana, you’re how old (20) and you still care about what your parents think?” I said, “Yeah, as long as I’m under their roof they care about where I am and I don’t want them to worry about me.” He said, “Why don’t you just move in with me so you don’t have to go home?” The next day he gave me my own key. I slowly started to bring my belongings there and almost 12 years later we are still together.
    Through the years we have experienced a lot together and have grown up together too. We were not always perfect, but we learned from our mistakes. Every year we grow closer and stronger. We cannot see each other growing old with anyone else. He is “Still the One.” He takes good care of me and our children. Yes, we have children. Our children, I have not mentioned them yet, but we do have two of them together. Our first one we had after being together for seven years. She was not planned, but we could not imagine our lives without her. Her name is Kaylee and she just turned 5 on September 13. When we found out we were pregnant with her the toughest part was telling my dad. Being old-fashioned and believing in marriage first, I knew he wasn’t going to be happy. Plus, we are always struggling with money, so I knew he would be concerned about that also. We could hardly afford to take care of ourselves, so how could we handle adding a baby to the mix. But, it didn’t take long and he was happy for us, nicknaming the baby, Goober. Knowing we wanted a second child we tried again. I got pregnant in August of 2011, with our baby whom my dad nicknamed Keybo. Our baby boy was born May 5, 2012. Caleb is 4 months old and the happiest, healthiest baby ever. We are very happy and proud of our little family. It feels complete now. All except one thing, Mommy has a different last name.

  • Leah Smithson

    My husband past away 10 years ago and he is still the one because I have never felt so happy when I was with him,I love him alot and I never want anyone else but him,he is the most important guy in the world that I love and care about more and more each day even tho he is gone…butttt I love him more then anything but the first day that i saw him

  • Carolee hammond

    I have been married to Brian since 11/7/10 and he is my solemate for life.We love life and music truly enhances our relationship. Our wedding song is This Magic Moment and every moment w/ him is just that and more. He is my angel sent to me and is Still the One today,tomorrow and in all ways. We love to write notes to each other and we know that each day is such a gift. When we said our own written vowes,Brian said how each rose color pertained to our relationship and how beautiful and beyond romantic that was and will always be. Lasting love is truly what we share.



  • Gayle Frampton

    My husband is still the one because he is a kind, caring, gentle and giving man. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for
    Me and our family. He puts others first. We will be married 40years next year and i couldnt think of a better way to
    Celebrate our 40th. He lets me be myself and never questions anything that i want to do.The love that he has for
    His children and grandchildren is beyond my greatest expectations.My husband would go out of his way to help
    or please someone even if he doesnt know them. He has worked hard all of his life and material things just do not
    Matter to him. he always tells me that as long as we have our health and we have each other allthe money in the
    World does not matter. I believe that is why i love him more today then 40 years ago. He is the best thing that could
    Ever of happened to me. shania’s song your still the one is our story and will always be.
    Thavnkyou Gayle Frampton

  • Jennifer Henry

    My husband John is still the one because from the moment we laid eyes on one another our hearts became one. We have been together fot 16yrs. & married for 14. We have had 5 beautiful children … OUR OLDEST JOHN 15, Anthony 13( our Angel above ), Robert 11, Cali 9 & Marissa 7. We have been through so much together & no matter what we stayed strong keeping our family together. we lost our 2nd son in 1999 & for most couples a tragic thing like this they either give up & dont hold on but we did with alot of twist & turns we stayed strong. Our youngest Marissa was born with heart murmur (congenital heart failure) & was also diagnosed with musaic downs . Its been a really bumpy roller coaster ride for us but im so very PROUD to have met my soulmate & my best friend until we take our last breaths!… I love him so very much, Im very Proud of him , A wonderful father ,husband ,friend & uncle. He is finally persuadding his dreams & going back to school right now while im home holding the family down. ..we never really had a honey moon & we paid for our own wedding & I really want to give us something special. & wtching ur Show gave me the chance to do so … Thank you……Jennifer Henry

  • jamie simpson

    My husband and i will b married 8years on the 25th. We still love eachother as we did the day we were married. We have been through alot of ups and downs and ive had some medical problems. He is still the one because he has been by my side through it all and ive been by his side when times are tough in our lives. Im so happy he can support us and i can stay home with our awsome 17month old son who we love so much. He will always be the one to me.

  • sindy martin

    my husband and i became high school sweethearts in 1989. we had a bad spot then we got back together. we finally got married in 1995 afterall. we got married at the couthouse. i always wished we would have had a wonderful wedding but at the time we did’nt have the money. we have been so happily married every since. we have 2 children and have been married for 17 years. i love the song your still the one cause every time i hear it ,it describes brex and me..brex is still my one and always will be. i love you brex!

  • Laura Hinkle


  • Jennifer Henry

    My husband John is still the one because from the moment we laid eyes on one another our hearts became one. We have been together fot 16yrs. & married for 14. We have had 5 beautiful children … OUR OLDEST JOHN 15, Anthony 13( our Angel above ), Robert 11, Cali 9 & Marissa 7. We have been through so much together & no matter what we stayed strong keeping our family together. we lost our 2nd son in 1999 & for most couples a tragic thing like this they either give up & dont hold on but we did with alot of twist & turns we stayed strong. Our youngest Marissa was born with heart murmur (congenital heart failure) & was also diagnosed with musaic downs . Its been a really bumpy roller coaster ride for us but im so very PROUD to have met my soulmate & my best friend until we take our last breaths!… I love him so very much, Im very Proud of him , A wonderful father ,husband ,son,brother,friend & uncle. He is finally persuadding his dreams & going back to school right now while im home holding the family down. ..we never really had a honey moon & we paid for our own wedding & I really want to give us something special. & wtching ur Show gave me the chance to do so … Thank you……Jennifer Henry

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